Dear TpT’er,

We know that as an educator, you are on the front lines of our society. Every day, the children you teach ask questions and share feelings about the world around them. For teachers around the United States (and around the world), the conversations during this presidential election season and beyond have been difficult.

We know that many of your students are asking fundamental questions about safety, family, and difference. We know that you are on the hook to answer those questions and to create communities in your classroom that support all your students. Whenever conditions in the classroom change, our community has come together with creative ideas and answers. In response to the current tensions in the United States today, we’ve created a new resource designation we’re calling Classroom Community resources. These are resources that can help you work with your students on empathy, kindness, and more.

These resources aren’t the salve that will heal all our national wounds, but we hope they’ll help. You’ll find hundreds of resources to support you on TpT today.

If you’d like to join our non-partisan conversation about classroom communities, we also invite you to follow #TpTClassroomCommunity on Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you for all you do. Your work is hard and it is the most vital work that anyone in a society can do. It is the work that shapes our future.

In friendship and support,


Adam Freed