Whether you’re a 10-year teaching veteran or a brand new teacher, look no further than TpT when you need a great resource to engage your students. Be ready for the potential emergency personal day with a teacher survival kit or grab an 8th grade math bundle that’s packed with homework, quizzes, games, and more — good for the entire year! And if science is your thing, check out this awesome human body bundle! We encourage you to try the free resources our Teacher-Authors have to offer and then come back for more when you’ve found some that really speak to you.

Substitute Kit for 6-12 grade teachers by Teaching from A-Z


“At one point or another, all teachers have to miss school and need a substitute. This kit covers 17 tips for teachers when preparing their substitute lesson plan. It includes a cover page to place outside your sub folder, a sample substitute letter, as well as a ready-to-use letter template, a substitute report form, door sign in case they need to take your class somewhere else, and a checklist so you don’t forget anything.”

BUNDLE: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, & Precal Back to School or Summer Packet by Teaching from A-Z

“This resource not only assesses students’ prerequisite skills, but also includes a writing activity, a parental involvement activity, and a cute certificate of achievement. A great way to start the year!”

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math Sample Unit by jstalling


“This resource allows teachers to see what’s available in my curriculum bundles before purchasing. The resource provides a few samples for real numbers that can be used across grades 6-8. I wanted to offer teachers a chance to see what all my unit bundles offer before they decide to make an investment.”

Complete 8th Grade Math Curriculum Bundle – 8th Grade by jstalling

“This resource includes everything needed to teach 8th grade math. This bundle includes lesson plans, INB pages, daily homework and quizzes, games and activities for differentiation, study guides, and unit tests. My own students have benefitted greatly from this curriculum as it challenged them daily and prepared them for the rigor of standardized tests. Be confident and excited when teaching math, and pass that state-of-mind on to your students!”

Nervous and Endocrine Systems Organizer by Science in the City


“Do you and your students need a concise summary of the nervous and endocrine systems, including the parts, and similarities and differences? This resource includes the key facts and diagrams on one page. It could easily be completed from a textbook or reading, as homework or review, or in class as notes all together.”

Human Body Systems Bundle by Science in the City

“Human Body is such a commonly taught subject in so many different grade levels. This is a bundle of hands-on activities, foldables, and graphic organizers to help your students understand human body systems.”