This February we’ve cheered more than 20 Milestone Achievers to date (and still counting) — Far out!

I’ve been sharing some fun facts through the month as well, so here’s one: The month of February can pass without a full moon. This last occurred in 1999 and will happen next in 2018. But not this year, and these next 9 Fantastic February Milestone Teachers know it because they burned the midnight oil to bring you top-notch resources.

9 Fantastic February Milestone Teachers


Science Stuff

1. From Tennessee, Amy Brown is the mind behind Science Stuff

Try her: Common Core Task Cards for Any Science Informational Text (6-12)

Her tip: “The most versatile product in my store is my set of Common Core Task Cards. These 75 task cards can be applied to any type of science informational text. They can be used with multiple grade levels and in any science subject area. I developed these with the idea that I needed something to help with the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in my classroom, but I quickly realized that I could use the task cards for so much more. I now use the task cards for pre-lab write-ups, homework assignments that involve reading the textbook, current event articles, and as a way to organize and study notes.”


Common Core with Style: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Common Core with Style

2.  New York’s Lori D’lorio-Heavey runs Common Core with Style

Try her: NYS 3rd Grade ELA Common Core Module 2A Unit 1 Bundle

Her tip: “I’m highlighting my NYS 3rd Grade ELA Module 2a Unit 1 PowerPoint Presentations. These are PowerPoint presentations that support close reading activities for the story Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle.”


One Stop Teacher Shop: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
One Stop Teacher Shop

3.  Kristin Rivera from Georgia is One Stop Teacher Shop

Try her: Fifth Grade Common Core Spiral Math Homework – ENTIRE YEAR!!!! } Editable

Her tip: “My 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Spiral Math Homework has been a lifesaver in the classroom! Not only do my parents and students absolutely love it, but also the daily review it provides saves me tons of time reviewing with my students before the State Standardized Tests. It can also be used for morning work or math centers! Plus, did I mention this resource is 100% EDITABLE to ensure it fits every teachers’ classroom needs?”


Curriculum Castle: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Curriculum Castle

4.  From California, Yvette Florez and Jessica Ruiz are Curriculum Castle

Try their: Writing Journals for the ENTIRE Year {K – 2} NO PREP!

Their tip: “We love to get our students excited about writing every morning! Our writing journals support a variety of writing styles including: expository, descriptive, narrative, creative, and beginning poetry skill practice. When our students seem to get really enthusiastic about a certain topic, we like to extend a journal entry into a more formal writing assignment that can be added to a student portfolio or displayed on a classroom bulletin board.”


Brain Wrinkles: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Brain Wrinkles

5.  Ansley from Georgia is Brain Wrinkles

Try her: Interactive Social Studies Notebook Kit — 70+ Printables & Activities

Her tip: “Did you know that every time you learn something new, you get a wrinkle on your brain? Incorporate my Social Studies Interactive Notebook Kit into your classroom, and your students will have the ‘wrinkliest’ brains around! The kit is jam-packed with over 70 different printables that you can use to add rigor and FUN to your social studies’ lessons. Oh, and did I mention that they are editable? Enjoy!”


Rachel Friedrich: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Rachel Friedrich

6.  From San Antonio, Texas it’s Rachel Friedrich

Try her: Just Add Paper Sub Plans 

Her tip: “Why do the sickies always seem to hit in the middle of the night when you have nothing prepared for a sub? Well, Just Add Paper is specifically for those days. Just print off the plans, attach your schedule, choose a picture book, and provide some paper. And your sub prep is done!”


Common Core Kingdom: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Common Core Kingdom

7.  Julie Bochese from Florida is Common Core Kingdom

Try her: Word Problems Second Grade Common Core 2.OA.A.1, 2.NBT.B.5, 2.NBT.B.7

Her tip: “You can use this product all year to reinforce 2nd grade Common Core math standards 2.OA.A.1, 2.NBT.B.5, 2.NBT.B.7. I use the larger poster problems for students to work on with groups, then the full sheet problems for students to work on independently. Splitting the problems up into types helps reinforce the different types of story problems. The problem solving process is integrated throughout the whole packet to help students internalize how to solve problems accurately.”


Brenda Tejeda: Fantastic Milestone Teachers
Brenda Tejeda

8.  From New York, it’s Brenda Tejeda

Try her: Reading Strategy Super Bundle: 6 Strategy Packs Plus Bonus Pack!

Her tip: “After teaching each reading strategy with its interactive PowerPoint, use the fun tools: Chunky Monkey word finder, Eagle Eye lens, Flippy flipper, Stretchy Snake, etc., to model the strategy. Follow up with the center activities or games, then use the bonus review pack to review all strategies. Finally, make an anchor chart with all of the strategies for easy reference while reading. Get your FREE anchor chart pieces in the preview!”


havefunteaching: Fantastic Milestone Teachers

9.  March Luchauer from Georgia is havefunteaching

Try his: Kindergarten Common Core Assessment Workbook

His tip: “We have Common Core Assessment Workbooks for grades K-5. These workbooks include assessments for every math and ELA Common Core Standard!”


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