Ever wonder how some of the best-selling TpT Teacher-Authors got their start?

Or asked yourself, what are the top 5 things I should know about becoming a seller on TpT?

Maybe you’d like to know what folks DO with their TpT earnings?

Well here’s your chance — we did a blog round-up where we asked Teacher-Authors on the Seller Forum if they had a blog post about being a part of TpT to share. I’ve got to confess, I was blown away and shed a tear or two.

You’ll see…

Do You TpT? Tips & Tricks

Teach123: Tips & Tricks

Crayonbox Learning is awesome! Success does not happen overnight and her pragmatic advice includes, “Make a plan, set goals and plan to spend time working on your store each day.”

She very nicely lays out the Top 10 Tips for TpT Newbies that are spot-on.

Michelle – Teach123 (see image) also has a some seriously helpful advice for new sellers about copyright. Her sage insights include, “When you make money from a lesson, the rules change.” Thank you Michelle!

And if you’re looking for an article to explain to your loved ones exactly what it is you’ve been up to, check out Lorrie L Birchall’s Squido article on this exact topic. Spoiler alert: there’s an excellent pic of TpT Founder Paul!

 Specifics – I Need Specifics

Pursuit of Joyfulness: Tips & Tricks
2 words: Cover Pages – That’s what Primary Paradise will tell you, and she knows what she’s talking about.

Lindsay Jervis agrees (she also stresses copyright) and pricing: “Don’t undervalue your work” is one of the tips in her Pursuit of Joyfulness blog post.

How-to Create Resources and More

There are many different ways to create TpT products and our Teacher-Authors are more than willing to help. MrsPayton explains step-by-step how to work in PowerPoint.

And Elementary Lesson Plans will show you how to add your own text to an editable PowerPoint.

These two sellers make great (and helpful) how-to videos you’ll want to watch:

3am Teacher: Tips & Tricks

What about blogging? I’ve heard tell that having a blog definitely helps promote your store and boost your sales. It can be intimidating, but The 3am Teacher will hold your hand and walk you through it (creating a blog that is)!

Inspiring Success Stories

Okay, make sure you have some tissue handy.

Wow! That’s pretty much all I can say about someone as inspiring as Deanna Jump. Seriously friends — I won’t give it away, but please check out Deanna’s blog post about what she was able to do with her TpT store earnings.

And right there with her are Emma and Andy (Emma’s husband). Emma’s TpT store Clever Classroom has changed their lives in a powerful way.

Miss DeCarbo: Tips & Tricks

TpT success stories also include Teacher-Authors being able to give even more to their kiddos. Including Miss DeCarbo whose success let her buy SIX TABLETS!! that have “opened up so many doors of opportunities for my students.”

She works with economically disadvantaged kids who don’t have the access to technology many of us take for granted. Way to go Miss DeCarbo!

And we’ve got a dog named after us, Sunny T “yep, that’s a T for… you guessed it!” says Darlene Anne of Meatballs in the Middle. She was finally able to say yes to a canine companion when profits from her TpT store (Darlene Anne) made it possible for her to be home during the summer and evenings.

By the way, the adorable I Heart TpT graphic in the cover photo is thanks to: From the Pond