Take a look at the unique ways that TpT’ers are celebrating Earth Day with their students. You’ll find recycling-themed lessons, photography projects, and activities to supplement nature walks. Three cheers for Earth Day!

Apples and ABC's Earth Day Blog


(Image from an Apples and ABC’s blog post by TpT Teacher-Author, Michelle Griffo)

Resources for the Little Sprouts

plemons“When Earth Day comes around here in Kansas, we’re usually bursting with energy and ready to go outside after being inside all winter!” explains Mrs Roltgen. She says her Recycling Activities resource (kindergarten), is great “no matter how much or how little time you have!” Mrs Plemons Kindergarten also likes to incorporate recycling into her lessons on Earth Day. She made a Survey and Graph: Earth Day Freebie (grades K-1) to spark conversations about recycling. “Students grab a clipboard and find some friends to survey. They collect data, form a graph, and then analyze the data they collected.”

To incorporate poetry into the day, Lucky to Be In First by Molly Lynch likes to have her kids write a poem to the earth. How cute it that? She has this special activity in her Spring Fling: A Sprinkle of Spring Mini Unit (grades 1-2).

Earth Day Math Games FreebieA self-described Earth Day lover, Green Grubs Garden Club says, “Every day should be Earth Day, and I’d like to think that 90 percent of my store is Earth Day-focused!” She has a Spring Nature Walk Freebie (grades 1-3), a mini lesson plan, and a worksheet based on the five senses for students to follow up their outdoor experience. Looking to incorporate math into your Earth Day lesson? Games 4 Learning says her students love her Earth Day Math Games Freebie: a fun way to celebrate a special anniversary! One of the games included, Save a Tree Doubles and Triples, has students double or triple numbers as they compete to be the first to surround a tree.

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day is to take a walk outside. Shelly Rees explains,”My class enjoys a walk through the beautiful nature trails, which are located next to a lovely local river. The high school biology class comes to the event and takes my students in small groups to learn about all the trees and plants on the trails.” She also uses her Earth Day Math & ELA Packet (grades 3-6) to make sure all subjects are covered.

Earth Day {Homework Project} FREEBIE!Brittany Lynch- Tickles in Pink Primary looks forward to Earth Day because her school welcomes a special visitor. “We bring in someone from the Waste Management department that does programs for schools on various topics. We do the one on recycling, and she comes with all sorts of things for the students to work on sorting into ‘trash’ or ‘recyclables.'” Literacy Loves Company says, “I have a project I do every April, and it’s become the favorite of students and staff alike.” This assignment asks students use their creativity, resourcefulness, and recycled materials to create a new product that has a purpose and function. She loves Earth Day (Homework Project (grades 3-6) so much so that she’s made it free for other teachers. How nice!

Resources for the Taller Trees

Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Footprints

Diana Bailey makes sure her students get in on the fun with her Earth Day and Spring Activities for ESL and ELD Students (grades 4-8). “This is a collection of fun activities to help students learn about spring and Earth Day while reviewing the simple present, the simple past, the present continuous, contractions, comparative adjectives, and prepositions of place,” she says. Mary Carr has numerous environmental educational resources (grades 5-8) in her store. Instead of just celebrating Earth Day, her classroom celebrated Earth Week! She says, “Environmental concerns are very important to me. In my middle school classroom, I incorporated ecology into lessons, projects, and conversation whenever I could.”

arlene“I have a great persuasive writing freebie that has students researching the benefits of wind turbines with live data,” says Tracee Orman. Her Benefits of Wind Energy Activity – Data Collection & Persuasive Writing is great for students in grades 6-9. Arlene Manemann explains, “Newspaper or Internet articles on the environment can stimulate interest and debate on the topic of our earth.” She’s sharing a resource that accompanies this type of research: Environment Written Report Essay Template and Directions (grades 7-11). Julie Faulkner created a project for her students to practice their photography and editing skills. She uses her Yearbook Spring Literacy-Inspired Digital Art Project, Earth Day, Photography (grades 9-12), and she always looks forward to seeing the results!