National Compliment Day is coming up on January 24th! It’s the perfect opportunity to make someone’s day (although why limit it to a single day, of course?).

We’ve gathered a collection of kind (and sometimes hilarious) words bestowed upon TpT’ers by students, parents, and fellow teachers. Enjoy scrolling through these sentiments, and become inspired to pass on some of your own words of encouragement and love to a deserving someone.

Sweet Sentiments from Students, Parents, and Fellow Teachers

1. “A mom told me that her 1st grader liked me because, ‘…she never has angry in her voice.’ That was several years ago, and it still makes me smile.” – Polly Hill

2. “The biggest compliment I ever received was when one of my middle school students said, ‘You make math fun.’ It made my day! It’s also a great reminder for me to make my lessons interesting and engaging for my students.” – Sheila Cantonwine

3. “Years ago, one of my 3rd graders told me, ‘When I’m in your class, it feels like I’m really your kid, and you’re really my mom.’ That compliment is one I’ve never forgotten.” – The Brighter Rewriter

4. “Best compliment from a student: ‘You’re funny even when you’re not that funny because you think you’re funny.’ Oh, sweet boy! I do tend to crack myself up!” – Two Nuts Teachin’ from the Same Tree

5. “One of my 1st graders said, ‘Mrs. Smith, I didn’t want to come to this new school, but you make learning fun. I love it here!’ One of the best compliments of my career.” – The Pinning Librarian

6. “A 4th grade student once said to me, ‘Ms. Shelor (before I got married), you really should have kids of your own. You are so nice to your students, and you love us so much. I bet you would REALLY love your own kids.'” – Emily Conroy

7. “A student chose my songs as her ‘hero’ for a classroom project. She said my lyrics had changed her view of the world completely. She interviewed me on camera… the works. Be still, my heart. I had only known her personally for two weeks. That experience taught me how important the words we share with kids can be.” – I am Bullyproof Music

8. “One of my 1st grade students said to me, ‘Mrs. Howell, I don’t like you. I don’t like you because I love you. You’re the best teacher in the whole wide world. No, not the whole wide world, the whole wide universe.'” – Kathy Goosev Howell

9. “Years ago, I was teaching Reading to 6th grade students during the final period of the school day in a junior high setting.  I worried that it might be difficult to keep their attention during that time period. But one day, several girls from that class told me they loved coming to my class because it was so calm and peaceful to have time to read interesting stories and to listen to me share my favorite excerpts from the literature. This was also the class in which I may have stunned more than a few students when I let my tears flow freely as I read from Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Some boys commented that they never knew that reading books could make you cry. What a gratifying class to teach!” – PlayLearnTeach

10. “About four years ago, I had the toughest group of 7th grade students I’d ever had. They were all wonderful individually, but when you put them all together, they were a different story. I worked hard that year trying to motivate them, encourage them, and win them over every single day. On the last day of school, they all lined up, handed me a handmade card (very sentimental coming from middle school students), hugged me, and said, ‘You are the best, Mama B.’ I had tears streaming down my face because I realized all my attention and time spent on them really had make a difference in their lives that year.” – Right Down the Middle with Andrea

11. “I always try to be nice to all fellow teachers, and I don’t care about age at all. A younger teacher once called me the ‘glue’ of our small school because I keep the young crew and old crew in touch with each other. They all end up in my room at the end of the day!” – Primary Wonderland

12. “I think I value compliments from parents just as much as those from their children. It’s easy to tell malarkey from a genuine comment, and it’s affirming to hear that my quiet student really does like coming to class, that a reluctant reader has really started to enjoy books, or that their child is excelling in high school because of our middle school program. It’s great to hear that students are succeeding and that a change is also visible to others.” – Secondary Sara

13. “The best compliment I’ve ever received is when I learn my former students have become successful professional artists! As an art teacher, there is nothing better than  to know I started them off on a successful career.” – Gena McWilliams

The ESL Nexus 14. “At the end of my final year teaching in Massachusetts, I was summoned to the principal’s office. With trepidation I went downstairs and found the mother of one of my 7th grade boys and a high school student whom I’d also taught waiting for me in the office, along with her older son.  It turned out she had a thank you gift for me, the ‘trophy’ in the picture shown here. Oh my gosh — I was actually speechless! And of course I teared up. I couldn’t believe she had gotten something like that custom-made just for me.  I felt like a sports star winning a championship! The ‘trophy’ is prominently displayed in my new home.

