For Teacher-Authors: Sharing Videos on TpT on Social Media


This post was written by the social media team at TpT for Teacher-Authors who would like to share their videos on social media.

We’re so excited that video is now live on TpT! That means we get to share more of your amazing work and highlight the expertise and wisdom of educators around the world. Many of you have been hard at work storyboarding, creating, and editing. So we wanted to highlight some of the things we’ve learned when it comes to sharing your amazing videos with educators around the world!

Before we jump into it, check out how big of a deal video has become:

“Video isn’t just an important part of the online experience; increasingly, video is the internet.” Hootsuite

By the year 2019... {according to a report by Cisco}:

  • Video will account for 80% of global internet traffic
  • Nearly a million minutes of video will be shared every single second
  • It would take an individual 5 million years to watch all of the video that would be shared each month

What that means is that people really enjoy watching videos – and videos are becoming more easily accessible and consumable as time goes on. Whether they’re watching video for entertainment purposes or as an opportunity for learning, this trend is only growing.  

Below, we’ve outlined the ways in which you might start sharing your videos with your friends and followers. We’ll be doing the same by testing and learning the best ways to increase reach and engagement; ensuring teachers around the world know about the valuable videos you’re creating!

You can submit your videos HERE for consideration to be featured on our social platforms

Sharing on Facebook

There are two main options when it comes to sharing your videos on Facebook:

Option #1: When pasting your video link in a Facebook post, the first 30 seconds of your video will automatically populate (Note: Since we’re still in BETA, you might have to refresh the page once or twice for it to populate). In that 30 seconds, someone will be able to decide if the topic is something that interests him or her – if it is, he or she can go to TpT to watch the rest of your video!

  • In your caption, you can simply copy and paste the title of your video to keep it simple, or choose to write a snippet explaining who the video is meant for and what someone might learn by watching it. Also, make sure to include the link to the rest of the video at the end of the caption.

Here’s an example of this:

Today we're highlighting key recommendations for sharing your amazing education videos on social media. Get tips for Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Option #2: Another way for you to share your video on Facebook is to upload a custom preview video. If you don’t think the first 30 seconds is the best representation of your video, you can use your editing software to create a 10 to 30 second clip or teaser video.

  • Upload your teaser video directly to Facebook by clicking the add “photo/video” area in the posting area.
  • Once you do that, a window will come up that gives you the opportunity to add a title, description, and choose “tags.”
    • For the title, we recommend using your TpT Video title
    • For the description, you can write a snippet about what someone will learn from the video and add grade levels if applicable. Also make sure to include the link to the remainder of the video in the description!

It ends up looking similar, but you’re able to customize what gets shown as a preview with this option.

Today we're highlighting key recommendations for sharing your amazing education videos on social media. Get tips for Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Sharing on Instagram

Instagram is also a great platform to use when marketing your Videos on TpT. There are a few approaches you can take to share them, which we’ve explained below!

    • Option 1: Post a shortened version/snippet of your video and put the TpT link in your bio. In the caption, tell your followers what they’ll learn from the video and that they can view the rest by clicking the link in your bio! We think this option is best because it gives them a sneak peek without sharing too much!

    • Option 2: Create a custom video especially for Instagram. Film yourself talking about why someone might find your video helpful and explain what they’ll learn! Tell them to find the link in your bio and use the caption to make sure they see the link by saying something like “Check out my video about TpT by clicking the link in my bio!” This is a great way to add some personality and draw someone in by making it feel like you’re talking directly to that person.

    • Option 3: Post a still image (make sure it’s clear, bright, and engaging) of your video and use the caption to tell your followers what they’ll learn from the video and that they can view the rest by clicking the link in your bio! We’re looking forward to seeing how this works compared to video snippets.  
    • Option 4: Use Instagram Stories to film yourself sharing some details about your new TpT video and why you think educators will love it. Encourage them to respond to your Story if they have other questions or comments. Instagram Video is typically casual and fun, so think of this as a way to engage with your followers in a more personal way!

Pinterest and Twitter are also great places to share your video links, but unfortunately these platforms don’t populate video like Facebook does. You can share a screenshot and make it clear in the caption that it is a video, along with the TpT link!

We’re eager to share your videos on all of our social media accounts, and we encourage you to do the same. When we learn valuable tips and tricks for sharing, we’ll update you in the Seller’s Forum!

If you want to share what’s worked best for you or ask questions about sharing video, feel free to email us at

Keep up the amazing work. And happy sharing!
Samantha and the TpT Social Media Team