Find 9 spectacular resources here, including poetry units, morning-work bundles, and unique ideas for celebrating the holidays. And be sure to head over to our other milestone post of the week to discover 10 more achievers and their superb resources. Go team!

Celebrating 9 More November Milestones

Hollie Griffith

1. Hello Hollie Griffith from Lexington, Kentucky

Try her: Holiday EXTRAVAGANZA

Her tip: “I LOVE teaching with a theme! Theme-teaching keeps my students engaged and having fun! This Holiday Extravaganza explores various cultures and holidays while reinforcing reading skills, strategies, and the Common Core Standards. It’s perfect for the month of December.”


TIPS 4 Teachers

2. Atlanta’s Russell and Kelli are TIPS 4 Teachers

Try their: Poetry Unit (Part 1 of 2) for Poetry Month: Lesson by Lesson Guide

Their tip: “Inspire your students with our best-selling upper elementary Poetry Unit. Check out other Reader’s and Writer’s units from 1st to 5th grade — from realistic fiction to fantasy to nonfiction. As iPads become more common in lower elementary classrooms, our ‘hot off the presses’ iPad Integration Units, designed specifically for 1st and 2nd grade, will help teachers make a smooth transition into the digital classroom. Move grammar instruction into the digital age with our highly engaging middle school Sentence Construction Units. Looking for great Reader’s Theatre scripts covering almost all of the major U.S. holidays? We have some hilarious options from which to choose. Our TIPS 4 Teaching TpT store prides itself in having a little of ‘the best of everything.'”


Chris and Debby

3. Congratulations, Chris and Debby

Try their: 3rd Grade Morning Work Year-Long Bundle {Common Core Aligned}

Their tip: “Start your days off right by getting your kids’ minds moving with some engaging morning work! Our 180-page pack is also perfect for early finishers or those that need a little extra practice at home. This versatile pack is designed for 3rd graders, but can be used as an extra challenge for 2nd graders, or excellent review and support for 4th graders. This is easy to use and comes with a complete answer key to provide teachers with everything they will need!”


Brooke Brown

4. Brilliantly done, Brooke Brown from Norman, Oklahoma

Try her: Customize Your Own WORD WORK Printables! {Edit with Any List}

Her tip: “This is one of my favorite new products! ‘Customize Your Own Word Work Printables’ contains a comprehensive, engaging set of Word Work activities that are completely CUSTOMIZABLE with any word list of 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, or 20 words. Just type in your OWN spelling words, sight words, or vocabulary words on any one of the 75 templates, print, and go! These printables are perfect for literacy centers, morning work, homework, early finishers, or differentiated instruction.”


LMN Tree

5. It’s Arlene Sandberg from Tallahassee, Florida — LMN Tree

Try her: New Year’s Traditions Around the World: Grades 2-3

Her tip: “This product integrates ELA standards through a thematic Social Studies unit about how different countries around the world celebrate the new year. Lots of fun, engaging activities to keep your students interested and motivated.”


Marie Andreu

6. Just amazing, Marie Andreu

Try her: Middle Grades ELA Common Core Toolbox: Printables for Nearly Every Standard

Her tip: “This resource can be used with any ELA curriculum, and provides activities for nearly every standard in grades 6-8.”


Fun To Teach

7. Greetings, Lori Wolfe in Ashland, Oregon — she’s Fun To Teach 

Try her: Irregular Past Tense Verb Game – Grammar and Vocabulary Unit Plan

Her tip: “This Irregular Past Tense Verb Game is a great ‘ticket out the door!’ The teacher reads a card such as ‘Today I eat, but yesterday I _____,’ and the student responds.”


Musical Magic

8. Jeri from Utah is Musical Magic — marvelous job

Try her: African Noel (Sing Noel) Voice, Percussion, Boomwhackers, Recorder, Uke

Her tip: “Use this flexible Musi-Kit to create a joyful and successful holiday performance. Each part of this kit can be taught and performed as a stand-alone piece or combined in a performance sequence to involve multiple skills, instruments, and abilities. Options include two vocal arrangements (simple and complex), a rhythmic chant for canon or ostinatos, music for recorder, boomwhacker accompaniment, ukulele chords, cultural connections, and teaching guide.”


Leah Chamberlin

9. From Kansas City, Missouri — it’s Leah Chamberlin 

Try her: Dictionary Skills Dictionary Daredevils Packet

Her tip: “Use this engaging resource to challenge students to become a ‘Dictionary Daredevil.’ You will love teaching this skill with the simple step-by-step process that this set provides!”


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the newest group of milestone achievers and the fantastic resources they’re showcasing. Don’t forget to head on over to Take Note of 10 Terrific Milestone Achievers blog post for more of this week’s achievers. Way to go!