As summer break comes to a close for some, it’s the perfect time to reflect and set goals for the upcoming one. Step back and ask, “What worked great in my classroom last year?” “What will I change for the coming year?” Then there’s the opportunity for goal-setting on TpT. The promise to yourself to turn single resources into bundles. Or become more active on social media. Or double your numbers of followers. 

TpT Teacher-Authors have so many exciting back-to-school goals. Read on — see if any of these aspirations match your own, or perhaps discover a new concept or idea. Either way, get inspired to make this the most super, splendid, spectacular school year yet!

Teachers’ Aspirations for the Classroom…

Shelly Rees: Teachers Pay Teachers

1. “My biggest goal for the coming year in my classroom is to take lots of photos and share them on my blog. I know photos are a very effective way to clearly show strategies, activities, and lessons that work for students. After 20 years in the game, I’m full of ideas and tools that I’d love to share!” – Shelly Rees

2. Something new I’d like to try is incorporating more physical activity into the classroom. My students and I love to play the game Simon Says (we call it ‘Science Says,’ and science terms are used). For example, when I call out ‘rotation’, the kids have to spin. I’d love to have more active learning games like this in my classes.” – Elementary Ali

3. “As a teacher moving into a whole new classroom, subject, and student population with adult felons in the jail system, I find myself relying on skills that I’m confident in and can utilize well. I know I can write curriculum, so I’m not worrying about that. I know I’m great at improvising, so I’m focusing on the topics I want to cover instead of breaking down my schedule into daily lessons. By focusing on what I know I CAN do, I’m not getting so worried about the problems I won’t have any control over.” – Different Drummer Secondary English Resources

Melissa Shutler: Teachers Pay Teachers4. “My goal for this school year is to make homework more meaningful. I’d like to have labeled pockets for each student filled with intervention or enrichment activities, and students will be able to choose their homework from the activities I place in their pockets. I feel that if they have guided choices, they’ll be more invested in their homework.” – Melissa Shutler

5. “My back-to-school goals for this year are to focus on getting my students more acclimated with analyzing and interpreting diagrams and data. I know this is a huge area in which they need to improve. I’ll be creating diagrams for them to work on each day.” – DeWitt’s Learning Lab

6. “My goal this year is to have my students (1st graders) set and work toward personal goals — of course with a little guidance from me. Even though they’re little, I want them to strive for being the best they can be.” – Melissa Machan

7. “After taking an extended maternity leave last year, I’m excited to get back to school! TpT has kept me connected to the classroom even though I wasn’t physically in one this year. I feel reenergized and ready to try out some new ideas with my students. The teacher-geek in me is overly excited to get my binders organized! – Learning Lab

Brenda Kovich: Teachers Pay Teachers8. “This is the year I will embrace the standards. Over the past few months, I’ve been creating complete units of study for each of the 4th grade literature standards. It’s going to be a great year for reading in my classroom. Summer is fabulous, but my brain is starting to buzz with anticipation for the bright, fresh, new group of students who will soon enter my classroom!” – Brenda Kovich

9. “After taking a week to just recharge, I’ve started revamping my math units. TpT has refueled my teaching, and my goal this year is to break free from the textbook that we’ve been encouraged (but not actually ordered) to follow. I’ve been working on more hands-on lessons like I used to do when I first started teaching, as well as better designed practice pages that target the skills various students actually need, and also workstation activities and task cards for more differentiation.” – Sassycat Corner

10. “A goal I always renew each year is to make close connections to my students and let them know I care. One way to make connections is to create birthday bags for each student before school starts. I include pencils with cute pencil toppers, cute erasers, and items that I pick up throughout the year. I appoint a Birthday Monitor who helps me watch the calendar so each child can receive a birthday bag on his or her special day.”Rosie’s Resources

11. “One of my big goals before school starts again is to become more knowledgeable about best practices to help children with autism and those with severe ADHD. I want to make sure I’m able to meet the needs of my incoming 1st graders.” – K’s Kreations

