Earlier this month, we started a conversation about setting intentions in order to get the most out of this holiday season. We often hear people say they’d like to be more giving, more patient, more grateful — but turning those intentions into actions is something that should be celebrated and acknowledged. We asked you to fill in the blanks on the below image, and repost to your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BeTheSeason. We then encouraged you to share photos, stories, and anecdotes of you turning those visions into reality! 

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Gratefulness is something that should be felt all year ’round, but sometimes it isn’t recognized until Thanksgiving arrives. We asked you what it means to be grateful and what you’re grateful for as we enter into the craziness that is bound to ensue in the days leading up to Christmas.

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Ellen Weber – Brain based tasks for upper grades 

  • “I’m so grateful for my new position. I am so happy! I am so unbelievably grateful to be given another chance to do what I love.” – Renata Gajardo-Vargas
  • “I am SO grateful for my children’s school! My children have such caring teachers! Being a mom of two kids with IEPS — this is the most important thing that affects my child’s ability to learn at school. I am thankful for our health. Life is so fragile and we are trying to stop and appreciate each day! I am thankful for my online community! I am surrounded by amazing kindergarten teachers virtually who inspire each other, share with each other, and are just there for each other when we need it!” – Simply Kinder
  • Grateful to have a job with wonderful benefits and that we have settled our contract for the next five years already!” – Sharon Crichley Spadaro

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– Marilyn of all grades

  • I am grateful for my amusing sons, my generous sweetie, my dear friends, and, of course, TpT, because HELLO. I am SO grateful for all the wisdom TpT brings to kids and all the joy it brings to both teachers and students. It’s like a miracle! Years ago I wrote a song when my bubble burst while living in Jerusalem and I got a clue. Who knew that years later, because of TpT, I could be opening the hearts of kids in that same way with that same song… SO grateful! And TpT does that every day — for so many. Mind-boggling.” – I am Bullyproof Music
  • Every day I look at my children I’m grateful! I was told by doctors I would probably not be able to have and carry children. I have two amazing teenagers.” – Vicky McGarvey Moore
  • “Our God, country, my family, coworkers, students, and my job teaching students and changing the future.” -Melanie Ebersole
  • “To reflect on my life, what I have accomplished this year, obstacles my family has overcome and how thankful I am for my family. To ‘be grateful’ for me is to not take for granted each day I have. I am grateful that I have an opportunity to make a difference even if it’s just with a smile, my time, or love.” – Michelle Sanchez
  • “I’m grateful to be alive!” – Vickie Stutzman