Here are six sensational Teacher-Authors to round out the team of 30 who achieved TpT earning milestones this February.

Find fabulous resources from the Teacher-Authors below along with so many other stellar sellers.

6 February Milestone Teachers

21st Century Math Projects: Feast Your Eyes
21st Century Math Projects

1.  Clint from Ohio is 21st Century Math Projects

Try his: Conflict Minerals — International Infographic Percent Change Project

His tip: “Use real, relevant, and rigorous math to capture the attention of your students, help them understand how the math fits in the real world, and engage them enough to persevere to the end!”


Created for Learning: Feast Your Eyes
Created for Learning

2.  From California it’s Created for Learning

Try their: Parts of Speech Complete Unit – Lessons, Assessments, Answers – Grammar Ninja

Their tip: “Grammar books can be so boring sometimes, can’t they? That’s where the Grammar Ninja steps in. This unit (as well as our commas, subjects/verbs, and phrases/clauses) is a perfect supplement (or replacement) to help students have FUN while learning and reviewing their grammar. So enjoy! Or the ninjas will get you. Don’t look over your shoulder.”


Michael Friermood: Feast Your Eyes
Michael Friermood

3.  From Indiana it’s Michael Friermood

Try his: Reader’s Notebook for Informational Text {BIG Resource for Response & Research!}

His tip: “The structures, the features, the vocabulary, the content, yikes! Informational texts can be overwhelming, but the response pages in this resource have really helped my students. I use them all the time to create mini-reader’s notebooks to use with guided reading groups, research projects, whole group lessons, you name it. Copy, chop, staple… and WHAM! I’ve got a snappy little reader’s notebook that gets my kids thinking deeply about informational texts. Versatile, differentiated, and they’re Common Core aligned.”


Education to the Core: Feast Your Eyes
Education to the Core

4.  From Arizona, Emily Liscom is Education to the Core

Try her: 2nd Grade Common Core Math and Language Assessments

Her tip: “I use these assessments to gather information about where I need to go with my instruction. When I finish teaching a skill or series of skills or concepts, I give these quick, multiple-choice assessments. They are very short, and they include many higher-level thinking questions and answers. These have really helped me to know my kids and their abilities.”


Christina Mauro: Feast Your Eyes
Christina Mauro

5.  From Virginia it’s Christina Mauro

Try her: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Her tip: “I wanted to make something to challenge my students with their math and language arts skills. Many of my students know MOST of their letters/sounds, sight words, and basic math skills. But they tend to rush right through their work and don’t always pay attention to details. Sound familiar?!? With these activities they really have to activate their higher level thinking to check each problem and solve or fix the mistakes.”


Teacher's Lounge: Feast Your Eyes
Teacher’s Lounge

6.  Melanie from Florida is Teacher’s Lounge

Try her: ReadyGen Unit 2 Module B – EDITABLE PowerPoint Lessons – Grade 4

Her tip: “All of my ReadyGEN PowerPoints will help to keep your lessons focused, on track, and at a steady moving pace. Children quickly learn the routines of the reading and writing workshop and eventually will be telling you what comes next!”


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