Digital and Hybrid Learning Resources from Black Teacher-Authors

Education is strongest when diverse perspectives and voices are shared and heard in classroom settings. During Black History Month — and throughout the year — we’re proud to highlight the expertise of the Black educators in the TPT community. With these resources, teachers around the world can incorporate a variety of engaging digital learning materials into their lessons.

Digital and Hybrid Elementary Resources Created by Black Educators

Explore these PreK-5 math and ELA activities that you can use whether you’re teaching remote, in-person, or a little bit of both.

DIGITAL Letter Name and Sound Review Assessment Distance Learning by Toney in First

Grades: PreK – 1st | English Language Arts

Are you looking for an engaging, digital way to assess learners? Look no further — this is the perfect review quiz to measure your scholars’ growth with built-in, self-grading pie charts. It’s compatible with any device that can access Google Sheets and Slides, from a PC to a smartphone!

CVC Build a Word for Google Classroom by Keri Brown

Grades: K – 2nd | English Language Arts

This online resource focuses on building CVC words. Students can move the correct letters under the picture to build the word in Google Slides. This activity works great as a whole group lesson on an interactive whiteboard or as an individual student assignment on a laptop or tablet.  

Open-Ended Math Questions – Number Sense by BrowniePoints

Grades: 1st – 2nd | Math

These open-ended math questions allow students to approach problem-solving in their own way. You can also challenge your fast finishers by asking them to come up with several solutions at once. Plus, the way you use these questions is also open-ended! Try it out on Google Slides, PowerPoint, Seesaw, or paper.

Grocery Store Flyer Task Card Activity- Functional Math for SpEd and Life Skills by Noodle Nook

Grades: 2nd – 5th | Special Education, Life Skills

If you’re working with Special Education students, you’ll love this activity because it’s already differentiated. It targets several functional math skills and is a great center-based activity for students to practice computation, budgeting, and more! This activity is both print and digital ready so students can use whichever medium works best for them.

Fraction Unit – Simplifying Fractions Worksheets by Teacher Gameroom

Grades: 3rd – 6th | Math

Reinforce fraction skills by having students use the greatest common factor to reduce fractions to their simplest form. Perfect for morning work or homework, this resource can be used as print worksheets or digitally with Easel by TPT™.

Daily Math Warm Up – Number of the Day for 4th and 5th Grade by Mr Elementary Math

Grades: 4th – 5th | Math

Do your students need extra practice understanding numbers 1,000 through 1,000,000? This math warm-up is just the thing. With this Google Slides resource, you can walk your students through five daily tasks to build their number sense.


Grades: 4th – 6th | English Language Arts

If your students often struggle with making distinctions between the characteristics of an introduction paragraph and those of a conclusion paragraph, this resource can help provide a basic review of the purpose and characteristics of each paragraph type. Students can complete this activity on paper or online using Easel by TPT.

Digital Base Ten Blocks Activities with Decimals by Mix and Math

Grade: 5th | Math

These activities were designed to build and challenge students’ understanding of the base-ten number system with decimals, while also encouraging creative thinking. These interactive resources can be used with Google Classroom or downloaded and assigned as PowerPoints.

Digital and Hybrid Middle and High School Resources Created by Black Educators

With these activities, your middle and high school students can build skills in math and science, and prepare for life beyond the classroom.

Rational Number Operations Notes by The Sassy Math Teacher

Grades: 6th – 8th | Math

This bundle is an excellent way to review rational number operations and introduce your students to word problems involving rational numbers, including decimals, integers, and fractions. Print out the guided notes for your students or assign them the PDFs digitally, and your students will be able to easily follow along and take notes as you present the Google Slides.

Digital Drawing Conclusions and Inferences by Humble Bird

Grades: 6th – 8th | English Language Arts

This is a quick and easy way to check for understanding and review inferences with your students. Your students will use the clues from the provided paragraphs to make a guess about what’s behind the door and then justify their answers. You can use this digital resource in platforms like Schoology, Google Classroom, and more.

Easy Chemistry: Food Pairs Stoichiometry by SmartBots Makerspace

Grades: 7th – 12th | Chemistry

Don’t let stoichiometry strike fear in the heart of your students! With this unit, you can simplify this complex concept in an easy-to-understand way. No matter how you teach, it’s also easy to use as print-out worksheets or digital Easel activities.

College & Career Readiness Research for Google Drive™ | Vocational & Technical by College Counselor Studio

Grades: 10th – 12th | Life Skills

These low-prep activities are excellent for providing students and parents an introduction to college and career readiness focusing on vocational and/or technical. While made for Google Apps, these resources can also be easily adapted and used for print.

Digital Teacher Organization Resources Created by Black Educators

If you’re feeling time-strapped, check out these ready-to-use resources to help you cut down on prep time.


For All Grades and Subject Areas

Keep parents and students informed with these editable monthly newsletter templates made for Google Slides. But if you prefer hand-outs, simply print the newsletter from Google Slides after editing the template!

Distance Learning Google Slides™ Editable Daily Agendas Shiplap Porch Lights by The Fancy Counselor

For All Grades and Subject Areas

Use these signs to create and share your daily agendas with students. You can screen share the Google Slides with younger children, or post them to your LMS for older children who are more independent.

Digital Good Morning and Lesson Plan Templates for Google Slides by One Fab Teacher

Grades: PreK – 2nd | For All Subject Areas

This Google Slides resource is a fantastic way to keep yourself organized and make lesson planning more productive each week. While made to be used digitally, you can always print out the select slides you need if you prefer paper.

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This blog, originally published in 2021, has been updated for 2023.