Here’s a roundup of super-cool games (for elementary through high school) that will have students moving, jumping, laughing, and learning right up until the very last day of school. Scavenger hunts, SCOOT, relay races, and more — bring on the fun!

End-Of-Year Games Galore

“Technology-based games are a great option! This PowerPoint basketball game (grades PreK-1) can be played with the whole class. Students will love trying to make baskets while reading sight words.” – Early Core Learning

End of the Year Activities Sight Words PowerPoint Game“Students will make a SPLASH practicing basic addition with this fun and free summer-themed game. Take a look: Splash! {A 0-10 Addition Game} (grades K-1).” – Mrs Roltgen

“Our last days of school are all about games! We find that by disguising the learning as ‘fun and games’, our students stay interested and engaged until the last school bell before summer rings! Here’s a blog post that shares a few of our favorite end-of-year activities. The activities in the post come from this resource (grades K-2). ” – Fluttering Through First Grade

Math Review“I’ve got a Math Review SCOOT Game (grades 1-3) that covers a bunch of math skills while students move all around the room!” – Mrs Beattie’s Classroom

“My Lemonade Stand File Folder Game (grades 2-4) is sweet practice with computation, money, making change, and working cooperatively. My students loved playing this last summer for extra math practice!” – Emily Gibbons The Literacy Nest

“My Team Building Task Cards (grades 2-5) describe 20 outdoor games that are perfect for winding down at the end of the school year, while still helping students practice teamwork and cooperation.” – The Brighter Rewriter

Brain Breaks“This Brain Breaks resource (grades 2-6) — filled with games, videos, songs, and exercises — is great for getting the wiggles out!” – Book Buddies

“I’ve found that one of the best ways to get my students motivated and focused at the end of the year is to have a photo scavenger hunt (grades 3-5). There are so many possibilities! Give small groups a camera or a tablet, and send them out to investigate real-world math (or any subject). Here’s a blog post explaining how a photo scavenger hunt can be used in any subject and any grade.” – TGIF Third Grade is Fun

Order of Operations Math Tag RelayOrder of Operations Math Tag Relay (grades 5-8) is a great way to practice solving order-of-operations problems while having fun. You’ll need a large space for this, so just move the desks to the side or go outside to play.” – Misty Miller

Bouge Avec Le Passé Composé“Take your French students outside (or to the gym or cafeteria if it’s raining) to play this fast action race to recreate sentences in the past tense (grades 6-12). A different person must hold each word card to form the sentence, which requires all students to participate. But be careful: This game is a FAVORITE, and your students will beg to play it again and again!” – Madame H

¡Cucharas! Spoons Game for Present Tense of Regular AR/ER/IR Verbs“Get some of the energy out AND give students a great review of topics covered this year before sending them off to the next level of Spanish with a lively and engaging game of Cucharas or Spoons! Here’s a link to my present tense version (grades 9-12) that my Spanish 1 students played this week (woohoo!) and the custom category that includes all of them.” – La Profe Plotts


“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” – Randy Pausch