Did you know Adam Freed, TpT CEO speaks multiple languages? He says, “Learning to speak a foreign language is like learning to sing a beautiful song. It elevates you and it makes the people around you feel connected to you. It’s a magical experience.”

French on TpT: Teacher-Authors & Products to Try

Here’s an idea by Lucy S says “TpT makes it easier for foreign language teachers to find what they need without spending a fortune.” Try her French En Ville, which has students create a mini-city to learn about directions. They can even “drive a car” through the little town.




Ms Joanne teaches Grade 1 French Immersion in West Vancouver, B.C. “Basically I have a class of 24 kids who only speak a few words of French when they start Grade 1 but who I teach all subjects to only in French — total immersion!” she says. “By the end of the year they are reading, writing and having real conversations in French!”

She adds, “I created this vocabulary activity pack to help kids absorb the language more organically and to give them various contexts of seeing and using new vocabulary making it easier to make connections and internalize the language.”


“Our tip to all foreign teachers is to create material that inspires your students and yourself. In the long run, it will reflect in the quality of your products and buyers will come back for more. Encore, encore!” says Profs et Soeurs.

“We are sure you will enjoy this fun Monster Charade Craftivity with your students. It’s great for any language, but of course, we use it for our favorite one: Le Français!”



“My store focuses on resources for the Primary French Immersion student,” says La classe de Madame Angel. “My favorite products are my emergent readers. I love the fact that the stories I write are engaging to students but also teach some very important grammatical structures that my students do not even realize they are learning!”



Through TpT, Madame H discovered Interactive Notebooks and decided to incorporate them with grammatical concepts. “I just used an interactive notebook set of present tense French verbs with my French 2 students as a review and I noticed higher than normal results in the assessment last week,” she said. “I’m so happy to have found a new way to engage my students in the classroom.”


“There’s a world of foreign or second language teaching strategies and resources out there, but it used to be a challenge to locate them and time consuming to figure out how to integrate them into your own program. TpT helps French teachers like me to leverage one another’s work with ready-made classroom activities and differentiated materials to get us started,” says TeachingFSL. “I made this activity to review classroom objects and expressions for the first month of class when I had a range of levels and class sizes.”



Michelle Dupuis is a French teacher from Canada. “Reading, writing, and talking are three important components of a balanced literacy program,” she says. “This resource offers activities for ALL three components. (Lire, Écrire et Parler).”




Frog Jump Fun says outside of TpT, it can be challenging “to find the right balance of content and level of language.” Utilizing products from TpT “lets me spend a lot less time translating English products and gives me more time to plan meaningful lessons for my class,” she says. Try her fall math pack.





Bonjour-Hello says, “I love the way that second language learning can bring out new gifts and talents in students that they didn’t know they had. I also love it when they realize new languages are fun!” She points out, “TpT offers resources created by teachers who know the realities of what it’s actually like to be a second language teacher.”

“Buyer feedback and suggestions have contributed to several product improvements in my store. In a field like French where resources are limited in the general marketplace, buyer feedback helps create unique products that are truly responsive to what teachers need,” she observes.


“As a French Immersion teacher in Toronto, it is very hard to come by good quality French resources, especially when you live in a primarily English speaking city. When you do find the perfect resource, it is often in English and we are left to translate it,” says French Frenzy. “TpT has motivated me to continue creating French resources for other bilingual teachers who experience a constant struggle to find good French resources.” Try her French Math Word Wall.



Mais oui, we love our foreign language Teacher-Authors on TpT. Say hola to some of our sensational Spanish-language teachers, and find a wealth of foreign language resources on TpT.