It’s parents like these who are true partners in their children’s education and who understand what teachers do to reach and teach their kids, that made my job as an ESL teacher so rewarding.” – The ESL Nexus

15. “Last year, a former student wrote a Facebook post on Mother’s Day, and she thanked all the women who played an important role in her life. She thanked me for always believing in her, for making Science and Math fun, and for encouraging her to study further (she’s from an area in Cape Town where tertiary education is not really the norm). She graduated at the top of her class last year with a degree in Science. I was so proud!” – The Lab

16. “You were the ray of sunshine our family needed this year.” – Wiggling Scholars

17. “The best compliment I’ve ever gotten is to have an especially challenging student come back the next year and repeatedly say hi, hang out in my classroom, and tell me that I helped him. Sometimes it’s those challenging students that we can help the most. It was a positive affirmation that my constant work with him throughout the previous year was beneficial and that he knew I had his best interests in mind.” – The Daring English Teacher

18. “One of my students this year told me, ‘Mrs. O, you have good sunshine!’ That made me so happy that they can tell how much joy I have when teaching them.” – Adventures in Kinder and Beyond

19. “I ran into a former student about 20 years after I had taught him. He was managing a bookstore. He had a rough childhood with parents who were consumed with the idea that the end of the world was imminent and convinced their children that they wouldn’t live long. So my student had considered suicide. I never knew any of that. During our conversation in the bookstore, he told me that I had (completely unknowingly) given him a different outlook on life. He grew up to become an author. He dedicated his first book to me with this: ‘The mother of my spirit.’ I can’t think about that without crying. And there’s a certain amount of feeling overwhelmed because I had no idea I was having that effect on a 12-year-old boy — so it makes me wonder what other unintentional impact I might have had on other kids (for good or bad). Teaching carries a heavy responsibility. But also the world’s greatest rewards. If I never get another compliment in my life, it’s OK.” – Utah Roots


“Thanks, I think…” 🙂

20. “One of my students once told me, “I love you Mrs. Smith. You are a great teacher, but no matter how nice you are, you will never be as nice and as pretty as Mrs. Striegel.’ (her previous teacher). I had to laugh. Talk about a backwards compliment! Mrs. Striegel reminds me every once in a while that I am great, but I will never be as nice and pretty as her… and we laugh every time.” – Rigorous Resources by Lisa

21. “My kindergarteners always seem to find random things to compliment me on! I think that one time I was told my eyeballs match my hair in a pretty way… gotta love it!” – Amanda Kristofferson

beastteacher22. “Two years ago, the sweetest little girl in my class made this for me (see picture). I think her sweet intentions make it even funnier. The teachers on my hall asked if it was written in blood.” – Melissa Shutler- Evidence of Learning

23. “One semester I managed to lock myself out of my apartment, got hit by a car on the way to work, and another time fell off a table while talking to students and cut my leg pretty badly. I would share with my students my misadventures.

Well, at the end of the semester, students were doing evaluations and one student wrote, ‘She’s an amazing teacher. Please take care of her. Somebody needs to.’- Around the World Learning

24. “About six years ago, my mom was coming to my classroom once a week to read with my 3rd graders.  They would fight over whose turn it was to read with ‘Grandma’! When she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I was devastated. I explained that “Grandma” would not be able to come back and read with them any more, and that she would only be living for a few more months. The students asked to write letters to ‘Grandma’ in the hospital. They were amazing! One that I will never forget said, ‘Don’t be afraid to die because your daughter will always take care of you, like she takes care of us.’ My mom and I both cried when we read that one.

On a lighter note, I display my yearly class photos on the wall of my classroom. One day, after looking over all eight years, one of my sweeties said, ‘Mrs. Bese! You used to be young! And pretty!'” – Light Bulbs and Laughter

25. “From a 5-year-old boy: ‘I love your toenail polish, Ms. Bledsoe. I look at it when you are reading stories to us on the carpet.'” – Sweet Sensations

26. “My 1st year teaching 1st grade I was pregnant with my 4th and youngest child. One of the students I had that year said, ‘Mrs. Ebersole, you have a lot of kids, you must be sooooo good at having babies.’ big_smile LOL I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I think I may have said, ‘Ughhhh…….thank you?’ – Momma with a Teaching Mission

27. “My all-time best compliment was when a student asked how old I was. When I told him I hit the half century mark, he said I was way older than his mother and almost as old as his grandma. Then he said I looked better than them both for an old woman.” – Sandra Naufal

28. “‘Aw, Mrs. B, she’s so cute! Your daughter looks just like you! Except for the wrinkles around the eyes…'” – That Rocks Math Science and ELA

29. “This is actually a compliment my brother gave his kindergarten teacher: ‘You smell great today, just like Charmin toilet paper.’ He meant it in the nicest way…” – Anne Gardner

30. “From a student: ‘You make hard stuff easy.’
From a colleague in a special class: ‘Every year your class is the kindest and most supportive of each other. They don’t start out that way, but they always end up that way.’
From an Assistant Superintendent: ‘I could give you a comic book and a paper bag and you could teach your kids.’
From a parent: ‘Last year, we had a hard time on Sunday nights because my child was so worried about going to school. Now we have trouble on Saturday mornings because she doesn’t want to wait two days to see you.’
Those were my gems. They mean the world to me.” – Silly Sam Productions