The end of this past school year was turbulent, and our current world might feel scary or overwhelming to students. This means that, as we enter into a new school year, it’s more important than ever to create a safe and positive learning environment. But how can teachers show students that their class community is a safe, secure space? And how can you foster joy and connection with your students despite everything happening in the world?

As always, the TpT community has advice to share. Check out some of their tips below, and remember, as Stacy from Simpson Superstars says, “You are going to have situations arise where we don’t know what the right decision is and that’s ok. When you get to that place, stop, take a breath, and think about what is best for kids. If It’s best for kids, then it’s the right decision.”

Here’s some of the advice you’ll find in the infographic:

  • “I create a video shout-out of the best behaved, most improved, best attendance, and homework finisher, and share with parents and students weekly via email or class website.” — Gifted Teacher 305
  • “Offer class meetings twice a week that are simply ‘academic free’ — the only tasks allowed are class chats or class games or scavenger hunts.” — The Teacher House

Download the infographic below to get all of the recommendations from our Teacher-Author experts.

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