Hi Everyone,

Starting today, Joe Holland, who has been my partner and friend for four years at TpT, will be stepping into the role of CEO and I will be moving to the role of Executive Chair. This is exciting news and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Building On Success

Together, in partnership with you, we are building an organization that is changing the world.

More than 70% of teachers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia use your resources every year. Amazing! And we are just at the beginning of our work to bring your teacher-created materials front and center in classrooms and to homes everywhere. Now, as we work with hundreds of new schools every month, our work and its intensity grows.

I’ve been honored to lead TpT for more than four years and now I believe it’s time for our next leader as we evolve. Because TpT is truly in my heart, I knew that our next leader had to be someone with an abiding belief in our mission, forthright leadership skills, and a deep well of energy to lead us for years to come. I didn’t have to look far — he was sitting beside me. Joe is the right person to be our next CEO. He has the conviction, the smarts, and a tireless drive to help us achieve great things.

Why Joe Is Great

Joe is deeply committed to our work and has a fantastic background. In his four years at TpT, he has built and overseen multiple teams, and spearheaded TpT for Schools. Before TpT, Joe was an executive at WeddingWire, where he helped the company grow from a small start-up into a thriving company with over 300 employees. Before that, he worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Joe also has a great passion for education and the ways in which your work can transform student experiences. You’ll also love to know that he and his wife, Katie, are currently raising four school-age children, all of whom use TpT resources.

Many of you know Joe already  and I am excited for more of you to get to know him now.

What’s Exec Chair?

I am equally excited to become TpT’s Executive Chair. In that role, I’ll be leading our board of directors, sitting side by side with our founder, Paul. I will also be working on a variety of projects with Team TpT and our community. I’m as deeply committed to TpT as I’ve ever been. In fact, I’ve never been more excited for our future. I want to make it clear that I’m not leaving TpT. I love this company and I love this community. I am endlessly inspired by the work you all do. I’m just moving into a different role as we take the next step with TpT.

A Little Balance

Many Teacher-Authors have told me that the pressure is real — trying to keep up with work, resource creation, and family. I relate. Being CEO is a 24/7, year-round job. Frankly, after more than four years working day and night, I’m grateful to have a chance to be with my own family a bit more now. 

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been deeply honored to serve in the role of CEO for all these years. I am forever indebted to you all for your friendship, kindness, and inspiration. I cannot wait to serve you in my new role.

I hope you’ll now join me in welcoming Joe into the CEO role with the same warmth and enthusiasm as you did with me so many years ago.

My best,


Here’s a note from our Founder, Paul Edelman:

As the Founder of TpT, I couldn’t be happier to see Joe Holland take the reins. Joe is a man of unquestionably good character, a seasoned and strong leader of people and teams, and an all-around great person who gets things done. He’s been an integral and leading force behind creating the company that TpT is today, and Joe’s commitment to our mission will carry on the work that Adam has spearheaded so successfully. I’m very grateful that Adam will continue to support Joe, the business, and the community in his new role as Executive Chair. It’s an excellent example of a team doing what good teams do best: doing what’s best for the team! I couldn’t be more supportive and very much look forward to working with both Joe and Adam on the future of TpT. – Paul, TpT Founder Guy

Please take a moment to read this note from Joe, TpT CEO
You’ll also find a note from Amy, your Director of Seller Happiness, along with a Seller FAQ here on the Seller’s Forum.