Whether you are a TpT Buyer or a TpT Seller (or both!), you are an important part of our community and I have some very exciting news to share with you today.

I think we all agree that Teachers Pay Teachers is a special place that’s fulfilling its promise of empowering teachers and improving teaching/learning, often transformatively. Just look at how we’ve grown with over 3 million TpT teachers inspiring exponentially more students across the country and around the world. Such growth adds up to something really good.

We’ve been working hard for many months to find the right partners to help us fully realize the enormous potential TpT holds for educators. The time is right. Today we’re announcing to you that we’ve taken on exceptional growth investors to help us bring TpT to the next level, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The group is led by Vic Parker and Steve LeSieur from Spectrum Equity, who are investors in other educational companies such as Lynda.com, ExamSoft, and Finalsite; Lee Fixel from Tiger Global, who has invested in companies including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Warby Parker; and Jon Callaghan from True Ventures, who are investors in Socrative, Fitbit, and Always Prepped.

Lee also brought in Adam Freed to serve on our Board of Directors. Adam was the COO of Etsy, led international expansion at Google, and is an all around smart and awesome guy with just about the most relevant experience we could ask for. Overall they are a talented group of really good people who are very much behind our mission to empower teachers and thereby do lots of good in the world.

Importantly, John will continue as CEO and both John and I will be on the Board of Directors. Amy and team will all remain in place to help support you just as they always have. We are TpT, same as ever, soon supercharged with better technology including greater stability of our fast growing site, new products and features to support you in all aspects of your educational life, and a fantastic growing team to make it all happen with and for you.

It’s exciting and it’s right for TpT. Thanks for being a part of our wonderful community. We look forward to bringing even more TpT goodness to you.

Warmest regards,

Paul Edelman
TpT Founder