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Welcome teachers! We are highlighting our second
installment of our blogging series: Double Dose Your Lunch Break. Recently, we showed you some easy and simple ideas to meal prep your lunches. We
love meal prepping but with family obligations and school work loads, sometimes it’s just so difficult to
fit this in.
That’s why today, we’re bringing you lunch ideas for the anti-Pinterest teacher! We’ve all felt the stress of having an “Instagram worthy” classroom. You know: the ones that are perfectly organized, every book
is placed in its proper bin, and the classroom décor is out of this world.
Well it turns out, the so called “teacher life” isn’t as
glamorous as those Instagram posts. And that’s completely okay! Now we may be
biased, but educators have one of the most important jobs in the world. So if
your bulletin board hasn’t been updated in a while or if your classroom library
is a disaster, this blog post is for you. We’ve been there and if you haven’t
yet, you’ll experience it at some point!
Meal prepping for the anti-Pinterest teacher is a piece of
cake! Sometimes we even plan to be anti-Pinterest in regards to lunches just to
ease up our evenings before school. One of our favorite easy lunches is a
Smucker’s Uncrustable pb&j.
Call us 8-year-olds.
These Uncrustables are so easy to throw in your lunch bag as
you head out the door. A quick look at their nutrition facts shows they’re not
actually too bad for you!
 With 10 grams of protein and 330 calories, we don’t mind
sacrificing nutrition for ease when it comes to these sandwiches. We usually
keep a box in the freezer and throw one of these sandwiches in our lunch on our
way out the door. Add a banana or an orange and you have yourself a halfway
decent lunch!
By the time lunch rolls around, your sandwich is thawed and
ready to eat!
Other anti-Pinterest lunch favorites of ours include:
-DiGiorno individual pizza
-Leftover dinner from last night
-Leftover dinner from two nights ago 🙂
-Oatmeal 2 Go cups
-Yogurt and granola
-Soup cups
There are plenty of options when it comes to anti-Pinterest
teacher lunches. You might even see a not-so-Instagram-worthy picture of our
lunch in the future 🙂 Whether you have the time to meal prep or not, never stress
over having the picture perfect classroom or lunch.

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