Sasha Hallagan from The Autism Helper says “Now more than ever, children with autism are being integrated into the general education setting. Therefore, it’s important that teachers are equipped with resources for communication, behavior management, and also adapted curriculum, meaning something a general education teacher can easily print and utilize with a child with autism to modify an assignment or topic.”

Autism Awareness Unit - Help Raise Understanding and Knowledge!: Autism ResourcesSasha continues, “My Autism Awareness Unit – Help Raise Understanding and Knowledge! has gotten some great feedback. It includes everything you need to teach general education classrooms (Pre-K–8) specifically what autism is and how to interact with individuals with autism. Utilizing these resources within my own school environment has provided some of the most meaningful moments in my teaching career! Seeing the almost immediate positive impact it has on my school community is amazing. This free resource for students with low receptive language helps them work on following multi-step directions: Following Simple Directions with Colors {freebie}.

Support Students With Autism

Some of these resources are great for inclusion settings while others are ideal for self-contained classrooms:

Games and Sports Social Narratives and Visual Supports for Autism (special ed): Autism Resources“I provide consultation to school systems for students with autism and see the need for easy-to-use resources for general educators to help these students. Since my career, focus and passion is autism, everything in my store is created for students with autism at different ages and skill levels. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I have a link-up of freebies from a variety of sellers that include resources for all types of students with autism. And here’s a set of social narratives and tools for kids who have a tough time when playing competitive and team sports and games: Games and Sports Social Narratives and Visual Supports for Autism (special ed).

I also have to give a shout-out to Superteach56 whose store has a number of resources for children with autism. Her Visual Direction Cards Set 2 (Autism) are useful for students in any environment.” – Christine Reeve

The Yellow Wallpaper Activities Special Education/ELD: Autism Resources“Autism (and the corresponding Pervasive Developmental Disorders) is a large umbrella that covers everything from non-verbalism to lack of social skills and even extremely high intelligence in some. All of my products are created to use with students with autism. One of my favorites uses the complex short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’ To make this challenging story more accessible to students (both in a special day class and regular education), I have a vocabulary component, a pre/post test to assess acquired knowledge, a sensory component (smelly socks and paper tearing), a poster-making activity, and short constructed response based on a jigsaw activity of ‘three important things I learned from my reading’. Here it is: The Yellow Wallpaper Activities Special Education/ELD. – Special Education – Peggy Simpson

Special Education: How to Be a Resource Specialist: Autism Resources“I use all of the products in my store with children who have autism by incorporating art, good books, and supported writing lessons. My Good News! Behavior Note Home resource is a positive way to communicate information to parents about my students’ day. Also, take a look at Special Education: How to Be a Resource Specialist. It includes weekly behavior charts that go home in a journal as well as ‘I can’ worksheets for teaching positive replacement behavior.” Special Ed Pro

PECS - Printable Books (4) Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Alphabet - Autism Resource: Autism Resources“My PECS – Printable Books (4) Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Alphabet – Autism Resource is designed specifically for students with autism.” – Crayonbox Learning

Calendar for Morning Work {Build•A•Calendar}“My products are great for special education students in general education settings. My Calendar for Morning Work {Build•A•Calendar} resource received one of my most favorite pieces of feedback: ‘I made this calendar for my two children who have learning disabilities and face many challenges every day. It worked wonders for their understanding of the calendar system.'”  Page Protector Printables and More

Social Stories Value Pack - Great Tool for those on the Autism Spectrum: Autism Resources“Most of the products in my store are for students on the autism spectrum.  My best seller is Social Stories Value Pack – Great Tool for those on the Autism Spectrum. These stories help direct my students to ways of dealing with the frustrations of not being able to communicate. Students sometimes turn to biting and hitting because they cannot communicate what they need or want. I also have a freebie for behavior and redirection called Behavior Wrist Cards. These wrist cards stay with the teacher wherever she goes, so she has immediate access to the picture cards for redirection. Most students with autism think in pictures, so visuals are a must for those on the spectrum.” – Amanda Butt

Prepositions / Spatial Concepts / Positional Words game and flash cards: Autism Resources“As a Speech Language Pathologist, I work with many children who struggle with positional concepts (AKA spatial concepts or prepositions). Children with autism usually have a difficult time mastering these concepts, but I’ve noticed so many children in regular ed also struggle with them. Directions are often embedded with these concepts, and some children just don’t know what we are asking them to do: ‘FIRST, write your name at the TOP. NEXT cut OUT the boxes at the BOTTOM and glue them NEXT TO the correct picture.’ Since these concepts are fairly abstract, almost all of my children with autism struggle with positional words.

