My-o-my! These folks are burning up the charts. We’ve had so many milestone achievers we felt the need to break them into two posts. One post features primary grade Teacher-Authors while this post features secondary Teacher-Authors as well as speech language pathologists, Special Education teachers, artists, and music teachers.

Congratulations — Y’all deserve a round of applause.

Back to School Milestone Extravaganza — 10 Secondary and Specialist Teacher-Authors

Ryan Murphy

1. Meet Ryan Murphy from New Hampshire

Try his: Science Curriculum (4 Years) 20 Units, 50,000+ Slides, HW Much More

His tip: “My teaching tip for this curriculum is to have fun and relax. Teaching and learning should be enjoyable for all. Hopefully I have achieved this goal. Thank you again to everyone in the TpT community.”


Nicole Allison

2. From Ohio, it’s Nicole Allison

Try her: Social Group Curriculum for Middle and High School Students

Her tip: “As an educator, I can sometimes get stuck in the ‘here and now.’ However, teaching social skills can have a lasting impact on students that goes far beyond the classroom. This packet contains everything from starting your first social group to providing engaging and organized lessons (with all materials needed) for 20 sessions. Real-life, meaningful topics such as learning about how to communicate on social media, fill out job applications, and interpret sarcasm, are sure to capture your students’ attention!”



3. Say Hello to mskcpotter from Virginia

Try her: Entire English Curriculum now Common Core Aligned

Her tip: “I work hard to integrate technology and fun into my lessons! I love to use Prezis, Wikis, songs, and movie clips in my classroom (my kids seem to like it too!). It took three years, but I created an entire English curriculum so other teachers can share that fun with their students, too!”


The Creative Classroom

4. Louisiana’s Stephanie Harpole runs The Creative Classroom

Try her: Student Data Folder-Goal Setting, Data Tracking Charts, and Self Reflections

Her tip: “Students setting their own goals and tracking their progress allows them to become invested in their learning. While it can help instill pride and confidence in some students, be careful to not let it negatively affect struggling students. It’s extremely important to let your students know that learning is a process and not an overnight event with immediate results. One of the easiest ways to get your students to buy into that message is to celebrate all student growth and successes, no matter how big or small.”


Speech Therapy

5. Welcome Speech Therapy from Oregon

Try her: Speech Therapy Weekly Homework Bundle: Language, Articulation, & Social Skills

Her tip: “Here’s a great way to get parents involved in their child’s therapy. This product includes a complete 10-month bundle for language students, articulation students, and social skills students. The bundles can be mixed and matched to be individualized for each of your students. Simply have the parent sign each week’s homework page and reward the student with a sticker or stamp. It’s that simple!”


Teaching Special Thinkers

6. Introducing Gabrielle Dixon from North Carolina — Teaching Special Thinkers

Try her: The Special Educator’s Everything Binder

Her tip: “Special Education teachers don’t have time in their days to be disorganized. In this resource, I’ve compiled all the forms I use throughout the year to stay on top of all my paperwork, meetings, and everyday tasks, so that I can give total focus to my students. It’s completely customizable, so you can use the different pages to create a binder to fit your own individual classroom needs, with all your personal information typed in.”



7. Say Hello to Partner Store BookRags from Seattle, Washington

Try their: Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt Lesson Plans

Their tip: “Offer brief quizzes after each reading assignment to ensure students are keeping up!”


Middle School Math

8. Hello Mark Tully from California — Middle School Math

Try his: 6th Grade Math Common Core Warm-Up Program

His tip: “I love to begin my math classes with five carefully crafted problems that help students to consistently review the Common Core Standards throughout the year in only a few minutes a day. Warm-Ups also help create a calm environment in the first few minutes of class where teachers can quickly take roll or check homework. I’ve found that by using warm-ups most days in my classroom, I’m able to cover the key Common Core Math Standards multiple times throughout the school year. This obviously helps students learn and retain key math concepts. Last summer I wrote the 6th and 7th grade Warm-Up Programs to use in my classroom, and this summer I’m completing 5th and 8th grade.”


Music With Sara Bibee

9. Introducing Kentucky’s Music with Sara Bibee

Try her: Music Jeopardy- MineSTAFF: Treble Clef

Her tip: “This is an awesome game designed in a Jeopardy format for team play, or just a fun review. This makes for a great assessment for learning the pitches of the staff, and can also serve as a reward day activity while the students are still learning. There are follow-along worksheets included for all students to stay engaged at all times. To see a video of how the game works, let Sara Bibee explain it for you in this YouTube tutorial!


Tanya Rae Designs

10. Meet Tanya Wiitala from Wisconsin — Tanya Rae Designs

Try her: Planner / Organizer Binder – Chalkboard & Brights {2014 – 2015}

Her tip: “Starting out the school year organized is probably every teacher’s goal. In the beginning, it seems easy and almost fun! After a few weeks however, paperwork begins to pile up, to-do lists and schedules become misplaced, and it starts to feel like you’re just trying to keep your head above water. I created my Planner & Organizer Binder to help keep myself organized and sane ALL school year, and it has since become my #1 organizational tool. The planner is filled with valuable forms, checklists, lesson planning pages, calendars, and much more. It’s incredibly user-friendly with a table of contents that will take you to any page in the file with just one click. It’s also a customizable, ‘forever’ planner. Once you purchase, you receive free updates for life!”


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