Raise you had if you watched the TV show Eight Is Enough. Whoot-whoot (totally just dated myself there). These next Eight TpT Milestone Achievers are more than “enough.” They’re enough to make you proud to be a part of TpT!

Let’s celebrate 8 TpT Milestone Achievers as we continue September’s Milestone Mania.

8 – $20,000 TpT Milestone Achievers!

Judy Kvaale: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

1. Judy Kvaale comes to us from Wells Fargo, North Dakota where she runs her self-named store. Judy highlights her Inferencing Activity Pack and notes, “Inferencing is a very difficult skill for students to grasp. This packet is an effective tool to help your students. The teaching posters can be use to introduce inferencing. The practice sheets will help students transition from guided practice to working independently on this skill. The games/activities can be used as assessment tools or to give your students more practice.” Excellent!


Lavinia Pop: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

2. Lavinia Pop lives in Melbourne, Australia and teaches Pre-K and Kindergarten. Lavinia’s store features her Sight Words – Cut and Paste Worksheets (Pre-Primer Words). Her tip? “Try providing students with short attention spans worksheets that include varied tasks to teach that one skill/concept. It’s been my goal to make resources for children who, like my own son, find it difficult to do repetitive work.” We love it!

Check out Sight Words – Cut and Paste worksheets (Pre-Primer words) here.


Shannon Shelton Ganser: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

3. From Plain, Wisconsin we present Shannon Shelton Ganser.

Shannon likes to do hands-on activities with her kiddos and suggests her Peanut Butter Math Puzzles 2 CCSS Problem Solving Challenges-2nd Gr 2nd Qtr Pack and says, “Kids love numbers and challenges! Kids love Peanut Butter Puzzles! Peanut Butter Puzzles are a fun way for your students to problem solve, laugh, cooperate, and incorporate their mathematical knowledge while challenging their way of thinking. Change up your standard math curriculum by incorporating Peanut Butter Puzzles once a week into your routine. Give your students time to work on ALL Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.” Sweet!


A Teacher's Treasure: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

4. A Teacher’s Treasure is run by Mor Zrihen from Aventura, Florida.

Mor presents her Interactive Student Notebook of which she says, “The Interactive Student Notebook is a classroom staple. It’s the ultimate differentiating instruction and alternative assessment tool!!! Encourage students’ creativity as you cover your standards by allowing them to reflect on what they learned in their own individual unique ways.” Sounds fab!


Stephanie Stewart: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

5. Stephanie Stewart runs her TpT store out of Johnstown, Colorado. Stephanie says she loves teaching primary grades and suggests checking out her Science Units For The Common Core Classroom {Weather, Plants, and Matter}.

She declares, “Science has become one of my favorite places to teach many of our literacy and writing standards in a very hands-on and engaging way! Through these units I’m able to teach critical thinking, close reading of informational text, and guide students through informative, opinion, and shared research writing. I’ve created many materials to help teachers make their science units meaningful within the context of the Common Core and really integrate across subject areas.” Superb!


Wendy Hare: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

6. Centerville, Virginia is home to Wendy Hare. Wendy’s got your whole year covered with her K-1 Poetry Notebook – 44 Printable Poems and Fun Illustration Ideas.

She reflects, “As you start your new school year, this year-long product is a MUST-HAVE for K-1 teachers. Students LOVE going to the Poetry Notebook center. It’s a great way to practice reading, sight words, rhyming, concepts about print, and it makes a GREAT keepsake at the end of the year.”


Jan Lindley: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

7. Jan Lindley runs her synonymous store from the land of The Great Salt Lake — Utah, where she’s been teaching for 34 years!

Check out Jan’s Math Journal Notes and Anchor Charts. She tells us, “This product is a great supplement for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade math journals. Glue the mini-anchor chart on the left side of the two-page spread and have students add their own drawings, notes, and observations on the right. Enlarge the charts for display in the classroom. Students then have in their journals the very same charts that are hanging in the classroom!”


Trina R Dralus: Celebrate 8 Milestone Achievers

8. Trina Dralus has been teaching 2nd grade for 10 years and runs her TpT store, Trina R. Dralus out of Parrish, Florida.

Trina recommends her Common Core Folktales, Fairytales, Fables, Oh My! Unit of Study Unit 5 of which she says, “This product works great in a Reading Workshop and is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The point-of-view lessons allow readers to take a closer look at perspective to deepen the understanding of text.” Bang up job!


Fantastic work everyone! That’s all for this week, but don’t forget, September is Milestone Mania Month and we’re not even 1/2 way through this festive celebration. So keep your eyes peeled for another wave of TpT Milestone Achievers! And if you like what you see, be sure to follow these sellers.


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