Take a gander at a range of creative ELA resources for budding readers and writers offered up by 10 Teacher-Authors who have met a significant TpT Milestone in November.

Meet 10 November Milestone Achievers


1. Terrific! Tara West from Missouri

Try her: Guided Reading MEGA BUNDLE

Her tip: “Take learning on the run! I love to utilize every second of the day for learning. Before sending a student into the restroom I will ask them a quick review question! I might ask a literacy or math skill-based question.”



2. Kudos to Kristen Vibas of Virginia

Try her: Guided Reading

Her tip: “We all know the saying, ‘staying organized is half the battle.’ This Guided Reading Binder has everything you’ll need to keep your plans and data collection easily organized! Inside you’ll find effective planning tools, comprehensive data collection resources, a monthly calendar, tons of labels, plus SO much more! Half the battle is won!”



3. Just grand, Juggling ELA from Queens, NY

Try her: Shakespeare’s Life and Times Group Research Assignment

Her tip: “I like to do fun group research projects before starting a novel or play like my product Shakespeare’s Life and Times Group Research Assignment. Students can either use the library or a computer lab to learn interesting facts about both Shakespeare and his time-period. This way they research, work collaboratively, and then present their findings. This type of project is always more fun than simply reading a worksheet about the historical context.”



4. From Indiana, it’s Brittany Lynch – Tickled Pink in Primary

Try her: Silent e S’mores

Her tip: “I created this Silent e S’mores game as a fun way to learn silent e words this Fall. Students can build CVCe words using cards to create a s’more. I make it more engaging by using a hole punch to create a hole in the marshmallow cards. This allows students to ‘roast’ the marshmallow over a fire before they finish building their word.”



5. Nicely done, Lorrie L Birchall of Oceanside, CA

Try her: Phonics Poetry Anthology: 133 Phonics Poems

Her tip: “These fun phonics poems help teachers target their teaching while helping students build vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Ah…the power of a poem!”



6. Sensational job, Second Grade Stories

Try her: Animals in Winter ~ a nonfiction unit and interactive craft

Her tip: “It is becoming more and more important for elementary teachers to integrate content area teaching into everything we do. I created my nonfiction mini-units as a way to add informational texts into my reading. Kids love learning about animals and these units can be used as a quick stand alone study, or in addition to materials teachers already have in their classrooms. Use the fact cards as a ‘walk the room’ activity, as part of a guided reading group or center, or project them for a whole class shared reading.”



7. Take a bow, Emily Gibbons

Try her: December Bundle

Her tip: “Keep your literacy block active and engaging by providing a wide variety of high interest resources for your growing readers.”



8. Jody is Camp Kindergarten — kudos!

Try her: Happy Thanksgiving Write the Room

Her tip: “I use this as part of my word work. The kids love searching for the cards around the room! Happy Thanksgiving!”


9. Greetings, Amy Mackenzie of Chicago, IL — Teach With Trade Books

Try her: Amelia Bedelia Lesson Plans & Activities Package, Second Grade (CCSS)

Her tip: “Try using your favorite trade book as an anchor text across your entire literacy block. With a book like Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish, you can provide students with a rich text experience, focus on comprehension strategy work, provide readers with an opportunity to write about reading, and even build phonemic awareness. Grab your copy of Amelia Bedelia, and this set of lesson plans, resources, and activities. You’ll be surprised by how much you can do with these simple stories!”



10. Way to go, Kaitlynn Albani

Try her: Main Idea Lessons and Task Cards

Her tip: “Main Idea can be a difficult concept for students to understand. This resource provides students with many activities and tips to help make learning fun and easy! The Main Idea Task Cards that are included have been a hit for small group instruction! Task cards can be highly motivating and an effective teaching tool that can be used to supplement and reinforce reading skills. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a sheet of main idea passages, your students will feel a sense of accomplishment when one task is completed before moving on to the next.”


What a great group! Now head over to take a look at resources for math, science, social studies, and holidays offered up by another group of great milestone achievers.