With the new fall chill in the air, there’s no better time to curl up with a cup of tea and explore the abundance of resources you’ll find from our 14 fantastic fall milestone achievers. Discover folk song fun, tools for budding readers and writers, math activities, and more. Congratulations on your festive start to fall, Teacher-Authors!

14 Fantastic Milestone Achievers



1. Marvelous job, Lindsay Jervis 

Try her: Folk Song Fridays Club Membership – October 2014

Her tip: “The Folk Song Fridays Club Membership was created as a fun way to help music teachers build up their folk song collection and get practical ideas for teaching these songs. When I look through folk song books, I’m not always immediately inspired about how to use them in my classroom. Hopefully this will give you some new songs, games, and visuals for your collection, as well as help you figure out how and why you should teach them.”



2. Hello Georgia’s Erin Stephan – she’s Erin Stephan Snazzy in Second 

Try her: Place Value QR Codes {Common Core}

Her tip: “Make math fun by incorporating manipulatives and technology! These place value task cards feature a QR code that allows students to check their work using a smart device. Place them in a station and students can review these skills all year long.”



3. You did it, Jessica Smith of Indianapolis, IN − she’s Smith Science and Lit 

Try her: Comprehending ANY Nonfiction Text: Close Reading Strategy & Lap Book Project

Her tip: “I incorporate this project into my science-based reading class. It helps students practice how to comprehend science-based current event articles using the close reading strategy. The beauty of this product is that it can be used for any content with any informational text!”



4. Nicely done, Newly Guajardo of Texas − she runs Amazing Documents 

Try her: Metacognitive Posters and Interactive Notebook Pages

Her tip: “Did you know that students who are taught reading comprehension strategies are more successful readers? The use of metacognitive strategies will help your students ‘think about their thinking’ before, during, and after they read.”



5. Meet NE Ohio’s Ashley Schroeder −  Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd 

Try her: Math Task Cards – 5 sets of SCOOT and SCOOT JR!

Her tip: “Do you love task cards as much as I do?! This set of SCOOT JR task cards is a spin-off of SCOOT. It gives students an opportunity to have their own set of task cards to complete at their seat, yet still scooting from one seat to the next — with a TWIST! Check out the resource in my store or visit my blog for more details!”



6. Take a bow, Abbie Jinnings 

Try her: After Testing- DIBELS & mClass Math Bundle- 1st grade

Her tip: “Ever struggle with what to do after beginning, middle, and end-of-year testing? Check out After Testing (DIBELS & mClass Math) Packet — it’s full of parent letters, data wall materials, practice sheets, and centers. These materials will help you organize your classroom data and support your students both in the classroom and at home. It’s a great resource to help you use your data to drive instruction. Happy teaching!



7. Kudos to Rachel H in New York 

Try her: Character Traits Puzzle

Her tip: “The Character Traits Puzzle is a great All About Me back-to-school activity or a fun activity to use with a small group or whole class. It can be used to compare two characters; simply print out two sets. In narrative writing, students can complete this activity to help them plan and show how their character will respond to the major events and challenges in the story.”



8. High five to The Sweetest Thing

Try her: {BUNDLE #2} YEAR’S WORTH of Common Core Nonfiction Leveled Reading Passages

Her tip: “Social Studies can be quite a struggle for lower-level readers due to the vast amount of reading needed to access information. I couldn’t find enough time in the day to read each text aloud to my struggling students. I already felt rushed to cover the huge span of information that my state Social Studies standards includes. To solve both of these problems, I decided to write a series of leveled short nonfiction texts aligned with the Social Studies standards to use in guided reading groups or to send home as homework instead of the traditional textbook. I also added Common Core questions (and answer keys) to quickly assess the students’ understanding of what was read. This bundle features seven sets of Social Studies nonfiction leveled texts with comprehension questions that were written with 4th and 5th grade Social Studies standards in mind, but certainly could be used with other grades studying the related content, or during nonfiction text instruction.”



9. New York’s Karen Kennedy and Kelly Croft run Kennedy’s Korner 

Try their: Close Read Pack: Fall Theme ~ Butterfly Life Cycle, Columbus, Leaves, and More~

Their tip: “Close reads are an effective way to integrate Science and Social Studies topics into your ELA instruction while also addressing the Common Core standards.”



10. Salutations to The Speech Bubble SLP 

Try her: Language Intervention Survival Kit: Elementary

Her tip: “Providing interventions used to be just for Special Education teachers and specialists like SLPs, but now, everyone is expected to be a part of it. The goal of this kit is to take the stress of creating and planning these interventions off of your shoulders while allowing you to deliver efficient and effective interventions for students at risk. Everything is laid out step-by-step, with everything you need! This means that it can be used in a small group by the classroom teacher or one-on-one with a specialist.”



11. Excellent work, Elizabeth Supan of Aiken, SC − she’s Fun in Room 4B 

Try her: Math Menus: The Bundle

Her tip: “Math should be both fun and challenging, yet creating a classroom that challenges all students can be a daunting task. By using math menus (or choice boards), teachers can differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Menus give students the opportunity to show what they learned in a creative format while giving teachers the opportunity to create a student-centered learning environment based on choice.”



12. It’s Annalisa Schweikhard of Dallas, TX −  Teaching with Peace 

Try her: Dog Theme Classroom Bundle

Her tip: “I believe all students deserve a well-organized, creative, and colorful classroom. This is a new theme and bundle I introduced this summer. Because so many items are editable, the possibilities are endless as to what you can create with these adorable doggies!”



13. Meet Mary of Long Island, New York − she’s Mary had a little Classroom 

Try her: Mystery Coins: What’s In Your Pocket?

Her tip: “Many of my products are created for the visual learner. I think graphics and charts are so important for many young learners. This product, which is new, helps students experiment with coin combinations using a visual tool: little pockets with the number of coins (blank circles) necessary to make a certain amount of money. I’ve included a SmartBoard version with this, so the teacher can demonstrate the activity. Also included is an interactive bulletin board based on the concept ‘mystery coins’ so that students can create their own ‘mystery coin’ riddles.”



14. A warm welcome to Wisconsin’s Jessica Pelka – she’s Roots and Wings 

Try her: Writer’s Workshop for 1st Grade: 20(+) lessons to help you get started!

Her tip: “Want to try a workshop approach to teaching writing, but aren’t sure how to get started? Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to kick it off right! Included are detailed lesson plans, management resources, and ideas on how to make this work in every 1st grade classroom. You’ll love teaching writing this way, and your students will be begging for more time to write… I promise!”


Wonderful products from a phenomenal group of milestone-achieving Teacher-Authors! Congratulations to each and every one of them! Feeling the need to get organized this fall season? Checking out this blog post — it provides terrific organizational tips and tools for teachers!