TpT Teacher-Authors of all grades have fantastic ideas for celebrating Pi Day (even for your language arts block!) Come grab a big slice of the fun!

 All the Flavors of Pi Day

Pi Day (Circumference and Area of Circles) Solve and Snip- Common CoreFrom 4mula Fun: “My Pi Day (Circumference and Area of Circles) Solve and Snip- Common Core resource (grades 7-8) is a fun problem-solving activity to strengthen skills related to the circumference and area of circles!”

“Kids love to color, no matter what their age!” says All Things Algebra. “Students adore my Area and Circumference of Circles Pi Day Coloring Activity (grades 6-10); they sometimes forget that they’re also doing math! After they’ve finished the activity, I hang up their work. They love that, too!”

Kacie Travis adds, “I go all out on Pi Day… wearing clothes that have a circle theme, decorating my classroom, teaching a great pi lesson, and eating pie, of course! Here’s a freebie teachers can use to decorate their classrooms: Pi Day (3.14) Celebration Decoration FREE (grades 6-9)! It contains posters and bunting for teachers to help build excitement about the day. Hang them around the room, or make a cute bulletin board!”

Playing "A Round" with PiAngie Seltzer has her Playing “A Round” with Pi: Cards for Circumference, Perimeter, Area resource (grades 6-9) to share! She says, “These four sets of Multi-Match game cards provide fun practice with area and perimeter of circles and compound figures. Each easy-to-print card set includes a related worksheet and mini game instruction cards.”

Here’s a Pi Day Activity (grades 6-9) from Lindsay Perro. She says, “It includes some fun pi facts and a look at the first few hundred digits of pi!”

Pi Day Placemat and Activities“Planning on serving a snack?” asks Teaching High School Math. “Here’s my Pi Day Placemat and Activities resource (grades 6-9).”

“I use my Circumference, Area, and More: A Circle Bundle (grades 6-8) with my middle school classes on Pi Day,” explains Math in the Middle. “It includes area and circumference discovery activities, practice sheets, and a bingo game.”

“I love Pi Day!” exclaims Hodges Herald. “Here’s a fun freebie I do every year with my students: Cookies, Cake and Pi, Oh My! (grades 6-8).”

Easy as Pi -Pi Day Math Bulletin BoardFrom The Bulletin Board Lady – Tracy King: “A math teacher friend of mine has a huge Pi Party every year, complete with a variety of pies, pi decorations, pi games, and more. Each year, she lets students decorate for this special day. She really wanted a bulletin board that she could use each year to explain the fun and merriment that took place on March 14th. Voilà: My Pi Day Math Bulletin Board resource (grades 5-12) was born! Included are reproducible pages that students can decorate and use to post their own Pi Day slogans. Such fun!”

“I love making Pi Day a fun classroom celebration with my middle school students!” says Amy Hearne. “They look forward to our celebration every year. Take a look at my Pi Day Celebration Bundle (grades 5-9), which includes a number frequency activity, a scavenger hunt, and so much more!”

Pi Day Musical Chairs“My kiddos always have such a great time on Pi Day!” exclaims Misty Miller. Check out her super-fun Pi Day Musical Chairs Activity (grades 5-8).

Mike’s Math Mall is excited to share his The Quest for Pi – A Hands-on Geometry Activity (grades 5-7). He says, “Get students out of their seats! Heck: get ’em outside with this engaging, hands-on, discovery activity. They’ll never look at pi the same way again.”

Pi Day Fun ActivityThe Colorado Classroom has a giant Pi Day Fun Activity (grades 4-7) that includes background information on pi and 20 different activities to choose from for this special day. The activities range from simpler, more crafty circle-inspired fun to mathematically rigorous activities such as actually doing a simpler version of the experiment that Archimedes did when he discovered pi.”

From Evil Math Wizard. “Here’s a blog post about the time we actually made pies along with a fun, hands-on activity for learners to discover the ratio of pi. It’s great for upper elementary students! Take a look: Radius, Diameter, Circumference, & Ratios Discovery using Paperclips (grades 4-7).”

“I’m so excited for Pi Day!” says Advanced Instruction Resources. “I’ve used my Pi Day Activity (grades 2-5) with my students for years.” 

Pi Day Fun! Circle Themed Math and Art Activities; Pi Day is March 14th!Meredith Anderson can’t wait for Pi Day either! Here’s one of her many fabulous Pi Day resources. (grades K-4). Phenomenal!

Pi Day in Style

Pi Day Medallion - Pi Day Fun: Renee DawnAnd check out the awesome handmade Pi Day Medallion modeled here by Teacher-Author Renee Dawn! She explains, “Pi is a beautiful thing. Literally! I created this medallion that looks like a chic art piece, because I like to wear my math on my sleeve. And after I teach kids about the wonders of this infinite number, it’s a chic-geek reminder that keeps them thinking.” Love!


Here’s to Pi Day and all the learning, laughing, baking, and crafting that goes along with it. Bring on the math-themed fun!

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