It’s a milestone celebration to the max! With a whopping 25 new milestone achievers this week (wahoo!), we decided to separate the announcement into two posts. This one features 15 primary grade Teacher-Authors, while the other post features a total of 10 secondary teachers, speech language pathologists, Special Education teachers, artists, and music teachers. Congratulations to each and every one of you on a job well done. It’s a true back-to-school milestone extravaganza!

Back-to-School Milestone Extravaganza — 15 Primary Grade Teacher-Authors

Kim Adsit: Teachers Pay Teachers
1. Congratulations to Kim Adsit from Georgia

Try her: Small Group Math DI Easy as Pie, Unit 1 Geometry by K.Adsit and M. Scannell

Her tip: “The brain learns by pattern but seeks novelty. With that idea in mind, Michele and I planned this first unit in our series. It allows us to include differentiated small group lessons within the framework of Math Workshop. The activities provide the novelty, and the workshop framework provides the pattern! But who has time to plan these different activities for each of their differentiated groups? That’s why these activities are designed so that we can take one activity and teach it three different ways… for our intervention group, for our ‘on target’ group, and for our kids who need an extra challenge. That equals less work for teachers and ‘spot on’ activities for our kids!”


Ashley Reed: Teachers Pay Teachers
2. Also from Georgia, it’s Ashley Reed

Try her: Read and Writes Yearly Bundle {Daily Fluency Passages Plus Writing Prompts}

Her tip: “I use these in my guided reading groups to encourage students in sight word and vocabulary development, comprehension, and responding to a variety of writing prompts. Other teachers have remarked how much they love these for morning work or homework. They’re ideal for 1st or 2nd grade, and they progress in difficulty throughout the year.”


Class of Kinders: Teachers Pay Teachers
3. Kudos to Florida’s Robin Harrington – she runs Class of Kinders

Try her: Back to School with Character {Posters} for Kindergarten and First Grade

Her tip: “As we head back to school for another amazing year, getting right to the academics is important! But as a teacher of young children, I find it equally as important to take time to teach those social skills to promote an atmosphere of taking care of oneself, each other, and our school. These character posters are fabulous to help generate conversations about classroom expectations and then to hang up as a reference and reminder all year long.”


The Teacher Next Door: Teachers Pay Teachers

4. Jenn Larson from California is The Teacher Next Door

Try her: Brain Breaks: Games, Exercises, and Creative Movement for Better Learning

Her tip: “Kids really benefit from frequent brain breaks to help them regain focus and be better learners! The time you spend on a brain break will be given back to you ten-fold! I really love these Brain Break task cards, and with over 250 activities, they’re something I can use every day.”


Jessica Tobin: Teachers Pay Teachers

5. Congrats to Kentucky’s Jessica Tobin

Try her: Nonfiction Close Reading (30 Weeks of Informational Passages)

Her tip: “This product includes 30 weeks of informational passages. Close Reading is a new strategy in reading that requires students to read a passage several times, each time looking for something specific. In my close reading product, the passages come with four days of work: annotation day, vocabulary day, text-based questions day, and a writing day. The students will love the real photographs and non-fiction stories.”


Stephanie Stewart: Teachers Pay Teachers

6. It’s Stephanie Stewart from Colorado

Try her: Common Core Writing Galore All Year

Her tip: “I’ve found that providing choice is a key element in motivating young authors to write! These monthly writing prompts are a staple in my writing center all year long. They bring the perfect combination of choice and structure to my students’ independent writing time. The students get to select the topics that are meaningful to them. As a teacher, I rest easy knowing my students are still meeting the standards and practicing a variety of writing types every week.”


Joey Udovich: Teachers Pay Teachers

7. Applause for Pennsylvania’s Joey Udovich

Try her: Interactive Writing Center: Grades 3-6

Her tip: “I recommend finding as many ways as you can to free up some of your teaching time so you can focus on truly individualized instruction. My Interactive Writing Center is an absolute work of heart, and something that I am so proud of. I created it so that your kiddos can learn, create, and produce a product without completely relying on you… the teacher! This has personally allowed me a great deal of time with one-on-one and small group support in my classroom, and it’s been something that my kids look forward to and more importantly LEARN so much from. Being effective doesn’t always have to mean that you’re front and center all the time. If you have a classroom that functions for your kiddos, then you’re on the right track!”


