Rachel Lynette Achieves

the 500K TpT Milestone!

You read that right! What a huge achievement — as Rachel pointed out, “It’s a long way between 75K and 500K!” No kidding.

Rachel Lynette: Big Milestone Achievement News

Rachel is from Bothell, Washington and has written over 100 nonfiction books for children. She says, “My store really took off when I started creating task cards. Before that, I had tried creating many different types of products — games, worksheets, PowerPoints etc. While many of those are great products, I feel like I have found my niche with the task cards. I love creating them and I love knowing that kids love using them. So, my advice to other sellers is to find what YOU love to create and then develop your own, unique style.”

1. Rachel Lynette

Try her: Informational Text (Nonfiction) Question Cards for Any Text CCSS Aligned

Rachel Lynette’s tip: “You can use these 47 question cards again and again through out the year in a variety of ways — as writing prompts, in discussion groups, at centers, etc.”

$75,000 TpT Milestone Achiever

Jen Bengel: Big Milestone Achievement News

2. Jen Bengel from Alabama

Try her: Interactive Notebook: 3rd Grade Reading Literature {Cover Every Grade 3 RL CCSS}

Jen Bengel’s tip: “Interactive notebooks can be used in all aspects of the reading workshop. Keep the interaction between the students, the teacher, classmates, and the text with these CCSS lessons!”

$20,000 TpT Milestone Achiever

Leanne Prince: Big Milestone Achievement News

3. Leanne Prince from Kansas

Try her: Sticky Note Reading Strategies

Leanne Prince’s tip: “One of my favorite products I’ve ever created is my Sticky Note Reading Strategies Pack! I love, love, love this because my students always get excited to use their reading strategies because they get to use fun, colorful sticky notes! Kids love bright colors, as do I, so I always try to have sticky notes in fun colors on hand. I love that the pages in my pack give a place for students to place their stickies and allow them to apply the reading strategy. It really seems to click for them!”


Elementary Elle: Big Milestone Achievement News

4. Elle Thomas is Elementary Elle

Try her: Digraph Differentiated Word Work Bins {Ch, Ph, Sh, Th, Wh}

Elementary Elle’s tip: “My goal is to provide teachers with materials that meet the needs of all the students in their classroom. The items in this pack are divided into three ability levels, and includes games, activities, a story, assessment, class poster, and printables; all pertaining to words containing ‘h’ digraphs. Giving students choices helps to keep them motivated and engaged! Stuff your word work bins with plenty of activities, and let them pick-and-choose.”


Nicole and Eliceo: Big Milestone Achievement News

5. Nicole and Eliceo from Yucatan Mexico

Try their: Kindergarten RTI Complete Pack (Letter identification, sounds, & sight words)

Nicole and Eliceo’s tip: “Interventions should be fun and interactive. In our packs you will find hands-on, differentiated activities and games. Just pick and choose the ones you want to meet the needs of your struggling learners.”


Aimee Salazar: Big Milestone Achievement News

6. Aimee Salazar from Nevada

Try her: Spiders! {An Integrated Unit} – Common Core Aligned

Aimee Salazar’s tip: “This unit was designed with both the CCSS and thematic teaching in mind, which means that the various  activities included in the pack could be used during Science, Reading, and/or Writing, depending upon the flexibility offered by your school/district.”


Dwayne Kohn: Big Milestone Achievement News

7. Dwayne Kohn from Oceanside, CA

Try his: Prefixes & Suffixes Flip Booklets

Dwayne Kohn’s tip: “I find that students learn much faster using flip booklets than simple fill-in-the-blank worksheets.”


Michaela Peterson: Big Milestone Achievement News

8. Michaela Peterson from Idaho

Try her: Amazing Habits and Leadership MEGA Bundle (7 Habits Inspired)

Michaela Peterson’s tip: “Use this product during writing or reading workshop time to teach kids important habits they’ll keep for life!”


Susan Hardin: Big Milestone Achievement News

9. Susan Hardin from Georgia 

Try her: Government Responsibilities: Local, State and National

Susan Hardin’s tip: “Want your kiddos to get the most out of your instruction? We all do! My students love social studies in my classroom. One primary reason is because of the interactive activities I include in my units. In this unit, they love getting with a partner or two and playing the board game, Who’s Responsibility Is It?”