Sometimes you just have to laugh, and these TpT’ers have the classroom stories to prove it. Go grab a handful of tissues because you’re about to cry some tears of laughter.

Funny Classroom Moments: Lost in Translation

love2learn2day“As a new math coach, I’ve been introduced to a lot of students over the last few weeks, but one child in particular stands out. After introductions, this little kindergartener excitedly raised her hand and said, ‘You have SHINY TEETH!’ Not exactly what I was expecting, but I’ll take it!” – love2learn2day

“I’m blessed to have the sweetest little boy in my class who is always so truly happy for any of his classmates’ accomplishments. Just a couple weeks ago, when a child in my class wrote his name correctly for the very first time, this little boy beamed and yelled out, ‘Congraduation!’ It was just too cute to correct at that very moment.” – Autism Educators

Christine Maxwell“When I first started teaching, I overheard one of my kinder girls explaining to a new student how kindergarten works. ‘We are the a.m. kindergarten class — the first class each day because A is the first letter of the alphabet. Now, the p.m. kindergarten class is the last class of the day, since P is near the end of the alphabet. And…………(long pause)………I think the f.m. class must come in the middle of the day because F is in the middle of those letters.'” – Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart

Funny Classroom Moments: “Is Your Mom a… Hedgehog?”

“A few years ago, I was modeling a Mother’s Day activity for my kindergarteners and drawing a picture of my mom. After a student made a not-so-kind comment about my artistic skills, I reminded my students that I’m a teacher, not an artist, and asked if anyone could say something nice about my picture. One very sweet, well-intentioned student said, ‘Wow, Mrs. Roltgen! Your mom really looks like Sonic the Hedgehog!’ All in a day’s work…” – Mrs Roltgen

SOL Train Learning“We had been singing our Quality Student song and discussing some of our words of the day that had to do with behavior. One of the words was ‘positive.’ One of my students who had been having poor behavior jumped up and announced he was going to be ‘Positive Juan!’ Then he actually started acting better. A few days later, he asked, ‘Don’t you just love Positive Juan?!’ You bet I do.” – SOL Train Learning

“I was subbing in a kindergarten class and had a can of Arizona iced tea on the teacher’s desk. A little girl needed a bandage so she accompanied me over to the desk to get one. She asked, ‘Why do you have a beer?’ I told her it was tea and she seemed OK with that, but I made sure to tell the teacher next door about it and show the can, just in case the curious little one should say something to her parents or to her teacher the next day!” – Mary Carr

Miss Martin“Earlier this year, during math, my students and I were working through a problem together. The answer to our question was $5.00. About half of my class, almost under their breath, instantly said ‘$5.00 footloooooong!’ (the Subway jingle) in absolute unison! I’m always working with them to stay on task and on topic during lessons, but even I was giggling so hard!” – Miss Martin

Funny Classroom Moments: Generation Gaps

“My favorite moment was a few years ago when a group of 7th grade boys were vehemently debating whether or not the 2012 apocalypse would really happen. After a while, one of them turned and asked me what I thought. I answered that I hadn’t done enough research on the subject to have a good opinion one way or the other. He said, totally straight faced with no sarcasm or smart aleck tone, ‘Well, I guess it doesn’t matter to you. You’ve already lived a good life.’ Yes, I think I was the ripe old age of 29 at the time.” – Mrs M’s Learning Resources

The Social Studies Emporium“I have a student in one of my history classes who is, to put it mildly, obsessed with going to the gym. A few weeks ago, his class was taking a test. I was circulating the room and happened to be looking in his direction when he picked up his pencil to go mark an answer. His pencil didn’t make it all the way to the paper, though, because he stopped midway and began to watch himself flex instead. If I hadn’t seen it, I don’t know that I would have believed it.” – The Social Studies Emporium

“I often play music in class when my students are working; it can change the whole mood of my classroom. Last term, I was playing The Beatles and ‘Hey Jude’ was on. An 11th grader put up his hand and asked, ‘Is this Metallica?’ I had to really try hard not to laugh when I replied, ‘No, it’s The Beatles.’ He smiled and said, ‘They sound a lot like Metallica.’ The best part is that not a single other student in the class said a thing.” – Addie Williams

Madame H“I teach high school French, and I play classical music while my students are testing. One of my students dropped his pencil during the test and instead of getting out of his desk to walk around and pick it up, he decided to reach over the side of his desk to grab the pencil. Unfortunately, the bar on the side of the desk prevented his arm from reaching and he, along with the entire desk, fell sideways onto the ground. The entire class heard boom and then a word worse than darn. As we quickly searched for the cause of the sound, we saw him still completely seated in his desk, but on his side. After making sure he was OK, we all laughed for a few minutes. I didn’t have it in me to discipline him for his poor choice of words. To this day, I remind my students to stand up to retrieve dropped pencils.” – Madame H

Funny Classroom Moments: Facebook Fan Favorites

We asked our Facebook fans to share their own hilarious classroom moments — and boy, did they! Take a look at a couple of our favorites here, plus check out the post with plenty more stories (and some accompanying photos, too!).

Shea Webster says, “My students wrote stories on the topic ‘When I’m 100 Years Old,’ and one of my students said that she would have bingo wings. When I asked her what bingo wings are, she proceeded to demonstrate and explain, ‘You know when you play bingo with old people. And when they win, they flap that skin back and forth that hangs down from their arms and yell ‘bingo, bingo, bingo!'”

And Robin Bankston Wheat sees things in the most positive light when she writes, “One of my 5th grade students asked how old I was. When I responded that I was 43, a girl across the room burst out, ‘You are old!’ She immediately clamped her hands over her mouth when she realized what she had said. The entire class, myself included, burst into laughter. (I am choosing to believe that she meant it as, ‘You look and act so much younger!’) After a few moments, a boy looked at me rather befuddled and asked, ‘You’re how old?’ When I again responded that I was 43, he got the most serious and concerned look on his face and said, ‘Well, you still have a lot of good years left.’ I laughed so hard that no sounds were coming out.”

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