Bow Tie Guy: Teachers Pay Teachers

8. James Horton from Georgia is Bow Tie Guy

Try his: American Revolution BUNDLED! {Differentiated Close Reading Passages & Questions}

His tip: “My American Revolution bundled pack features differentiated reading passages for 19 various historical figures and colonial life concepts. There are three different levels included, along with comprehension questions, fill-in- the-blank questions, and a writing topic for each passage. I use these passages with my students in several ways: as close reading during guided reading groups, as social studies homework, as review before tests, or even as a quick reading assessment. My passions are social studies and science, so I try to integrate them with other subjects as much as possible. I find that students enjoy it, too!”


Courtney Keimer: Teachers Pay Teachers

9. High Five to Courtney Keimer from Ohio

Try her: Fluency & Comprehension Reading Intervention Bundle for Grades 1-3

Her tip: “Reading Intervention should meet the needs of all students, and it should be fun, too. I hope this product will help you with both. It includes engaging fluency passages and accompanying comprehension activities — for every week of the school year, and for three grade levels (grades 1-3)! If you need other grade levels, please check out the links in the product description to find what you’re looking for. I hope you have a great school year and that your students make tons of progress!”


Laurie Kraus: Teachers Pay Teachers

10. Fabulous work, Florida’s Laurie Kraus

Try her: Constitution

Her tip: “Constitution Day is celebrated on September 17th. Classroom teachers are encouraged to provide activities for their students to learn about the adoption of the United States Constitution. This product will help children easily organize and research information about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It can be used at any time throughout the school year and can be easily adapted for many elementary grade levels. Students will enjoy learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights with these kid-friendly graphic organizers.”


Zanah McCauley: Teachers Pay Teachers

11. It’s Zanah McCauley from Kansas City, Missouri

Try her: Launching Writer’s Workshop and Personal Narrative Unit (CC Aligned)

Her tip: “The key to any successful workshop is teaching the students the right procedures to build a foundation so that everything runs smoothly and effectively. This will play a part in building a love for writing.”


Literacy Without Worksheets: Teachers Pay Teachers

12. Congratulations, Literacy Without Worksheets

Try her: CCSS First Grade MEGA Bundle for Phonics and Phonemic Awareness

Her tip: “Differentiating for students’ phonics needs is so important in grades K-2. My Mega Phonics resource was created with differentiation in mind. From phonemic awareness to learning letters and sounds, to blending words to fluency in reading… it’s all included! Plus, the bundle includes both small group, teacher-directed activities, and literacy workstation ideas.”


Teacher Trap: Teachers Pay Teachers

13. From Texas, it’s Kady Dupre – she runs Teacher Trap

Try her: Parent Communication Tools and Tips

Her tip: “By setting up positive relationships and clear communication from the first day of school, parents and teachers can work as a team to support each child’s learning and growth. Every teacher needs systems in place that will make parent communication easy and effective!”

 Summer Pittman: Teachers Pay Teachers

14. Super job, Summer Pittman from North Carolina

Try her: 2nd Grade CCSS Math Fun

Her tip: “This product is a great tool to have on hand for centers, morning work, or group work. It touches on all the 2nd grade math common core standards. It’s a great tool for students to work out their problem and then check their work using the QR codes. A great way to integrate technology and create excitement among your students.”

Keeping It Captivating: Teachers Pay Teachers

15. Rebecca from Florida is Keeping it Captivating

Try her: Exit Slips

Her tip: “Exit slips are a quick and easy way to check for understanding, provide opportunities for reflection, and create closure. Print a variety of exit slips that will complement your lessons. Cut these out in advance, clip together, and keep in a handy location. Now all you have to do is pick exit slips to use at the end of some of your lessons and activities!”


We couldn’t be prouder of these 15 fabulous milestone achievers and their spectacular resources! Don’t forget to take a look at 10 more milestone achievers from this week. 25 in all — this calls for a happy dance!