Ah-hem, testing-testing… You’ve got Nunavut, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Ontario, and British Columbia. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Youkon. Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. But do you recall the entity that encapsulates them all? Canada!

Happy 147th Canada. It must be all that fresh air and physical activity because, you look GREAT!

School’s Out And It’s Time To Celebrate

Canada Day is July 1, so the majority of folks are not in the classroom but celebrating with their friends and families. However, similar to the 4th of July in the U.S., the significance is taught all year long, while the day is spent observing and commemorating.

Addie Williams

Addie Williams confirms, “Canada Day is much like July 4th… just a few days earlier. We have BBQ’s, Canada Day fireworks, a national Canada Day celebration at Parliament Hill in Ottawa (capital of Canada) which is televised (lots of great celebrity appearances by bands and singers)… and generally just get out and enjoy the family events associated with a day off.” Here’s link to her FREE Canada Map Assignment.

Cinnamon’s Synonyms says, “School ends just before Canada Day weekend… so my plans include celebrating the end of school as well as Canada Day! We usually go to the local fair, go on some rides, have a picnic, and watch fireworks!! We might go to Niagara Falls if we feel brave enough to sit through some traffic!”

Room 213 from Prince Edward Island’s take: “It will be during my first official week off so no teaching for me! 150 years ago, the fathers of the confederation met here on PEI, so it’s going to be a whole summer of celebrations. Canada Day will be a huge party with lots of family activities and, of course, fireworks. Can’t wait!!”

Mrs W

Mrs W exclaims, “Canada Day is a day to wear our red and white and celebrate being Canadian!! My favourite part of the day is spending time with my family and the fireworks! My Canada Day Freebie includes writing prompts, Canadian symbols, a Canada Day KWL chart and more!!”

And here’s an Acrostic Poem you can do at home with your friends and family from Sandra Naufal who says, “Canada Day is always a fun time in Canada’s Capital City, Ottawa! We hold a huge celebration on Parliament Hill. It’s always an adventure to go downtown to see the fireworks display, multicultural fair and homegrown Canadian talent. The city comes alive with culture and diversity. This year, I plan to end our school year (June 27th) with a tribute to why it’s so rewarding to be a Canadian. My students will write an acrostic poem about why they are so proud of their country. Many come from a variety of countries so this will be a nice way to celebrate our gifts and contributions to Canadian society.”

Teach Canada Day All Year Long

The Third Grade Zoo

Check out the Canada Bundle from The Third Grade Zoo who says, “My school, like other schools is off for summer break. I usually teach about Canada throughout the year including: Canadian money, Canadian heroes, geography, symbolism, and First Nations People. My family always celebrates Canada Day on July 1! It usually includes us going to the waterfront where there are annual celebrations that include: concerts, vendors, and a giant cake. There are usually things for kids to do like kayak lessons, face painting, bouncy castles, and so on. Then later on in the evening we’ll watch the fireworks.”

secondgradealiciousAlso this from secondgradealicious, who teaches Canadian pride all year long, “We are not in school on Canada day but I teach about Canada Day earlier on in the year. My students learn about traditions and celebrations around the world and Canada Day is one that we research. My students fill out a graphic organizer in my Traditions and Celebrations Research Organizer Pack.”

Lifelong Learning has a Discover Canada: Graphic Organizer Research Activity and cheers, “Yay Canada! Being in the capital city I always head down the Rideau Canal to watch the fireworks on Parliament. School is off by then, but throughout the year it’s great to learn about all of Canada’s provinces and territories.”

The Significance of Canada Day

Tangstar Science makes a lovely point about Canada Day being a celebration of Family, Country, and Diversity. She says, “I came to Canada when I was 4 years old and ever since I’ve felt 100% Canadian. The immigrant experience is an integral narrative within the Canadian experience and I think more and more immigrants are embracing the dual nature of our identities. Here we call it the ‘cultural mosaic,’ where every culture can remain distinct and preserve its identity, but when you step back and see what each ’tile’ creates in the mosaic, it paints a beautiful picture of Canada. I am so proud and happy to be Canadian — GO CANADA! Much love!”

And La Classe de Madame Angel enthuses, “I love Canada Day! For my family, it is about being together to celebrate and be thankful that we live in such a wonderful country. We celebrate with a trip to the beach, BBQ and fireworks in the evening. One unique thing about Canada is that there are two official languages: English and French. I work as a primary French Immersion teacher and absolutely love the opportunity it gives me to work with children in the early stages of bilingualism.”


Thank you to all of our Canadian Teacher-Authors for their insights on Canada Day. There are lots more Canada specific and Canada Day resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

(Thanks Scrappin Doodles for the Canada Day Kids Clip Art and Lifelong Learning for the map of the Canadian Provinces)