A TpT Teacher Spotlight on Hannah Burkhauser, a 2nd grade teacher at St. Austin's Catholic School.

We have a community of dedicated educators who use TpT resources as a tool to solve the unique instructional challenges they face. Meet Hannah Burkhauser, a 2nd grade teacher for a private Catholic school who’s navigating through the challenges of her first year of teaching with help from TpT.


2nd grade teacher Hannah Burkhauser reading from the book "Hatchet."Title: 2nd Grade Teacher
Location: Austin, TX
Teaches At: St. Austin’s Catholic School
Teaching Experience: Less than 1 year

Goal I’m working toward…
I want to be able to have fun and enriching activities for every TEK that I need to teach.

Best advice I ever received…
We have two resources: time and money. Sometimes you’ll be able to put in more time than money, and sometimes, you simply will not have that. 


“THIS IS MY VERY FIRST YEAR TEACHING. I was a professional actress for about 10 years, and also taught theater for a long time. I realized how much I loved doing that, so last year, I entered into an accelerated teacher certification program. Now, I’m teaching the entire 2nd grade at St. Austin’s Catholic School in downtown Austin. I have about 21 students in my class, and no co-teachers, so I have to do everything myself.”


“AS A BRAND NEW TEACHER, IT’S VERY OVERWHELMING to feel like you have nothing in place to begin with. I wanted my room to be beautiful, inviting, and totally me, but I just didn’t know where to start. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect classroom setup and the best thing I found was on TpT. I chose a succulent theme and I had such a good experience with it that I went back to TpT to look for different resources and different things to supplement my curriculum. For a first-year teacher like myself, TpT’s been invaluable and has really taken some of the pressure off of me.”

A view of Hannah Burkhauser's 2nd grade classroom.

“I LOVE THAT TPT IS BUILT ON THE IDEAS AND HARD WORK OF ACTUAL TEACHERS. For everything I’ve bought, it’s clear that the teacher has not only used it but that their students have also loved doing it. So often, with bigger companies, you don’t know if something’s going to work or not. However, I always feel very comfortable purchasing things from TpT because I know they will work in my classroom!”


“ONE OF THE CHALLENGES THAT ANY FIRST-YEAR TEACHER FACES is wanting to stick exactly to the curriculum but also feeling like it doesn’t give you enough. Or that it’s boring. Or that it’s outdated. Or that it’s for one certain type of learner and no others. This is where TpT has been helpful. I want to provide for the differentiated learning styles of my students, but it’s incredibly time-consuming to do it all by myself. With TpT, I’m able to bring my curriculum to life and serve every one of my students — not just the ones that the curriculum serves.”

2nd grade teacher Hannah Burkhauser standing in front of a whiteboard easel.

“I LOOK TO TPT TO VALIDATE SOME OF THE IDEAS that I have or the things I want to try in my classroom. As a first-year teacher, I don’t want to create all this content without first knowing if it’s even going to work. This is why I like TpT. I might have an idea for enrichment that I’m not sure will work, but I can go on TpT and find a version of my idea that has worked before, instead of starting a huge project and not really knowing where it will go.”


“THERE’S ALSO A LOT OF ROOM TO MAKE THE RESOURCES YOUR OWN. One of the great things about TpT is that it helps me have the space to be more creative. I’ve found I’m able to better adapt resources to the needs of my students, especially those who want to be on their feet, singing songs, or drawing pictures. Worksheets aren’t going to work for those students. My kids absolutely love the project-based learning activities that I have found on TpT. They beg me to do math enrichment and they can’t get enough of it!”


We’re never more inspired than when educators tell us about the things they’re doing in the classroom with TpT resources. So, we’d love to hear: how have TpT resources helped you succeed? Share your story here.