Lap books. Close reads. Research projects. And games, games galore! Discover terrific Women’s History Month resources to bring into your classroom during the month of March… and beyond!

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Women's History Interesting Information Poster PackSunny and Bright in First Grade says, “When I created my Women’s History Interesting Information Poster Pack (grades K-6), I wanted to familiarize my students with the contributions women have made in the areas of education, science, politics, civil rights, medicine, the arts, entertainment, philanthropy, and women’s rights. What I love the most about this set is that it introduces 14 very different women and is appropriate for students of many different ages.  I use these posters to introduce my students to historical figures (such as Clara Barton and Betsy Ross) and women who are still alive today (such as Oprah Winfrey).”

“I created some biographical templates that students can use when they research famous women in history,” adds Andrea’s Artifacts. Take a look: Girl Power: Celebrating Famous Women Biographical Templates (grades 2-4).

From Emily Gibbons: “My Women’s History Lab Book project (grades 2-5) is a fun and interactive way for students to learn about famous women from around the world.”

Great Women in History Unit - No Prep * Women's History Month“My Great Women in History Unit – No Prep * Women’s History Month resource (grades 2-5) features 20 different women in history,” explains Little School on the Range. “There’s a fact card for each woman that can be kept in an interactive notebook. These cards can be used to complete different activities in the unit. I really love giving students fact cards because they get the right amount of information that they need.”

Glitter in Third says, “I love using my NO PREP Womens History Month Printables: Literacy Center Reading Worksheets (grades 3-4) throughout March in my language arts block to reinforce skills like synonyms, antonyms, and using a dictionary. These worksheets provide an engaging and informative way for my students to increase their verbal development while at the same time learning about influential women who made a drastic change in history. These worksheets help showcase these amazing women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.”

From Everyone DeServes to Learn: “A year ago, I read an amazing book called The Spymistress by Jennifer Chiaverini, and it inspired me to write about female spies during three different wars. I compiled those stories into a biographical diary book. In this eBook, students can deepen their understanding of the American Revolution, Civil War, and World War II by seeing them through the eyes of renowned female spies. Take a look: Spy Mini Book {Close Reading} (grades 3-5).”

Students of History says, “My Rosa Parks Bus 3D Foldable Project & Reading resource (grades 3-7) is a fun hands-on activity. Students read about Rosa Parks and then create a 3D bus like the one she rode in, with an adjective they feel best describes her.”

Guided Biography Study Set of 6 Amazing Women“I have a large number of guided biography studies that students can complete using a published biography designed for their age level,” explains Diana Bailey. “They help students practice how to read a biography to find information; it also gives them an appreciation of those who have contributed something to human history. This one concentrates on six women in history: Guided Biography Study Set of 6 Amazing Women (grades 4-6).”

Brenda Kovich says, “I designed my Women in History Research Project (grades 4-6) to celebrate the lives of 24 women who have made a difference! Students conduct a short research project and write informative text as well as create a beautiful display for a classroom or hall wall.”

From 2 Brainy Apples: “My Geo Journeys: Women’s History Close Reads Interactive Notebook (grades 4-6) integrates ELA, social studies, and geography skills while students read about several important women throughout history.”

Amelia EarhartPowerPoint presentation. A short synopsis of her life.“My Amelia Earhart PowerPoint presentation. A short synopsis of her life resource (grades 5-8) is designed as a short introduction to stories and articles about Amelia Earhart,” explains Skool Aid Products. “It gives a brief synopsis of her accomplishments and life. Since many students have never been in the cockpit of a plane, they’re unfamiliar with the terminology, the aviation gauges, and how they’re used for flying an airplane. This presentation is designed to ‘front load’ these concepts so that the reading will be more comprehensible. My 6th grade students loved the presentation (especially the little flying Cessna), and many were eager to talk about the stories they’d heard concerning Mrs. Earhart’s mysterious disappearance.”

Dolley Madison Saves The Day: Common Core Focused War of 1812 Source!Mr Educator – A Social Studies Professional says, “Each year I do this lesson with my kids: Dolley Madison Saves The Day: Common Core Focused War of 1812 Source! (grades 5-8). Students analyze excerpts from Dolley Madison’s diary to figure out what’s happening around her, how she responds, and the role she plays in history. So many students leave with an eye-opening experience into her legacy!”

“Teachers have told me they love my Trashketball games,” says OCBeachTeacher. “So last year, I made a Parts of Speech review game with a Women’s History Month theme. While teaching about inspiring women from around the world, this game helps students review parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. Women referenced include some of the following: Elizabeth Blackwell, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Joan of Arc, Jane Addams, Virginia Woolf, and others. Take a look: Parts of Speech (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs & Prepositions) Trashketball (grades 5-9).”

Arlene Manemann says, “There are currently more women in medical colleges in the U.S. than there are men, yet Elizabeth Blackwell was forced to receive part of her education in Europe because American medical schools would not accept women. You can learn more with my Women in History: Elizabeth Blackwell, First US Medical Doctor resource (grades 5-10).”

Gender Circle Game - 10 Brain Based Tasks to See How They ThinkFrom Ellen Weber – Brain based tasks for upper grades: “My Gender Circle Game – 10 Brain Based Tasks to See How They Think (grades 5-12) is a student favorite. It develops a gal’s leadership  and communication skills through fun adventures on sizzling secondary topics both genders enjoy. It’s no secret: Research shows women too often fail to speak up and feel heard in upper classes. My gender circle game facilitates secondary gals to speak up on hot topics and motivates guys in fun circles to hear female perspectives in a relaxed, interactive setting.”

Tangstar Science says, “I created a set of resources to highlight various women in science from Hypatia (the famous female astronomer and mathematician of ancient Greece) to modern day female scientists like Jane Goodall. Take a look:Women in Science – LESSON BUNDLE {Editable} (grades 8-12).”

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“I am not afraid… I was born to do this.” – Joan of Arc


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