We’ve got oodles and oodles of terrific resources to check out in this week’s Resource Round-Up. Now’s your chance to stock up on some great back-to-school deals and freebies; feel that much more prepared when you walk back into the classroom to greet your new batch of kiddos. Check out songs, centers, and sight word fluency just to name a few — half of them are free! 

Get to Know Your Teacher + Get to Know Your Students by Mandy Lopez–The 4th Grade Journey


“Relationships are a must in the classroom. This resource allows teachers and students to get to know each other in a fun and interactive way!”

Task Cards Bundle {188 Cards!} by Mandy Lopez–The 4th Grade Journey

“Students need opportunities to interact with text in fun, engaging ways. These ELA task cards with accompanying game boards are perfect for just that.”

Morning Songs FREEBIE by Sarah Gardner


“This collection of uplifting morning songs will create a positive atmosphere in the classroom from the moment students walk through the door.”

Character Education Parent Letters Bundle by Sarah Gardner

“This bundle of character education parent letters will bridge the gap between home and school. Parents will gain valuable insight into ways they can help their child develop socially.”  

FREEBIE!! Digraph Mini Unit {sh,ch,th,wh} by Mrs V’s Chickadees


“This resource helps students identify, blend, and read consonant digraphs.”

Phonics & ELA Centers for the Year: 35 Weeks of Centers by Mrs V’s Chickadees

“This resource is jam- packed with differentiated hands-on centers to help students master all of the phonics skills necessary to become amazing readers and writers!”

Don’t Chomp the Pencils: A Classroom Management Strategy by Heather’s Heart


“Having a fun ‘visitor’ send a letter to the class hooks them for the lesson. This is a fun and engaging way to establish classroom expectations at the beginning of the year.”

What’s in the Backpack: A Back to School Inference Mission by Heather’s Heart

“Inferring is very difficult for young readers. Students will go on a top secret mission to solve riddles and use their schema about back to school supplies. Solving riddles is a great way for young readers to begin to infer.”

Sleepy Hollow Writing Prompt by Caramel Apple Teacher


“The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a highly engaging text to practice close reading in the fall. Now add practicing evidence-based opinion writing to your unit! With clear student planning guides, editing forms, and differentiated rubrics, students will practice supporting claims with evidence from the text.”

Bell Work Language Arts Yearlong Workbook: Middle Grades {Common Core Skills} by Caramel Apple Teacher

“Bell work is a great tool to allow students to be repeatedly exposed to standards based skills that may not be the main focus of a classroom unit. Help your students practice and review a wide range of concepts each week including: grammar, spelling, word play, vocabulary development, classification skills, resource use, figurative language examples, editing & revising, literary terms and analogies. All files are editable to allow teachers to customize individual student and classroom needs.”

Accountable Math Talk Questions Posters – Common Core SMPs by 24-7 Teacher


“These posters stems are used in the math block when students are explaining, justifying, and critiquing other students’ problem solving. Students use them to help formulate conversations about concepts while looking at other students’ strategies.”

Multiplication Fact Incentive – Memorize & Increase Fluency – Movie Celebration by 24-7 Teacher

“This motivates students to learn the multiplication facts, become fluent, and be enthusiastic about the process! The complete package is differentiated for students as they learn and master the facts at their own pace.”

Random Acts of Magic – Creative, Calm Curriculum by MJcreations


“This fun, engaging script shows how two boys use magic to turn fury into friendship! This freebie is one of 5 scripts in the, Essence of Yoga Unit.”

Essence of Yoga – Curriculum for a Creative, Calm Classroom by MJcreations

“This 30-week curriculum unit brings the Essence of Yoga into the classroom with a combination of the physical, mental, and emotional aspect of this ancient art. Fun, engaging activities allow students to learn to manage emotions, build community, and bring awareness to the body through movement activities.”

Sight Word Fluency Sentences {Freebie!} by Heidi Neels


“Sight words are so important in the primary grades! Many of our early reader books are mainly composed of sight words. Instead of teaching sight words in isolation, this helps you to teach them in the context of a sentence!” 

Editable Student Daily Behavior Charts & Data Recording Graph by Heidi Neels

“We all have a student that seems to set the temperature for the rest of the class. This chart creates clear expectations and opens positive communication between the teacher, student, and parents!”

How to Go Digital in the Kindergarten Classroom by Della Larsen’s Class


“Are you ready to try Google Classroom? This video will walk you through all the steps to get you ready to go digital this year. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be glad you tried it.” 

Back to School Digital Pack by Della Larsen’s Class


“Learning about letters and their features is crucial to being a successful reader. This Google Classroom digital packet gives kids an opportunity to learn about the alphabet.” 

8 Free Cue Cards: Visuals for Students with Autism by Caroline Koehler


“Use visual cue cards to help your students with autism or communication disorders/language delays communicate more effectively at school. These visuals will aide all students in effectively understanding teachers’ requests and questions.”

Effective Behavior Management Bundle:Printables for Autism, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD by Caroline Koehler

“Found within this behavior bundle are all of the tools a teacher needs to establish effective behavior management within the classroom. Effective for students with disabilities, including autism, ADD, and ADHD, and behavior challenges these printables will allow you to conduct a positive behavior program.”  

**Free** Nonfiction Text Features Graphic Organizers by The Sassy Sub


“With these graphic organizers, students will be able to explore and understand the importance of utilizing nonfiction text features while they read.”

Reading Comprehension Skills Graphic Organizers BUNDLE includes Nine CCSS Skills by The Sassy Sub

“This resource will help engage your students in dissecting both fiction and nonfiction texts throughout the year! These graphic organizers cover 9 crucial reading skills and can be paired with any book or text.”

SEL Character Education Freebie! Rise to Success “Grit” Milestone Celebration! by Pamela Moeai


“If I could teach my students one thing it would be how to find, develop, and nurture GRIT from within! This SEL “Rise to Success” poster, stamp card, and motivational video links will help students get GRITTY!”

Assessment Strategies! EAA – Engaging Alternative Assessments for Ages 9-11! by Pamela Moeai

“Are you looking for different ways to assess your students’ knowledge? Engaging Alternative Assessments (EAA) is an ‘evergreen’ resource filled with over 40 assessment strategies. Assessment choice cards with both print and digital formats are included! Just posted in July!”

Volume – INTERACTIVE Slides for your Technology Integrated Classroom! by The Teacher down the Hall


Practice finding the volume of prisms as an instructional tool on a smartboard, use in a center on computers or tablets, or assign as independent practice. Great use of technology in your math class!

Grammar, Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation – 4 Classroom Editing Games! by The Teacher down the Hall

“Quiz your students on the spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar rules they’ve been learning. They’ll have so much fun that they will actually beg to play again and again!”

Read Aloud Lesson Plan: Lilly’s Big Day by LisaTeachR’s Classroom


“Do you need an interactive read-aloud lesson plan using the gradual release of responsibility? I provided stopping points and modeled thinking while focusing on the comprehension strategy of activating and connecting to background knowledge.”

Wonder by RJ Palacio- A guide to close reading this text by LisaTeachR’s Classroom

“Do you really want to get to know Auggie, Jack, Julian and Charlotte? This is not a traditional novel study — this is for diving deep into close reading and making inferences from the text!”