This holiday season is yours. How will you make it matter? Maybe you’d like to be more present, selfless, or creative. Perhaps you’d like to be more fun, friendly, or charitable. On our social media accounts, we asked you to think about what you’d like to be this holiday season, fill in the below image, and repost to your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BeTheSeason. We then encouraged you to share photos, stories, and anecdotes of you turning those visions into reality! 

So many of you have been participating in the challenge, and we love following along. If you haven’t yet done yours, feel free to do so now — we’ll be sharing and reposting through the beginning of 2016!

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Since “be present” is one of the most popular among the participants so far, we asked, “What does it mean to be truly present this holiday season?” We’d love for you to get in on the conversation by adding your answer here!

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Mrs Renz Class


  • “Don’t get caught up in all the holiday and end-of-term preparations. Instead, continue your focus on the lessons, and more importantly, on the students themselves.” – Michelle Frazier McClave
  • “To me, it means to really think about what is important and what can wait. To prioritize. We all have certain things we need to do but in the big scheme of things, the memories we make and the time we spend with the ones we love is what counts.” –The Teacher Next Door
  • “Being aware that the added excitement of this time of year can lead to faster meltdowns, especially for little ones. Being present is reading their cues and being okay with leaving events early (or skipping them altogether) if you have a highly sensitive child <3” – Meredith Anderson 
  • “It means to give of yourself to me. I like to call it the gift of time. I will be spending some time with my mom — who is in a care home — and my family. I also think being present during the holiday season is to enjoy all the little moments that make up the season not rush around in stress and focus on tangible things.” – The Write Stuff
  • “To me, it means to show my girls how special it is to take the time to make something special with their own two hands for those they love. It’s not only thoughtful, but from a selfish point of view, these are my favorite gifts to receive, so I believe others would feel the same.” – Nitty Gritty Science



Simply Special Ed


  • “I have started saying no to things — everything involves opportunity cost. If I say yes to one thing, I’m saying no to another thing. So when given the option of a night of games with my kids and husband or another event, I’m picking games with the kids. I feel like time is creeping away from me and I want to soak up every last drop of these years with them at home. I leave my phone in another room when we have family game night so I’m not distracted. It helps me focus on what really matters: my kids.” – Kimberly Geswein Fonts
  • “For me, being present this holiday season means giving myself permission to take time off from my work, so I can live some memorable moments with my family. I was doing some thinking the other day, and I thought to myself, I would regret not taking time off to be present with my family. I only get so many Christmases with my son as a child. Being present for that is the greatest gift I can give him. ” – The Candy Class
  • “This year I’m involving my children more in the giving part of our Christmas. Because of TpT, we are able to adopt two families! They are getting to see first hand what a giving heart can do. We are so blessed. Merry Christmas, my friends.” – Melonheadz
  • “I turn my phone (and all electronics) off for an hour each night. During that time we decorate, bake, read Christmas stories, or play a game. It has helped our family really focus on making memories and shut out all the distractions.” – Math Mojo
  • “To be present, we must be still and quiet among the Christmas hustle and bustle. It’s important to “be present” with the world around us as we (teachers) get a few weeks away from the chaos. Take a walk outside, find a quiet trail, breathe in the cool air, and just be present in that moment. That’s what this season is all about. Enjoy and be thankful for all of our blessings. When we sit back and listen, we understand the meaning of life and the holiday season.” – Kayse Morris


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Sunshine and Lollipops