6-12 Mental Health Awareness Month Resource Round-Up

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The conversation around mental health is an important one for many educators, particularly during this unprecedented time when students (and teachers!) are dealing with a myriad of emotions, feelings, and stressors. To help, we wanted to share some resources that teachers and caregivers can use remotely to support their students’ social-emotional well-being. In this round-up, you’ll find reflection journals, worksheets for dealing with difficult emotions, and more.

Understanding Mental Health

Use these resources to deepen students’ understanding of their emotions and how they might identify and cope with them.

The Mind, Explained: Anxiety, Explained Viewing Guide
By The Adventurous Classroom
Social Skills Middle High School Understanding Coping with Anxiety Frustration
By Success in Special Ed
Mental Health Reading Passages | Questions | Annotations
By StudentSavvy

Supporting Self-Reflection and Self-Care

Use these resources to support students in managing their emotions and to enable them to proactively look after their own well-being.

Mindfulness Meditations Destination Meditation 10 Guided Meditations
By Bright Futures Counseling
Self-Care Handouts For Teachers, Parents And Students
By Counselor Chelsey
Student Reflection Journal for Distance Learning
By Teach From the Stage
Distance Learning SEL Well Being Printable and Digital Journal
By Teachers Resource Force
Positive Affirmations: Coloring Journal and Affirmation Cards
By Allie Szczecinski with Miss Behavior

Looking for mental health awareness resources to support your PreK-5 students? Check out the round-up here.