What happens when dozens and dozens of TpT Teacher-Authors get together with the intent of providing sensational resources to help you and your students start the school year confident, organized, and engaged? I’ll tell you what happens: Seven super, sensational eBooks.

You need to check these out. Each eBook is packed with tips you can start implementing from day one of the school year (or right now, if your school year’s already begun). On each page, you’ll find a link to a Seller’s free resource as well as links to other can’t-miss resources from that Seller — there are games, activities, task cards, sub planners, critical thinking exercises, ideas for interactive notebooks, and more. I’m excited just thinking about it! (Just an FYI: The eBooks are meant for online reading. You may want to take notes as you go through them, but since they’re chockfull of fabulous links, they’re not meant to be printed out.)

Free Back-to-School eBook for Grades K-2

Back to School Free ebook from TPT Authors

Get the K-2 eBook compiled by TpT Teacher-Author (and TpT’s top Seller!) Deanna Jump.


Free Back-to-School eBooks for Grades 3-5

Grades 3-5 English Language Arts Back to School E-Book 2014-2015     Math and Science: FREE Back to School eBook for Grades 3-5 (2014-2015)

Get the ELA & Special Education Grades 3-5 eBook and the Math, Science, & More Grades 3-5 eBook compiled by TpT Teacher Authors Elementary Solutions and Wise Guys (left to right).


Free Back-to-School eBooks for Grades 6-12

ELA & Humanities Grades 6-12 eBook      Math Grades 6-12 eBook

Science Grades 6-12 eBook       Social Studies Grades 6-12 eBook

Get the ELA & Humanities Grades 6-12 eBook, Math Grades 6-12 eBook, Social Studies grades 6-12 eBook, and Science Grades 6-12 eBookcompiled by TpT Teacher Authors Tracee Orman, All Things AlgebraMichele Luck’s Social Studies, and Science Stuff. (clockwise from top left).

“Entirely Seller-inspired and Seller-created” are the key words here. Sellers volunteered to participate, and no fee was charged. Special thanks to Tracee Orman for organizing the whole thing! We’re sharing these gems because they’re excellent, valuable resources we just know you’ll LOVE. We sure do!

Here are just a few of the terrific tips you’ll find inside:

“To encourage teacher/student relationships, put all your students’ names in a jar. Pull one name each day and make a point to have a meaningful conversation with that student. At the beginning of the school year, you want to get to know your students as soon as possible. Having an information sheet filled out by the parents is a great way to get to know them as well!” – Ashley Sanderson from Grades K-2 eBook (NOTE: In addition to K-2 resources, this eBook also includes resources from clip artists and graphic designers!)

“When your students seem to be drooping, don’t be afraid to stop and take a braincation. Lead your class in stretching, yoga, or a quick dance party. Giving students a chance to move around in between lessons can improve behavior and productivity because it allows everyone a chance to refocus and recharge.” – More Than a Worksheet from Math, Science, and More Grades 3-5 eBook (NOTE: In addition to math and science resources, this eBook also includes classroom management tips and resources for Phys. Ed.!)

“Integrate music videos into your teaching. Secondary students love it when English become relevant and applicable to the world in which they live.  So grab their attention and keep them engaged from the very first week!” – Stacey Lloyd from ELA & Humanities, Grades 6-12 eBook (NOTE: In addition to ELA resources, this eBook also includes resources for foreign languages, art, and music. It also includes resources from clip artists and graphic designers!)

“Give your students a classroom tour on one of the first days of school as if you are a travel guide! Students get a lot of new information thrown at them the first week of school, so you want your ‘room tour’ to stand out. By pretending to be a travel guide or flight attendant, you will infuse your tour with some humor and engagement. You could even dress the part for ultimate excitement!” – Middle School Matters from Social Studies Grades 6-12 eBook