Fun fact: February is an anagram of “bare fury” — if you’re feeling feisty or “bury fear” — if you’re feeling brave!

Let’s give some friendly felicitations to our first 8 Milestone Teachers in this fabulous month of February.

8 Fabulous Milestone Teachers


FlapJack Educational Resources: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
FlapJack Educational Resources

1.  Tabitha Carro from South Carolina is FlapJack Educational Resources

Try her: Fraction Poke Game Bundle (Common Core Based)

Her tip: “These cards are best fit for reviewing fraction skills in math stations. The ‘poke’ format is self-checking and provides hands-on practice that will keep students engaged.”


Samantha Kelly: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Samantha Kelly

 2.  From Indiana — Samantha Kelly

Try her: Short Vowels – CVC

Her tip: “This bundle is excellent for your beginning readers. It focuses on short vowels in CVC words and word families. This bundle is broken down into 5 packets by their vowels. Teach a vowel a week and you’ve got everything you need for 5 weeks! The mystery pictures are definitely a kid favorite. The repetitive nature of each packet will have your kiddos working (and reading!) independently.”


Growing Firsties Lisa Mattes: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Growing Firsties Lisa Mattes

3.  From Wisconsin — Growing Firsties Lisa Mattes

Try her: Sight Word Math with Look Alike Words Set 1: Graphs & Patterns

Her tip: “Since it uses Look Alike words such as has/his, could/would, this product encourages readers to study all parts of a word closely while reading. At the same time it incorporates graphing and patterns! My students love to use different colors to circle or highlight each word as they work. Parents have really appreciated it, too!


Classroom Creations by Melissa: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Classroom Creations by Melissa

4.  Kentucky’s Melissa Shaw is Classroom Creations by Melissa

Try her: 5th Grade Math Spiral Review for Common Core Skills *100 Review Sheets*

Her tip: “I use these as instant activities so that students who don’t master concepts the first time around still have opportunities throughout the remainder of the year to pick them up. I truly believe spiral review is the key to getting students to proficiency in all subject areas, especially Math!”


Laura Torres: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Laura Torres

5.  From California — Laura Torres

Try her: Writing a Research Paper – Complete Unit

Her tip: “Writing a research paper can seem overwhelming to students. The key is to break it down into easy steps and give them feedback along the way so they gain confidence as they move forward. I even use games and activities to keep it interesting. This unit was originally developed for my remedial first-year college students, and I have adapted it to meet Common Core Standards from 8th grade up. It’s satisfying to receive such wonderful feedback from teachers who are successfully implementing these ideas.”


Linda Nelson: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Linda Nelson

6.  New Jersey’s Linda Nelson

Try her: Six Emergent Math Guided Reading Books: Maddy and Matt

Her tip: “This set of math-themed guided reading books will help your students make connections across the curriculum and build on their strengths. These six books use early sight words, strong picture support, and patterned text while supporting Common Core Math Standards. Your struggling readers will use their math knowledge to grow reading skills, and your students who are challenged in math will build their understanding by using their reading strengths. It’s a win-win!”


Lindsay Jervis: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Lindsay Jervis

7.  From Kansas — Lindsay Jervis

Try her: Songs and Activities for Valentine’s Day

Her tip: “This product is created for music teachers to use in their classrooms in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. It includes some lovely folk songs with visuals for isolating rhythmic and melodic elements that you are working on, a lesson to go along with the book, Froggie Went a Courtin’, vocal explorations and steady beat activities, as well as differentiated Robot Rhythm Races for all your grade levels. I use my rhythm races games to assess students’ music literacy skills. The game makes it fun and I am still able to easily tell who is able to decode the rhythms and who needs more help and extra practice!”


Coconut Cuties: Fabulous Milestone Teachers
Coconut Cuties

8.  Coconut Cuties

Try her: Reading Response Journal {Rainbow Readers Book club Style}

Her tip: “Do you use reader’s response journals in your room? I just love how wonderful these work in my room and the kids seem to LOVE THEM! We use them at least once a day but usually more since they are using them during guided reading and centers. Students also know that when they are completed with their work, they can get out a book. They are not required to do a reading response journal page at this time but they often choose to. Wow — That is powerful!”


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