We’ll have you moving and shaking your way back to school with awesome resources like this Create Your Own Folk Dance, Brag Bracelets, and an entire year’s worth of writing prompts, math enrichment, and 1st grade math! Find these and so many more time-saving, terrific ideas. Half of them are free and follow the Teacher-Authors to hear about all of their newest products and special offers!


4th Grade Math Homework Weeks 1 & 2 {NO PREP} Spiral Review CCSS [4NBT1 4NBT2] by Shae Hare


“This homework set aligns to CCSS, is NO PREP, and includes spiral review. It reinforces the rigor and depth of knowledge expected of today’s learners.”

{Go Fish BUNDLE} Word Work [Reading] Station Literacy Center Game by Shae Hare

“These highly-engaging Go Fish games allow teachers to easily differentiate foundational reading skills in phonics. The games can be used in a variety of ways including with partners, in teacher-led small-group, and for remediation for older students.”

Free! The Boxcar Children Character Posters by Juniper’s Own


“My 2nd graders love the Boxcar Children — we use these posters after reading a couple of different books in the series in class!”

NO PREP 2nd Grade Math Challenge Mega Pack – 190 Just Hit Print Activities! by Juniper’s Own

“I use my no-prep math enrichment printables to challenge my advanced math students all year long!”



“This resource will help students close read and strengthen their comprehension skills in a super fun, mysterious way. This is a very low prep, fun activity and is great for whole group and small group practice, to leave for a sub, early finishers and more!”


“This is an entire year of everything a teacher might need for math class. Lesson plans with objectives aligned to standards, detailed step by step directions, center activities, games, practice pages, discussion graphics, questions for discussion, formative and summative assessments and more. It is even differentiated!”

Folk Dance Creation Lesson Plan by Mrs Stouffer’s Music Room


“Students will be able to create their own musical expression to music using folk dance moves. This incorporates known student knowledge and allows them to create within constraints of what they already know.”

Folk Dance Formation Posters by Mrs Stouffer’s Music Room

“This is a top-down version of common folk dance formations. This is an invaluable tool for young students who have difficulty discerning left/right or which way to face in a formation. This is also an invaluable tool for teachers who work with ESL students. Students will get a clear visual of each formation which allows them to participate in dancing without a language barrier.”

How to Customize an Editable PowerPoint File by Carrberry Creations



“In this video, I explain how to customize an editable power point file. It also includes a free download of a sample editable banner for teachers to practice on.”

Writing Prompts 2nd Grade : Year Long BUNDLE by Carrberry Creations

“This year long writing prompts bundle has multiple Common Core aligned writing prompts for each month of the school year. Teachers can pick or choose what works best for them. Whichever prompt they choose to use, it will come with a graphic organizer and student word bank. These also work great for writing assessment practice.”

Tools For Writers: Peer Editing Checklist, Feedback Rubric, Reference List by Mom2punkerdoo


“These simple checklists can be used by your students to self and peer edit their writing. The checklist is a perfect little reminder for students to check for proper punctuation, use of adjectives, word variation and staying on topic.”

Cause and Effect What if Everybody Did That Literature Activities by Mom2punkerdoo

“These fun cause and effect, vocabulary and writing activities go with the adorable picture book What if Everybody Did That? The activities serve as great reminder to students about how actions have consequences, both good and bad. It’s perfect for setting those back-to-school expectations!” 

Teaching Context Clues Freebie by CLASSROOM MAGIC


“Students love this vocabulary activity, and it turns them into word enthusiasts!” 

Essay of the Week by CLASSROOM MAGIC

“Essay of the Week is a scaffolded approach to writing a five paragraph essay. This is a step-by-step guide to help your students easily master writing a five- paragraph essay.”

FREE Reading Response Worksheets by My Teaching Pal


“These reading response worksheets make bookwork fun! They are suited to any fictional text which means they can be used all year round.”

Brag Bracelets – Ink Friendly Black and White by My Teaching Pal

“Brag Bracelets are the ultimate classroom management tool. Students work hard to earn them and are super excited when they receive one!”