Dear Teacher-Authors,

It is with incredible excitement that I become TpT’s next CEO and begin working even more closely with you, our fantastic Teacher-Author community. I am profoundly grateful to Adam for the extraordinary work he has done leading TpT. On a personal note, I am so thankful for the way he has mentored me over these years. I look forward to continuing to draw on his expertise and wisdom in his new role as Executive Chair.

While I have had the true privilege of meeting so many of you, beginning in Las Vegas at our first conference, it may be helpful to give you a little more background on me. Education is something deeply personal for me because it has altered the course of my family’s history. You see, I am the grandson of a boy raised in an Ohio orphanage with only a few years of schooling. However my grandparents believed deeply in the power of education to improve the lives of their children. That belief was passed down to my father, who along with my mother were able to provide my five brothers and me opportunities that my grandparents could only dream of. Opportunities made possible by the gift of education. So through my family, I have experienced first-hand how education can lift people up and provide opportunities for a better life like nothing else can. This is why I love TpT: it improves lives through education.

This is why the work you do each day as Teacher-Authors is so vital. You empower educators to teach at their best, and in doing so, you improve the lives of millions of educators and tens of millions of students. And while we have accomplished so much together, there is so much more for us to do. Team TpT has big ambitions to see your resources at the center of classrooms across America and around the world. We commit to work tirelessly to see this become a reality.

In the days ahead, I look forward to speaking with many of you and seeing you on webinars and in person. I am so thrilled for the amazing and important journey we have ahead of us. And I wish you all much success in the years to come.



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