Fluttering Through First Grade: Teachers Pay Teachers12. “Our classroom goal for this year is to embrace more project-based, collaborative group work in our classroom. We’re determined to teach our young learners not only how to work together cooperatively in the classroom, but to help them fully understand why this skill is imperative to life!” – Fluttering Through First Grade

Teachers’ Aspirations on TpT…

1. “One of my biggest TpT goals for the back-to-school season is to schedule specific time each day to work on new projects. I created a TpT Seller/Blogger Planner that helps me keep track of blog posts, TpT projects/stats, Pinterest, and more. By organizing my business, I actually have more free time to spend with family and friends. This means more creativity and less stress!” – Crayonbox Learning

Elementary Lesson Plans: Teachers Pay Teachers2. “I’m going to try to meet the requests from Buyers to rock out more Social Studies resources. It’s become a love that I enjoy passing along. There’s something thrilling about giving back… knowing that my work is giving others back their time. A teacher told me the other day that she was returning to school excited about Social Studies when that had never been the case before. That, to me, is what back-to-school is all about: Teachers getting excited.  Excited teachers = excited kids = lots of learning!” – Elementary Lesson Plans

3. “After coming back from the TPT conference, I have a list of 27 goals. I may need to narrow those down! My biggest goal is to get featured in the TpT newsletter. To do that I’m going to work on getting more feedback on my products. Most of my other goals center around collaborating with all of the amazing people I met at the conference!” – Performing in Fifth Grade

4. “My TpT goal for my first year was just to get started and create resources I needed as the year went on. For my second year, my goal is to create resources a little bit sooner in anticipation of upcoming seasons, holidays, and events, and to continue to learn ways to better my store, my blog, and my marketing techniques. Always learning!” – Forever First Grade by Lindsey Brooks

5. “For us, summer is halfway over and I have a ton of things on my to-do list. I came back re-invigorated from the TPT conference. I’m getting my store in shape, improving my items, creating new, niche items and looking for the magic that will compel someone to ‘need’ my items. Also on the list are: writing blog entries, taking pictures of cool ideas, and pinning. The next few weeks will be busy!” – Math – It Works

KTeacherTiff: Teachers Pay Teachers6. “This is both a TpT goal and a classroom goal — getting into interactive notebooks. I think they’re a great way to communicate learning, and I want to make them a part of my daily routines next year. I’ve been working on creating a set that I plan to add to my store. If I can get that completed this summer, I’ll consider myself sufficiently productive!” – KTeacherTiff

7. “My TpT goals for the upcoming year include creating SMART Board lessons that contain many other elements to teach-assess-reinforce, hitting a major TpT milestone by Christmas, and attending the next conference and meeting the wonderful Sellers and company leaders that have been so helpful and basically changed my life.” – Amy’s Smart Designs

8. “My TpT back-to-school goal is to create bundles. They seem like a logical next step when several related products that are offered individually are doing well. I just posted my first bundle — a compilation of my Greek Mythology resources — and am super excited about it! My next step is to offer a bundle for my non-fiction resources.” – SunnyDaze

Carol Martinez: Teachers Pay Teachers9. “My TpT goal is to not allow all of the inspiration from the TpT conference to flitter away!  I would love to continue to form friendships with these talented, funny, GOOD people that I met. Besides that, I will continue to focus on branding a bit more.” – Carol Martinez

10. “In the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, I want to BE EFFECTIVE. I’ll be the Tech Specialist/Instructional Coach for a school that’s in a surviving mode instead of a thriving mode. I want to create those resources that will be most beneficial and time-saving for my teachers. I also want to keep a positive attitude — no comparing myself with others, or feeling down if sales are slow. I will remember my mantra: “It’s ALL good!” – Pamela Moeai

Thank you, teachers, for your constant and everlasting dedication. As you continue to follow — and reach — your goals, you continue to change lives, too.

(Back-to-school text and image thanks to Irene Chan. Font for “It’s Just About Time Again – And TpT Says…” thanks to Kimberly Geswein Fonts. )