Did you know we’ve seen over 150 milestone-achieving Teacher-Authors in 2014 and we’re not even close to halfway through the year?! But who’s counting? Oh right — I am! Well, congratulations to each and every one of them. Let’s show some appreciation and applaud 11 April Milestone Achievers.

We Applaud 11 April Milestone Achievers

Traci Clausen: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

1.  From California, Meet Traci Clausen

Try her: The Ultimate Weekly Planner

Her tip: “Organization and planning is what maintains an effective learning environment as well as teacher sanity! My teacher friends love The Ultimate Weekly Planner because it is an efficient and easy planning tool. Unlike online digital planner companies, this planner belongs to the teacher, has no yearly fee, is completely customizable, and allows for creative expression in both font and color! Plus it can be accessed from any device – computer, phone, and tablet – and can be printed, too! Teachers need a planner that suits their specific needs, saves to one file, and minimizes planning time. I just love things that help keep me organized!”


Lisa Lilienthal: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

2.  From Las Vegas, Nevada it’s Lisa Lilienthal

Try her: A New Bug ~ An Informative Writing Project & Craftivity

Her tip: “Students will have a blast ‘discovering’ their own unique species of bug with this fun and engaging writing project! It meets CCSS and is differentiated for 1st-4th grades. This would be a great project to keep kids engaged at the end of the school year. Nothing’s better than seeing students learn and grow as writers while they’re having fun!”


First Grade Schoolhouse: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

3.  From California, it’s First Grade Schoolhouse

Try her: Long Vowels Word Work Activities Bundle

Her tip: “As a first grade teacher, I want my students engaged in word work activities that they can do independently, so I can instruct small groups. My teaching tip for word work is to use activities that are varied, differentiated, and easy for children to understand. I created this packet of long vowel word work activities with this in mind. The kids love the activities and teachers love them, too — it’s no-prep.”


Mrs Renz Class: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

4.  Heather Renz from Oregon runs Mrs Renz Class

Try her: Independent Poetry Unit, Poetry Reflection & Website Access: 6 Week Unit Project

Her tip: “It’s National Poetry Month — April is my favorite time of year because I get to teach my 6-week independent poetry unit. I enjoy giving students the freedom and independence at a time of year when they (and you) need it most. Don’t be surprised if your students beg you for more time to write and work on their project. It’s music to a teacher’s ears! As you teach the unit, have students set goals for their poetry writing and be sure to hold weekly ‘Poet Conferences’ to see how students are doing and where they may need support. As poetry collections are published, encourage students to get reflection comments from the important people in their lives. Be sure to have students complete the end-of-the-unit reflection because you’ll LOVE what you read!”


Simply Skilled In Second: Applaud 11 April Milestone Achievers

5. Meet Anna DiGilio from New York — She runs Simply Skilled In Second

Try her: Guided Reading Flip Flap Books for Interactive Notebooking

Her tip: “My Guided Reading Flip Flap Books have been such a wonderful addition to my small group reading instruction. They’ve allowed me to differentiate my instruction to the varying ability levels in my classroom without my students realizing it! All of my students work on the same comprehension skill using a book at their instructional reading level that is aligned to the common core standards!”


Imaginative Teacher: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

6.  From South Australia, Australia — Katie Hoffman Runs Imaginative Teacher

Try her: Cut, Paste and Complete – Times Tables 

Her tip: “I always find my students retain knowledge when they are involved in hands-on activities. My series of Cut, Paste and Complete Tasks are fun, plus the students don’t realize they are learning!”


Regina Davis: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

7.  From Florida, Meet Regina Davis

Try her: A+ 8 Compiled S.T.E.M Activities…Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Her tip: “STEM activities do actually work in Kindergarten! Use my S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activities to introduce STEM to your students. My entire Kindergarten team will be using these activities during the last two weeks of school. We’re going to set up a ‘STEM Camp’ by having all five classes do one activity a day (Monday-Thursday). Change it up at the end of the year and try something new. Happy teaching!”


David Filipek: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

8.  From Connecticut, Meet (the Elusive) David Filipek

Try his: Fractions Review & Reinforcement

His tip: “Use this as a resource at the beginning of your unit on fractions OR as a great review of concepts your students should already know.”


Ladybugs Teacher Files: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

9.  Kristen from New Hampshire runs Ladybugs Teacher Files

Try her: Academic Morphology: Transitional Words (Posters & Notebook Templates)

Her tip: “This poster set has a unique twist… each transitional word is connected to an affix or root. Along with coordinating notebook templates, these eye-catching posters help students understand and utilize high-level transitional words. I keep these posters displayed all year in my fifth grade class. We constantly refer to them for all writing pieces, from math explanations to reader’s responses… they are an integral part of our classroom decor!”


Foreman Teaches: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

10.  From Maryland, meet Foreman Teaches

Try her: Main Idea and Supporting Details Bundle

Her tip: “Each year the most challenging reading skill for my fourth graders seems to be identifying the main idea and supporting details in fiction and nonfiction texts. This is a skill that we work on throughout the school year. I have found it extremely helpful to give each pair of students a set of five cards. Each pair of students must identify the card with the main idea, the four supporting detail cards, and the one card that does not fit. My students truly love working on cards from this bundle. I love to see their enthusiasm and their success with this difficult skill!”


Laura Boriack - Over the 1st Grade Rainbow: Applaud 10 April Milestone Achievers

11. From California, it’s Laura Boriack – Over the 1st Grade Rainbow

Try her: Verb Ending -s, -ed, -ing PART 2 {Activity Pack}

Her tip: “This pack of activities will help your students learn and master adding –s, -ed, and –ing endings to verbs. It focuses on verbs that require dropping the silent e or doubling the final consonant before adding an ending. There are a variety of fun games and activities that can be used for word work, literacy centers, small group, and whole group!”


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