Get ready to celebrate being 100 days smarter with these great ideas for marking the 100th day of school. They’re fun and educational!

10 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days!

1. Be a Superhero

Up up and away! Renee Dawn has a 100th Day of School – 100 Day Super Hero Mask, and First Grade Diva Creations saves the day with 100th Day of School Activities {Superhero Glyph} (grades K-2).

Mrs Miners Monkey Business likes the super hero theme, too: “We now celebrate like the super heroes we are on the 100th day by creating capes with 100 of something on them! It’s a family project, and I have a freebie that is the letter to send home. Plus, I have a kit that includes everything a teacher needs to set up the project: labels, notes, directions, special tips, writing extensions, as well as a super hero craftivity just for the 100th day!” See her 100th Day of School Superhero Cape Kid for a Family Project (grades PreK-3).

2. Count Your Snacks

In her blog Firstie Favorites, Nicole O’Connor talks about letting her kids choose 100 snacks — delicious! She says, “I had all of the snacks on the back table. Students went through the line with a cup and counted out 10 of each snack item. Then, they organized the snacks in the tens frames at their desks.”

3. Make Pictures Using “100”

Check out jivey‘s blog for fun happenings in her classroom. She recounts: “We made pictures using die cut 100s; it’s a great creativity activity. Students must use all three pieces in their picture, but they can do whatever they want with it.” Awesome stuff here!

4. Imagine Yourself at 100

It’s true: kids have distorted senses of age, but this one takes the cake! Jennifer from FirstGradeBlueSkies had one student who said that at 100, she’d work at the mall and another who said she’d look like Mrs. White! “Do I really look like that?!” asks Jennifer White. Read about the fun right here right here.

5. Bring in The Grannies

Kindergarten Smorgasboard says, “We LOVE  the 100th day! This year, we’ll be celebrating with grannies. Yep, grannies! We’ll use math and literacy centers that incorporate four little ladies that you might recognize…” Here’s his Granny Turns 100 resource (grades PreK-2).

6. Throw a Fashion Show

Maria Manore from Kinder Craze gets the parents in on the fun and lets the kids’ personalities shine! “On the 100th day, my students arrived at school dressed in style. Each child was given an at-home assignment to create a shirt decorated with 100 objects in preparation for the big day. This was a great way for them to work creatively with their parents and express their interests. The children showed off their newly created t-shirts during our classroom fashion show.”

7. Prematurely Age Your Students

From Cahill’s Creations: “Our kindergarten team will be joining our kiddos in dressing up as 100-year-olds. We did this last year, and it was so great to see how creative the parents were. Here’s a fun tip: Use the ‘Oldify’ app on your phone to take pictures of your class. It’s amazing!” Here’s her 100th Day of School – A Book of Fun! (grades PreK-1).

Or try a photo booth with props, suggests Kindergarten Squared in their blog K2. “For kiddos who didn’t dress up, we had a whole table full of  props that we created, printed, and hot- glued to sticks. We spread these out on a table, and students could choose what they wanted.”

8. Get a Workout Using Reps of 100

Shake off the winter doldrums, says Cap’n Pete’s PE! “During the 100th Day week, we love to move in many different ways using 100 repetitions as our goal for each movement. The kids have a blast and feel like they’ve really accomplished something… which they have! The 100 Days of School Movement Stations (grades PreK-6) are 20 fun-filled, 100-day themed station cards that you can use in your school gymnasium. Or they can be modified and performed in a smaller space such as a classroom or empty cafeteria.”

9. Find Out What Was Happening 100 Years Ago

Need something to mark the 100th day with high school students? History Gal suggests, “As a secondary history teacher, I’d never even heard of or thought of doing something on the 100th day of school until my daughter was in kindergarten and her class had a big 100th day event. So I decided to have some fun with it. On the 100th day of school, my high school students learn about some historical events that occurred 100 years ago.” Here’s the link to her What Happened 100 Years Ago in 1915? (grades 9-12) resource.

10. Make $100 Bills

Well, that would be illegal, but not if you do it like Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy. They say, “Students receive a large $100 bill template. They can paste or draw a picture of themselves in the center of the bill and then write four reflective statements about their school year in the four corners. Hang them around your room when students are finished. They can take them home as little memorabilia of their year.” Try their Happy 100! A Student Reflection Celebrating 100 (grades 1-9) resource.


Happy 100th Day of School! Find many more great products on TeachersPayTeachers, and be sure to let us know if you use any of these ideas by taking pictures and tagging @teacherspayteachers on Instagram!

(Thank you to The Candy Class for the background paper and Nicole O’Connor and jivey for the images pulled from their blog posts and used in the cover image.)