December is upon us and we’re celebrating by ringing in our newest bunch of December Milestone Achievers! Light the fire, pull on your mittens (if you’re in the northern hemisphere ;)) and check out the great resources that helped these milestone achievers attain their goals.

December’s Milestone Achievers


Jamie Jacobs: December Milestone Achievers
Jamie Jacobs

1.  Jamie Jacobs from Arizona

Try her: Fables, Folktales, and Myths (Common Core)

Her tip: “Check out this Fables, Folktales, and Myths unit that includes fun and engaging handouts to aid in teaching this tricky Common Core topic. These handouts can be used during whole group instruction, small group instruction, for literacy centers, or as homework.”


Jessi's Archive: December Milestone Achievers
Jessi’s Archive

2.  From Queens, New York — Jessi’s Archive

Try her: 1st Grade Common Core Writing Assessment

Her tip: “Lessen your Common Core stress through this ready-to-use Common Core Writing Survival Kit. This pack addresses each standard with assessments, writing prompts, checklists and posters, and more. Just download, print and distribute them to your students. Since this pack is color-coded, it could be your go-to binder if combined with my other CCSS ELA and Math assessments.”


Free to Teach: December Milestone Achievers
Free to Teach

3.  Free to Teach from North Carolina

Try her: The Polar Express Math & ELA for Big Kids (30 Pages!)

Her tip: “My upper elementary students still love for me to read picture books, especially around Christmas time! That’s why I created a Polar Express unit for big kids. Picture books lend themselves to comprehension strategy instruction and can be integrated easily with other subjects. With a combination of task cards, games, writing activities, and more, this unit is sure to engage all 3rd–5th grade students.”


The Reading Olympians: December Milestone Achievers
The Reading Olympians

4.  Julie & Krista are The Reading Olympians from Findlay, Ohio

Try their: Greek & Latin Roots–Prefix & suffix–Common Core Aligned Vocabulary — Olympians

Their tip: “Teaching Greek and Latin Roots (prefixes and suffixes) will revolutionize your students’ reading and vocabulary development! Our program, The Reading Olympians, will introduce the fun and exciting world of roots to your students. Students will be no longer intimidated by large and unknown words but will be empowered with the tools to attack them. Here’s an example: the root mot = to move. If students are armed with this knowledge there is instant understanding of words such as motivate, emotion, demoted, locomotive, and motor.”


forkin4th: December Milestone Achievers

5.  Antonia from Arizona is forkin4th

Try her: Common Core Weekly Reading Homework (Grades 3—5) – Winter Pack

Her tip: “Capture the magic of the winter season with reading passages like ‘If You Give an Elf Hot Cocoa’ or ‘Reindeer Run!’ This pack gives upper grade students repeated reading practice with winter-themed reading selections complete with text-based questions to assess comprehension. Simply print and assign as homework, reading station work or classwork — it’s that easy! At the end of the week, have students self-assess by grading their work in pen as you project the provided answer key using your classroom projector!”


Lil Country Librarian: December Milestone Achievers
Lil Country Librarian

6.  From Missouri, Marlana Howerton is the Lil Country Librarian

Try her: Christmas Hundreds Chart Hidden Picture Activities for math Santa Hat Reindeer

Her tip: “I love using these with students because they are learning without realizing it! Plus, they work hard to finish to reveal the hidden picture.”


Teaching Trove: December Milestone Achievers
Teaching Trove

7.  Teaching Trove

Try her: Multiplication Game Pack — a set of 12 games

Her tip: “Games are a perfect way to consolidate concepts. Research has shown that through playing games, children gain a greater understanding and an increase in retention of the concept taught. This pack of multiplication games consolidates each individual times table, great to use before moving onto mixed multiplication games.”


Mrs B's Best: December Milestone Achievers
Mrs B’s Best

8.  From Kansas — Mrs B’s Best

Try her: Flip for Math: Area Model Method for Multiplication Plus Jumbo Practice Cards

Her tip: “Shortly after I began implementing Common Core in my classroom, parents started voicing their concerns about how different the math was from the way they learned it. Many said they were concerned that they would no longer be able to help their child with homework. From those concerns, I developed my ‘We Flip for Math’ step-by-step flip-books on a variety of math topics. Not only have the books proven to be a valuable classroom resource, but when I allow a student to check out a copy to take home with their homework, their parents LOVE me!”


Cutesy Clickables by Collaboration Cuties: December Milestone Achievers
Cutesy Clickables by Collaboration Cuties

9.  From Georgia, Amanda and Stacia are Cutesy Clickables by Collaboration Cuties

Try their: Christmas and Winter Interactive Notebook Activities and Flipbooks BUNDLE

Their tip: “Our seasonal Interactive Notebook Activities are a student (and teacher) favorite! The graphics make it fun for students to write under and color so they don’t even realize that they are learning, reflecting, or writing as we are doing them. (Yes, even the big kids enjoy these activities!) They cover tons of skills from grammar, reading response and strategies, to author’s craft. It’s a one-stop shop that will go hand in hand with ANY Christmas or winter texts that you love to share with your students!”



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