Spring is in full swing, and TpT Teacher-Authors continue to get their hands dirty creating engaging resources and reaching new milestones. We’re excited to spotlight a special eight: these April milestone achievers are blooming and blossoming!

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8 April Milestone Achievers and Their Resource Picks

Nicole Shelby: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

1.  Say Hello to Nicole Shelby from Kentucky

Try her: Flippin’ Through the CCSS Flip Flaps for Reading Notebooks-Grades 3-5

Her tip: “I love to use interactive notebooks during my ELA block! My Flip Flappin’ Through the Reading CCSS has been a great addition to my students’ notebooks. The students have their ‘anchor’ pages that we have completed in class; however, the flip flaps have allowed me to differentiate the notebooks for my students. The flip flaps are my go-to resource for my guided reading groups. They allow me to continue instruction of the Common Core Standards, but are flexible enough that they can be used with virtually any text.”


Natalie's Nook: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

2.  Natalie Lamont from Ontario, Canada runs Natalie’s Nook

Try her: Communities Around The World {A Social Studies and Postcard Writing Unit}

Her tip: “This is my favourite unit to teach and it is always a huge hit with my students. They are fascinated with learning about other countries and cultures. It is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate reading, writing, social studies, and art. This product is packed with information and activities for 11 different countries.  Students summarize information, write postcards (success criteria and rubric included), and complete country-specific crafts. Get ready for the ultimate class trip!”


Jill Russ: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

3.  From Niceville, Florida Meet Jill Russ

Try her: Economics Unit & Lapbook {Complete Unit with informational text, test, & more!}

Her tip: “Close reading activities shouldn’t just happen during the language arts block. Students need to practice their close reading skills in science and social studies class, too. My Economics Unit provides you with a 10-page informational text that is perfect for meeting your Common Core ELA Standards. As your students read and learn about economics, they will apply their reading skills to complete foldable pieces that can be used to make a lapbook or be placed in an interactive notebook.”


United Teaching: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

4.  Basia from Australia is United Teaching

Try her: Blends: The Complete Bundle

Her tip: “I definitely believe that teachers should strive to make learning fun and enjoyable for their students. To achieve this, I really try to find ways to ensure the concepts I’m teaching are interesting and interactive. This product has a large variety of hands-on activities that make learning or revising blends lots of fun!”


Jennifer Maschari: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

5.  Meet Ohio’s Jennifer Maschari

Try her: Writing Narratives: A Common Core Standard Aligned Unit

Her tip: “Teaching students how to ‘show-not-tell’ in their writing is easier said than done! One of the best ways I have found to do this with emotions is through charades. You will find this charades activity along with lessons on idea building, plot structure, bold beginnings, dialogue (and more!) in my Writing Narratives: A Common Core Standard Aligned Unit.”


smalltowngiggles: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

6.  Rose Hascall from Iowa is smalltowngiggles


Her tip: “Hands-on activities activate kids’ brains. Brain research shows that children between the ages four and seven are developing the right side of their brain, which involves visual and spatial data. My resources activate these areas and make connections through file folder games, cut and paste, count and clip cards, interactive notebook activities, and more. Busy hands equal busy brains!”


Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

7.  From Georgia, it’s Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy

Try their: Cell Organelles Bundled Unit

Their tip: “Cell, Tissue, Organ, Organ System, Organism, WHAT?! Our Organelle Mini-Bundle covers the levels of organization and cell organelle structure and function. It will have kids clapping and chanting along with the PowerPoint and engaged in cell analogies that will help them identify various organelles and how they compare across the domains. Students will learn the proper way to use microscopes and compare plant and animal cells during a fun hands-on lab. Don’t have microscopes? Use the embedded microscope slides that are included in the PowerPoint. So, if you’re overwhelmed by lesson planning, Keep Calm and Get Nerdy!”


Kayla Meikle: April Milestone Achievers are Blooming and Blossoming

8.  From Arizona, Meet Kayla Meikle

Try her:  Words Their Way Within Words BUNDLE

Her tip: “I teach special education and am always struggling to differentiate while keeping a similar/uniformed activity for every ability level. Words Their Way is great for teaching students the phonemic sounds in spelling and reading. I made these packets based off of the Words Their Way program. Using these packets, I can have every student working on the same activity but the words they are working with are unique and individual to their ability level. I use them daily during word work centers and during small group instruction. I’ve had other teachers use them as spelling homework as well.”


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