Find resources for budding scientists, mathematicians, and historians, holiday fun, and more. Each of these Teacher-Authors has achieved a significant milestone in November.

Meet November Milestone Achievers


1. Meet Melanie of Teacher’s Lounge

Try her: Science Lap Book: Think Like a Scientist

Her tip: “This interactive lap book is a great resource for little scientists! The templates are generic enough to work with almost any science topic.”


2. Well done, Dennis McDonald of Maryland

Try his: Comparative Reasoning: multiplicative vs. additive comparisons resource bundle

His tip: “I try to make each math activity be a chance to build my students’ reasoning skills. If they can reason logically, they can tackle almost every task.”


3. From New York, it’s The Pioneer Teacher

Try her: Christmas Around The World Packet {10 Countries + Worksheets}

Her tip: “Promote, promote, promote! Pin, tweet, chat, use the forum, post to FB, and so on. You never know who is looking for something!”


4. Hello, Heather Ayers of Fayetteville, NC — Fun for Learning 

Try her: Picture Schedule Cards {For Students with Special Needs}

Her tip: “Students with special needs often need visual supports such as picture schedules, first/then boards, and choice boards, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to find pictures for each part of a student’s school day. This resource has the pictures you need to create a variety of visual supports for a wide range of age/ability levels — all in one place!”



5. High five to Ivy Taul from Georgia

Try her: Benjamin Franklin: Famous American {PowerPoint & Printables}

Her tip: “Having trouble tracking down grade-appropriate resources for teaching biographies? Use my Famous American PowerPoints and Printables and save time!”



6. Two sisters in Arizona are J and J Math and More

Try their: 6th Grade Math:Mini-Assessments for the Number System Domain BUNDLED

Their tip: “Be super prepared, love your kids, and believe they can achieve! Our mini-assessments are easy, quick ways to assess math concepts. You can use these mini-assessments as task cards, in small groups, to review, and to help differentiate instruction.”


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