The State of Education Report 2022 by TpT surveys thousands of teachers for their expert insights, spotlighting their concerns and strategies to address them.

Record numbers of teachers are considering job-related changes and few are likely to recommend their profession, but there are reasons for hope — if we can listen to teachers’ challenges and recommended solutions. When it comes to talking about the concerns and the support educators need in yet another challenging school year, who better to ask than teachers themselves. With a global community of over 7 million educators, which includes more than 85% of PreK-12 teachers in the U.S., Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) has a unique vantage point to hear and amplify the voices and expertise of educators.

In this State of Education Report, TpT analyzed emerging trends at the start of 2022 and surveyed thousands of educators to understand their current concerns and the best strategies to address them. These insights are not only crucial to solving problems for students, but also in mitigating the stress and negative impact on educators themselves. 

Specifically, the report explores the overall health of the teaching profession, as well as school responses to the COVID Omicron variant, the need for social-emotional support, and the increasing issue of teacher shortages. The report also provides actionable takeaways from our educator community to help empower leaders and communities to best support teachers and the students they serve. 

Key takeaways from the survey include:

  • Only 31% of teachers surveyed said they would recommend the profession
  • 62% of teachers report there is a teacher shortage in their school
  • 68% of teachers say student behaviors are worse than pre-pandemic
  • 78% of teachers feel confident using digital tools to engage students

Download the full report below for more valuable insights. And keep your eye out for more research from TpT; in the coming months, the team will continue to analyze trends in education and amplify the voices of teachers so that students, teachers, and administrators can thrive.