Who’s been pranked on April Fool’s Day? Who’s pranked their students on April Fool’s Day? We’ve got some hysterical stories from TpT Teacher-Authors as well as some pretty funny pranks to pull on your kids. And let’s not forget resources — no fooling, we’ve got “tests” that’ll really throw them for a loop. These folks are definitely not too cool for April Fool’s — and we like it!

Did You Study for This One?

Poppydreamz Digital Art: Too cool for April fool

  • How about this: Tell your students they’ll be learning about a new historical figure that they’ll be tested on the very next day, then proceed to spout out a bunch of random facts (making sure your students are diligently writing it all down). The last fact should be that this famous figure, Sloof Lirpa, liked to spell his name backwards. Poppydreamz Digital Art’s daughter’s teacher did this to her class and got a whole lot of laughs.
  • The Peanut Gallery: Too cool for April foolOr make your kids some brownies like The Peanut Gallery did. “I cut out 30 letter E’s from brown construction paper and wrote a little April message to each student on each one. I then put them in a baking tin covered with foil. On April 1, I took out the tin and told my students I brought in ‘brownies,’ but they soon saw that they were BROWN E’s. Haha!”
  • And Gail Hennessey likes to give a pop quiz which puts the kids in a flutter. “Even after the first question, some wondered about the questions as they didn’t pertain to anything we were studying.
    Here were some of the questions:
    1. What was the color of George Washington’s White Horse?
    2. Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?
    3. If a rooster laid an egg on the top of a pointed roof, on which side would the egg roll?
    By about the 5th question, almost everyone was giggling.” Here’s a link to Gail’s April Fool’s Day resource for more fun tricks and facts.

Smile… Google Earth is Watching You

  • What I Have LearnedWhat I Have Learned tells us, “The 4th and 5th grade teachers at our school site said that Google Earth was taking new photographs and that the students should spell something on the field so that when the picture was taken we’d be able to see each person forming a word. The kids spent their whole recess laying on the grass.”
  • CrazyScienceLady: Too cool for April foolThis one from CrazyScienceLady is also quite hilarious. “We told the students that there would be a state- mandated hurricane drill before lunch so they were prepared. The students were filed into the hallway and sat along the walls. I gave the ‘orders,’ much like a drill sergeant and the other teachers stood straight-faced with their arms crossed over their chests. The first order was to sit with their knees up and backs against the wall. They needed to ‘wiggle’ their legs open and shut so they had something to focus on. They also needed to link arms, so no one would blow away. With one hand, they needed to pinch their noses shut, so as to not inhale any smoke that would most likely be in the air. So there they were, backs against the wall, arms linked, leaning to one side to hold their noses shut, legs wiggling all over the place. The last command was to bark like a dog so they would remember to breathe. Then I yelled ‘Now bark!’ Most of them started barking. At that point one of my colleague teachers just about lost it and started laughing. That did it for the kids and we all had a good laugh. That prank lives on in infamy in our school.”
  • Mark Aaron: Too cool for April foolOr how about the prank that Mark Aaron’s kids got over on him? “I was teaching at an international school in Korea and it was my first year. I totally forgot about April Fool’s Day and was still focusing on adjusting to a new country, life, and school. A letter arrived for me in my mailbox at school. It said in very formal language that my visa to live and work in the country had expired and that I had 48 hours to leave Korea. It was posted from what looked like a government agency and had what looked like an official seal and signature on it. As I walked from the administration building back to my 7th grade class I was very, very confused and in shock. I opened the classroom door and there sat the pranksters, my English class, laughing their heads off! All of the sudden I realized what day it was: April 1st. Over 20 years later, I still have the letter in my desk as a souvenir!”

Believe It… Or Not

  • Absurdities! April Fools' LanguageAlso very worth checking out is SLPrunner’s Absurdities! April Fools’ Language — “April in my speech and language room is devoted to having fun with language. My students love figuring out puns and riddles!”
  • And Shari Beck has a fun activity for tricking classmates: “Explain to the students that their goal is to try and fool their classmates by either sharing something they’ve truly done or seen (appropriate for school, of course) that might seem unbelievable or by sharing something believable that they truly didn’t do or see. You can either have students write a statement on a notecard with their name and read it when called on, or the teacher can choose to read them. By having the students write their statement first, they hopefully won’t give away the validity of the statement by trying to make it up as they’re speaking.” And she keeps it educational by graphing the responses. Here’s a link to her Pictographs and Bar Graphs activity.

Marry Me — or April Fool’s?

Luckily, these folks weren’t being sold a bill-of-goods when they got their April Fool’s Day surprises! No less than five of our Teacher-Authors either got engaged or had babies (well, almost) on April Fool’s Day.

  1. Undercover Classroom’s experience: “My husband proposed to me on April Fool’s Day 2003, while dressed in an Easter Bunny costume in front of my 1st grade class. We have it on video tape and the cutest part of the whole thing is that when he took the head of the costume off and got down on his knee, you can hear one little boy say, ‘WHAT?!? She’s marrying the Easter Bunny?!?’ Good thing it wasn’t a joke.”
  2. One Stop Teacher Shop: Too cool for April foolOne Stop Teacher Shop got a real “ringer” — “My story takes place on April 1st, 1999. My wonderful husband (boyfriend at the time) thought it would be just hysterical to propose to me on April Fool’s Day! Yes… hysterical! While sitting on the beach, he moved to his knee and pulled a box out of his pocket. My heart was racing. I couldn’t believe he was about to propose… every girl’s dream, right?  As he opened the box I saw a plastic, gold coated, ring with a fake diamond in the shape of a dolphin on it! After a few moments passed, and we had a good laugh, he pulled out the real ring and asked me to marry him (seriously this time).”
  3. Janette Wilcken knows the real deal. “We were on a hike together in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. We stopped at a lookout point, and it’s here where he proposed and produced a beautiful diamond ring. I was in heaven! Then when we got back to his truck he said ‘You do realize what day it is, don’t you?’ My heart sank. I looked real close at the diamond, then I scratched it on his rear view mirror to see if it cut glass — it did. If he was joking, I’m still waiting for him to let me off the hook!”
  4. A Bird's Eye View Too: Too cool for April foolA Bird’s Eye View Too says, “My first son was born on April 1st, a week early — best April Fool’s surprise ever!”
  5. And Catch the Buzz got more than a bean and cheese burrito when she stopped into Taco Bell for lunch. “I came out of the restroom, and my husband could tell by my face that something was up… I looked at him and said, ‘This is NOT an April Fool’s Day trick. My water just broke.’ He started laughing, thinking I was kidding. Picture me as a first-time mom looking at him with surprise and fear in my eyes as he quickly realized I was being serious! All the way to the hospital, I just kept telling him, ‘I don’t want to have an April Fool.’ So silly now looking back on it, but I was so nervous I just kept repeating it over and over. She ended up being born on April 2nd. Hard to believe it was so long ago!”

TpT Loves a Good Laugh

Here’s a story from Fun with Language. “I’ve never really been one to celebrate April Fool’s Day, but April 1st (a couple years ago) was the day that I sold my very first product on TpT, so now I consider it my anniversary date and one of my favorite days of the year!”

And this one from Deanna Jump: “A few years ago, Paul decided to announce in the newsletter that I was invited to The White House. I spent two days responding to emails from people congratulating me. I’m still trying to think of a way to get him back!”


We hope you’ve enjoyed these stories and resources from our very serious, dedicated Teacher-Authors, who also have a great sense of humor and life perspective. You can find more April Fool’s Day resources and games at Teachers Pay Teachers 365 days a year!