We’re so excited! We have nearly two dozen milestone achievers to recognize this week. Some of the terrific Teacher-Authors are featured right here, while the rest of the group can be found over here. Each educator has amazing resources to share — let’s take a look right now!

August Milestone Spectacular — 13 Terrific Teacher-Authors

Jane Loretz: Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Wow! It’s Jane Loretz from Wisconsin

Try her: Common Core Language Lessons with Test Prep

Her tip: “I love using ‘language lessons with test prep’ in my classroom. I needed an easy way to teach and review language skills in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, usage, and sentence basics so I created 50 language lessons that are simple and easy to implement. I print the lessons into two separate workbooks, and my students work in these books two to three times a week. Each lesson is followed by a review page that includes test prep questions and academic vocabulary. Both essential for your students to understand and apply. My students love working in their language workbooks, and I love knowing that I’m covering all the language skills that they need. Included in this pack are posters that highlight the rules and provide examples, too. I put these posters on my smart board when I introduce the lesson. If you want easy- to-implement language lessons for your students, look no further.”


Teach 123 - Michelle: Teachers Pay Teachers
2. Michelle from California is Teach 123 – Michelle

Try her: Henry and Mudge: Discounted Bundle – Interactive Journal, Task Cards, and More

Her tip: “Students and teachers both feel the stress of standardized tests. When I incorporated some small changes with how I taught throughout the year, I noticed my students and I were less stressed about the test — and their scores improved. This Henry and Mudge bundle includes some of these lessons.”


The Literacy Garden: Teachers Pay Teachers
3. It’s Pennsylvania’s Alison Monk – she runs The Literacy Garden

Try her: ORGANIZING for the COMMON CORE {2nd Grade teachers Toolkit} BUNDLE

Her tip: “It’s one thing to read about the Common Core, but it can be a challenge to figure out where to begin. Organizing for the Common Core Teachers Toolkits were designed to provide educators with the structure and tools to facilitate implementing Common Core Standards (CCSS) in their classroom. There are grade-specific kits for grades K-4. You’ll be able to set up your files and planning notebook in an organized fashion to make the implementation process easier. Printable labels, curriculum mapping forms, progress monitoring charts and ‘I can’ statements are included for each standard. Each toolkit contains over 100 pages!”


Amy Biddison - Teaching in Blue Jeans: Teachers Pay Teachers
4. From Texas, it’s Amy Biddison – Teaching in Blue Jeans

Try her: **Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages – Fry’s First 100 Words**

Her tip: “Nothing makes my students feel more like readers than to be able to open a book and find words that they know. This is why I begin teaching sight words and high frequency words from day one. As I introduce new words, I use these Multi-Sensory Sight Word Practice Pages to help my students practice and learn how to read and write the words. One page allows my students to practice their sight words in five different ways. I begin the year modeling the page as a whole class, but after a couple weeks these become an independent word work center. The kids love them, and they’re easy for me to maintain.”


First Grade Centers and more: Teachers Pay Teachers
5. Congratulations to Kansas’ First Grade Centers and more

Try her: Interactive Notebook: Phonics {First Grade}

Her tip: “Interactive notebooks are a great way for students to reference their learning and make learning fun! My Interactive Phonics Notebooks are very versatile and can be used with any phonics program. Notebooks are available for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade as well as a bundle with all three notebooks. The bundle is great for teachers who want to be able to differentiate instruction.”


deirdre forde: Teachers Pay Teachers
6. Well done, Georgia’s Deirdre Forde

Try her: Frog and Toad

Her tip: “I’ve found that integrating subjects across the curriculum has made me a much more effective teacher. Teaching content with real- world application allows students to make important connections beyond the text. This unit enables you to teach reading, language arts, and science using hands-on, engaging activities. The unit lends itself to whole group, small group, or individualized instruction. By integrating subject areas, teachers are free to conference one-on-one, differentiate to meet student interests and needs, and promote self-directed learning.”


Secondgradealicious: Teachers Pay Teachers
7. It’s Heidi Sproul from Ontario, Canada – she’s Secondgradealicious

Try her: Poetry {Poem of the Week} MEGA Bundle Activity Packs 1-10 Shared Reading

Her tip: “Using a poem of the week in your class for shared reading helps to build fluency and decoding skills as students become familiar with the poem. My Poem of the Week MEGA Bundle has an original poem for each week along with daily follow-up activities that can be used for literacy-based centers, whole class, or small group work.”


Kendra's Kindergarten: Teachers Pay Teachers
8. Kudos to California’s Kendra Von Raesfeld – she’s Kendra’s Kindergarten

Try her: Kindergarten Language Arts and Math Common Core Super Bundle

Her tip: “My ‘Kindergarten Language Arts and Math Common Core Super Bundle’ contains worksheets and activities for every single Kindergarten Language Arts and Math Common Core Standard. These activities can be used in a variety of ways, including assessments and centers. This is a great resource to have at the beginning of the year!”


MrsPayton: Teachers Pay Teachers
9. Kourtney Payton from North Carolina is MrsPayton

Try her: Sub Binder Editable

Her tip: “My Sub Binder lets you keep all of your important information at your fingertips for a sub so that if you miss a day, your classroom will run smoothly! Many of the items included are great to have on hand to keep yourself organized on a day-to-day basis, too! You’ll rest easy while you’re out, knowing that your sub has everything needed for a successful day with your students!”


Emily Education: Teachers Pay Teachers
10. Excellent job, Emily Barnes from Lynnwood, WA – she runs Emily Education

Try her: Let’s Think Story Structure: Activities for Teaching store Structure

Her tip: “Reading Comprehension Strategies are so important! I love teaching them in different ways. This unit has activities that can be used throughout the year with any book on Story Structure. It has interactive journal pages, crafts, graphic organizers, and focus wall posters! My students have LOVED these activities!”


Creation Castle: Teachers Pay Teachers
11. Hello, Heather from Texas – she runs Creation Castle

Try her: CVC Word Work Bundle

Her tip: “Word work is an essential part of student development in reading, writing, and speaking. My CVC Word Work Bundle includes a variety of activities that allow you to focus on student needs. The great thing about this differentiated resource is you can use it all year ’round, whether you’re introducing, reviewing, or assessing CVC words.”


Who Is On First: Teachers Pay Teachers
12. It’s Nichole Leib from Oklahoma – she’s Who Is On First

Try her: Kindergarten Homework or Morning Work – 36 Weeks

Her tip: “Teachers will love the simplicity of this homework. There is homework for Monday through Thursday with one literacy section and one math section. It’s the perfect way to introduce your students to the idea of homework in a stress-free manner. Skills gradually become more complex as the year goes on.”


Kristi Swearengin: Teachers Pay Teachers
13. Kudos to Alabama’s Kristi Swearengin

Try her: Math Races- Timed Addition Tests

Her tip: “On your mark, get set, go! Math Races: Addition (timed math tests) was created to help your students learn their basic addition facts in a fun and rewarding way. My students love the friendly competition to see who can race all the way around their board first. It’s also great motivation for those strugglers who need that extra little push.


Fantastic! These teachers are a true testament of wonderful things that can come from hard work and dedication. Be sure to check out the rest of this week’s milestone achievers in our August Milestone Spectacular! Part 1 post. Hooray!