Through the TpT forums, I connected with Joel from Kindercade about the need for more images for spatial concepts. I explained the need for a common ‘character’ in the theme. So many of the commercial flashcard sets use different pictures for each concept. For example, the pictures for ‘first/last’ are typically images of a train. In the same set, the pictures for ‘in front/behind’ might be a ball in front of or behind a box. A typically developing child will probably make the correlation that another item can replace the train or the ball and mean the same thing. A child with autism will appear to know the concepts after a while, but he actually just learned the train picture answer is going to be either first or last. Clip art from Kindercade allowed me to create Prepositions / Spatial Concepts / Positional Words game and flash cards, which shows the same character with a few of his friends in all kinds of places! Joel was also kind enough to create the images with and without the text since some of my children with autism are hyperlexic. Positional concepts are vital for all children, and this product can be differentiated easily in the regular ed classroom.”  Karen Pritchett

Ice Cream Parlor Vocational Task: Autism Resources“Many items in my store are used with our autism students, and many of the items are adaptable, too. Higher functioning students can complete the tasks where other students can do parts of tasks. Here’s an example: Ice Cream Parlor Vocational Task. This ice cream customer service task takes the student from filling orders to paying for them. It provides written and visual support for various abilities. We have some students that can complete the task as is and some that simply help separate the items or match the flavors by using visual cues.” – Adaptive Tasks

Autism Awareness Handout: Autism Resources“I have an Autism Awareness Handout (freebie) that my school has sent home for families. Some teachers have also been using it to discuss autism with their classrooms.” – The Speech Bubble

Functions and Categories: Autism Resources“My Functions and Categories resource is great for my students with autism because it’s set up to create visual sentences.” Speech Universe


BUNDLE: Twelve File Folder Activities teaching Matching & Vocabulary of Foods: Autism ResourcesI’m a speech-language pathologist working with children and adults diagnosed with autism. All of the products in my store are developed for individuals on the autism spectrum, with many products scaffolding students from matching to identifying functional vocabulary. One example is my BUNDLE: Twelve File Folder Activities teaching Matching & Vocabulary of Foods resource. – Autism Educational Resources

Good Friend vs. Not A Friend Behavior: A Social Skills Activity: Autism Resources“My store contains some social skills products which I’ve used myself while running a social skills group for children with autism. One example is Good Friend vs. Not A Friend Behavior: A Social Skills Activity. thespeechspace

Take A Break - Behavior Management and Self Regulation: Autism ResourcesMy Take A Break – Behavior Management and Self Regulation resource (which was developed from my experiences with my own son with Asperger’s and my students with autism) helps children manage feelings and self-regulate. It’s my best seller, and I’ve received many positive comments from teachers who’ve successfully used it with their students with autism. One teacher said: ‘Great for my classroom. I teach students on the autism spectrum and they are extremely visual. This is a great resource.'” – Teaching in Progress

READING COMPREHENSION USING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Autism Resources“I teach special education, and some of my students have a dual diagnosis of ID (intellectual disability) and autism. I try to add visuals in most of my products. I also create reading comprehension sets using realistic images combined with lower level reading ability to make them more age appropriate for students with special needs who may be reading at a much lower level but should not be using elementary clip art. Here’s one example: READING COMPREHENSION USING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS. I have 12 and 13 year old students who are just now beginning to read, so I really try to be mindful of their feelings and not use clip art that is for a 1st grader.” – School Bells N Whistles

Social Communication Skills for Secondary Students: Autism Resources“I spend most of my work days consulting with classroom teachers supporting students with autism. The number of children being identified on the spectrum has exploded in recent years, and the challenges they bring can tax the classroom teacher. Not only can they present with behavioral issues, but difficulties with reading social cues and perspective taking deficits can really impact their ability to learn. Most of the products in my store were designed with these students in mind. Here’s a sampling: Social Communication Skills for Secondary Students and Sometimes I Feel Green (free).” – Lynn Hubbell

Autism Awareness: Autism ResourcesAnd here’s Autism Awareness, a resource by TpT Teacher-Author Amanda Bryant. She worked with her best friend (whose son has autism) to create this upbeat unit. And guess what? Half of the earnings will be donated to her friend’s autism charity of choice in her son Couper’s name.  Couper is also the main character in the mini book included in the unit.

Be sure to check out the wide range of resources for students with autism available on TpT to help your students learn, thrive, and succeed during National Autism Awareness Month in April and all year long.