This marks another week of nearly two dozen milestone achievers: Wow! Talk about a hardworking group. You’ll find 10 awesome educators right here; and for the rest of this week’s achievers, head on over here.  Kudos. Congratulations. Applause… to each and every one of you!

August Milestone Spectacular — 10 Noble Notables

Kristine Nannini: Teachers Pay Teachers
1. Kudos to Michigan’s Kristine Nannini

Try her: 5th Grade Common Core ELA/Literacy Assessments and Teaching Notes *ALL STANDARDS

Her tip: “It’s critical for every student to develop strong reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Additionally, the new Common Core Standards demand much of students in their learning, and demand much of teachers in their implementation. To help streamline the transition, I created English Language Arts/Literacy Assessments and Teaching Notes for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. These assessments are comprehensive, in-depth, and will work with any reading program. Also included are also teaching notes that break down the Common Core into easy-to-understand, teachable skills which students should be able to do at the completion of the standard.”

TeachesThirdinGeorgia: Teachers Pay Teachers
2. It’s Randi from Georgia – She runs TeachesThirdinGeorgia

Try her: Common Core 3rd Grade- Expanding Math Task Card Bundle-44 Sets = 1 Great Price!

Her tip: “This set of task cards is enormous and just keeps on growing! My students are very active and need that extra out-of-seat time very often throughout the day. The task cards in this bundle are all Common Core 3rd Grade aligned and include cards for all of the standards! As of right now, there are 44 sets of task cards included, and all new sets that I create are added so that buyers of the bundle will receive them for free! They’re great to use for whole class SCOOT! games, learning stations, and skill practice — and they even work as individualized homework assignments!”


Rockin Resources: Teachers Pay Teachers
3. Pam Olivieri from North Carolina is Rockin Resources

Try her: Interactive Writing Notebook Grades 3-6

Her tip: “Get HAPPY about writing! In transitioning to your writing block, say, ‘Students, are you ready to rock?’ Students reply, ‘We are ready to write!’ You can even play Pharrell Williams’ song Happy. When you’re excited about writing, your students will be too! It’s contagious, and they’ll beg for a writing lesson! Are you reluctant to get started? Have no fear, it’s all here! This comprehensive bundle shows as a best seller for a reason. When students put it to the test, their writing scores rocked the school house! The 400 + pages include teacher-friendly mini lessons, mentor texts, teaching slides, model writing, interactive notebook printables, practice pages, tracking charts, rubrics, goal-setting, and more! I’m available throughout the year for support along the way. Get ready to Rock ‘n’ Write!”


Crayonbox Learning: Teachers Pay Teachers
4. Danielle Westvang from Arkansas is Crayonbox Learning

Try her: Farm Close Reading Passages, Questions, Writing Practice, Interactive Notebook

Her tip: “Many children rarely have the opportunity to experience life on a farm or see farm animals in person. This packet was created to give children an ‘up close’ look at farm animals (a cow, horse, donkey, sheep, pig, chickens, and goat!) through close reading passages and writing activities. There are five research/writing pages for each farm animal, which gives teachers an option to assign individual farm animals for research projects or book reports. The open-ended writing activities and farm animal photo cards may be used to create an interactive notebook. The Barn ‘Flip Flap’ writing activity may also be used as a standalone activity or can be added to the farm interactive notebook. The research/writing sheets may be printed at a reduced size to fit into a composition notebook, or printed at standard size for a spiral or three-ring binder.”


Oh' Boy 4th Grade: Teachers Pay Teachers
5. It’s Oh’ Boy 4th Grade, run by Megan Farley from Texas

Try her: Currently for Your Classroom 2nd Edition

Her tip: “Lots of lovely bloggers join me every month when I host my “CURRENTLY Partay” on my blog… now they can incorporate it into their classrooms, too. In my classroom, each kiddo has a CURRENTLY folder. As they complete each month’s CURRENTLY, they place it into their folder. By the end of the year, my students have a school year’s worth of CURRENTLY. It makes a great end-of-the-year keepsake for the students and their families. This is a quick and fun activity that can be easily incorporated into your classroom monthly. My students love CURRENTLY for the Classroom… they beg for it, and I just know yours will, too.”


Aspire to Inspire: Teachers Pay Teachers
6. Congratulations to Ohio’s Kristen Stull – she runs Aspire to Inspire

Try her: Common Core Book Report Project: Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening

Her tip: “Avoid low-level ‘read and summarize’ book reports. Instead, provide students with diverse opportunities to show what they know about what they’ve read. I use my Common Core Book Report Project to challenge students to go beyond demonstrating basic comprehension. Students create response projects representing a variety of intelligences and present book talks that combine comprehension, analysis, and evaluation. I’ve found that the key to student engagement in reading is choice, and this project offers plenty of it! I assign this project quarterly with a focus on different genres each time. I also require students to choose different response projects throughout the year. The creativity and pride that students put into this project are a delight to see!”


Instructomania Erika and Tony Pavlovich: Teachers Pay Teachers
7. Excellent work, Instructomania Erika and Tony Pavlovich from California

Try their: History, Reading and Writing Activities & Graphic Organizers

Their tip: “This product is so versatile and always engaging. It’s constantly being updated and sent to the buyers, so the ideas are fresh with Common Core options. I like to use these activities when a subject is particularly dry, to capture student imagination and creativity. It’s one thing to learn about Confucius, Lincoln, and Genghis Khan, but it’s a whole other to FaceTime with Confucius, create Lincoln’s Presidential Instagram posts, or send a text to Genghis Khan!”

Coach's Corner: Teachers Pay Teachers

8. It’s Coach’s Corner from Ontario, Canada

Try her: Canadian Bell Work for Grade 5

Her tip: “Those first few minutes of the school day are so important in getting our students’ brains working, but they can often be lost to teacher tasks such as attendance and collecting trip forms. To make the best use of this time, I use a daily bell work prompt to review academic skills (with some fun thrown in as well)! Students simply go their desks, take out their monthly bell worksheet and notebook, and get to work on that day’s task. The best part? I can photocopy the whole year’s bell work in under an hour!”


Adrienne Wiggins: Teachers Pay Teachers
9. Way to Go, Adrienne Wiggins from Virginia

Try her: Interactive Reading Notebook (1st Edition)

Her tip: “Interactive notebooks are like a scrapbook of learning. The more creative freedom you give the students, the more meaningful their notebook will become. Give them the structure and the activity to scaffold and enhance your instruction and leave the rest up to them. When students take ownership of their designs and notes, you’ll see them take more responsibility for their learning and refer to their notebook throughout the year!”


Science Doodles: Teachers Pay Teachers
10. Melanie Ellsworth from Texas is Science Doodles

Try her: Matter and Density Whole Unit Bundle by Science Doodles

Her tip: “This unit is great for introducing matter and how to classify it. All items fit perfectly into interactive notebooks and include lots of doodles! Bundled set includes: two foldables, a demonstration handout, lab sheet with directions, vocabulary sheets, and task cards. All keys are included. Enjoy!”



We’re bursting with pride for this this terrific group of TpT’ers! Don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s milestone achievers in our August Milestone Spectacular! Part 2 post. Bravo!