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The Problems
“Can I go to the bathroom?”
“I need a tissue.”
“I gotta sharpen my pencil.”
A student’s hand is raised. Does she need a pencil? Does she need to use the restroom? Or is she having trouble with a math problem?  
The Solution
One of the best things I implemented in my classroom was the use of hand signals. It takes a little practice in the beginning, but students get used to using the hand signals.  

Here are my signals:

1 Finger: Pencil
2 Crossed Fingers: Restroom
3 Fingers: Kleenex or Water
5 Fingers: Question
Thumbs Up: Got it!
Thumb to the Side: Still Working
These come in handy during standardized testing, too!
Free Printable Signs
You can download your free printable signs right here. Just click the image below.
Classroom Hand Signals: Free Posters

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