Confetti for Cara Carroll —

She Made the 500K Milestone!

Applause, applause, applause for October Milestone Achievers including… Cara Carroll!

She calls Texas home, has taught for over 12 years, and has enjoyed every one of them. “I absolutely love teaching and can’t imagine doing anything else. God has truly blessed me with the best job in the world… and TpT is the icing on the cake. If I could give any advice to other sellers it would be to stay true to what you know and what you love to create.” 🙂

Cara Carroll: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

1.  Cara Carroll from Cove, Texas

Try her: Write on! {20 Math & Literacy Write the room Activities- October Edition}

Her tip: “I love this packet because it gives my kids the chance to get up and move around while they’re learning… and what Kindergartner doesn’t love getting up and moving around?! It’s a win-win… for teachers & for kids!”


Two $75,000 October Milestone Achievers from Ohio!

Common Core and So Much More: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

2.  Melissa from Ohio is Common Core and So Much More

Try her: Science Interactive Notebook Templates – {187 Foldable Flip Books}

Common Core and So Much More’s tip: “These flip books can be used in a file folder to create a lap book on various science topics, or use them in conjunction with your interactive notebooks. Because most of the flip books are left blank on the inside, it will allow you to fully customize each flip book to whatever curriculum or grade you teach. Students can choose to write definitions, draw pictures, or write examples, which makes it a fantastic tool for differentiation!”


Erin Morrison: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

3.  Erin Morrison from Ohio

Try her: Now Showing… {A Unit on Showing not Telling in Writing}

Erin Morrison’s tip: “Get your students up and moving while learning! This unit includes a ‘Feelings Charades’ game that helps students understand how to show not tell in their writing. Your students’ writing will be much more interesting after teaching this unit!”


$20,000 October Milestone Achievers

MiddleSchoolTeacher: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

4.  MiddleSchoolTeacher from B.C., Canada

Try her: Edgar Allan Poe- Raven, Tell Tale Heat, Black Cat- Complete Unit

MiddleSchoolTeacher’s tip: “This package provides students with everything they need to complete a unit on classic tales by Edgar Allen Poe! All activities are classroom tested and include creative handouts, templates, detailed instructions, and rubrics. Full text versions of the short stories and poem needed for this unit are included in this package. While this unit works anytime of the year, I love to do it around Halloween. Use the completed movie poster and comic strip projects as spooky hallway displays!”


Classroom Complete Press: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

5.  Paul Laporte from California is Classroom Complete Press

Try his: Frindle Gr. 3-4

Classroom Complete Press’ tip: “All of our Literature Kits™ provide chapter questions and accompanying EZ Marking™ Answer Key for ease of use by both teachers and students alike. Vocabulary, short answer, crossword, word search, comprehension quiz, and hands-on activities help engage the students as they focus on their reading comprehension skills. A teacher guide provides helpful tips for the teacher.”


Rockin Resources: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

6.  Rockin Resources from North Carolina

Try her: Interactive Writing Notebook Grade 4 with ALL Common Core Writing Standards

Rockin Resources’ tip: “Interactive Writing Notebooks are not only engaging for students, but offer such an effective resource. Paragraph writing is the focus for the first month. This will give students a solid understanding of complete sentences, sentence structure, topic sentences, relevant details, and clinchers. Narrative Writing is next where I introduce all of the writing mini-lessons necessary for writing a 5-page paper. It may take several weeks to complete the first essay, but it is worth every minute! It gives students a foundation for the year.

Once all of the mini-lessons are introduced, students may refer back to them when working on different writing pieces. Teachers can also refer back to these lessons and add a few lessons to fit the next assignment. In my class, we move from Narrative to Opinion to Informational Writing. It doesn’t take nearly as long to complete essays after the first one is completed.”


Teacher Addict: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

7.  Teacher Addict from North Carolina

Try her: 4th Grade Daily Math Morning Work Whole Year Practice All Common Core

Teacher Addict’s tip: “I think it is very important to continually review and preview math concepts throughout the year. My morning work products (2nd grade — 5th grade) offer a spiral review to help you reach all of the Common Core on a continual basis so that you can see how your students are progressing week to week. They also offer a challenge problem for your more advanced learners, and each week conveniently fits on one page! These are offered for the whole year, by semester, or by quarter. I use this every day myself, and it is by far my favorite product I have created!”


Amy D: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

8.  Amy Montana is Amy D

Try her: 16 Common Core Math Scoot Activities for 2nd Grade!

Amy D’s tip: “These scoot activities are perfect for reviewing key standards throughout the year AND the students think it’s a game! I have versions for 1st and 3rd graders in my store as well.”


Creekside Teacher Tales: Applause for October's Milestone Achievers

9.  Tracy from Maryland is Creekside Teacher Tales

Try her: Buddy Binder {Math & ELA}

Creekside Teacher Tales’ tip: “My ELA & Math Buddy Binders are just what every 1st through 4th grade teacher needs to offer differentiated extended activities and games. For successful use in your classroom, introduce these activities to your students with your expectations first — then offer these as early finisher or reward activities!”

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