Boy are we excited?! TpT has an abundance of May Milestones to celebrate this week. Fifteen, to be exact! Even as the school year starts to wind down, these exceptional educators refuse to slow down! Let’s take a moment to meet these remarkable achievers.


15 Fabulous Milestone Achievers

Ms Lilypad: Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Alison from Illinois is Ms Lilypad

Try her: Second Grade Reading Workshop Bundle

Her tip: “When teaching reading workshops to the primary grades, consider pre-planning different times throughout the year when you will re-teach routines. Expect that students will probably need to re-learn and practice how to select just-right books, stay on-task, and talk productively with a partner. When you plan ahead to review these routines, you’ll set your students up for success in the reading workshop!”


Graphics From the Pond: Teachers Pay Teachers

2. It’s Melanie Lloyd from New South Wales, Australia — She runs Graphics From the Pond 

Try her: Fonts Mega Pack – Fonts for Personal and Commercial Use

Her tip: “This pack is a growing bundle of all my decorative fonts to help make your classroom resources and commercial teaching files look amazing!”


Read Like a Rock Star: Teachers Pay Teachers

3. From Colorado, it’s Read Like a Rock Star’s Naomi O’Brien

Try her: Kindergarten End Of The Year Memory Book/Portfolio and Awards

Her tip: “This product is great because it serves as a memory book as well as a student portfolio, giving students the opportunity to show what they know! End-of-year awards are included as well.”


Laura Erickson: Teachers Pay Teachers

4. Say Hello to Lauren Erickson

Try her: Special Education Data Sheets – JUMBO PACK (Academic + Behavior)

Her tip: “This is the ultimate resource to collect data and monitor student progress in the areas of academics, language, behavior, and social skills. It’s ideal for teachers, paraprofessionals, home therapists, and parents, just to name a few!”


Julie Faulkner: Teachers Pay Teachers

5. From Tennessee, it’s Julie Faulkner

Try her: Weekly Review and Reflection Task Cards {Any Subject & Any Grade}

Her tip: “After realizing that my students weren’t retaining information as well I would like and that I wasn’t tracking any sort of progress, I decided it was time for a change. On Fridays, I started doing a weekly review and reflection activity. Originally, I gave students a blank chart to fill in what they remembered we’d done that week. We also went around, and each student shared one thing as well. Eventually, I developed a ‘fancy chart’ and some task cards to guide and direct the discussion. Does it take up time on Friday? You bet. But I look forward to that time every week. I am learning and reflecting during this time as much as they are. If you aren’t doing a formal weekly review or reflection, go ahead… give it a try. Carve out 15 minutes. I assure you, it will be worth it! This packet is ready to print and go, so you’ll be able to get stared right away!”


Chalk Dust Diva: Teachers Pay Teachers

6. Meet California’s Chalk Dust Diva

Try her: Cold War Learning Centers -student centered activity (World History)

Her tip: “One of my hottest sellers, ‘Cold War Learning Centers’ works well in any secondary history course. It’s a great way to teach a lot of information in a small amount of time. Also, it’s Common Core aligned!”


 Miss Math Dork: Teachers Pay Teachers

7. Jamie from West Virginia is MissMathDork

Try her: Seasonal and Holiday Relay template BUNDLE ALL TEN – Personal Use Only!

Her tip: “Relays are a wonderful way to increase engagement and spark some creativity from your students. The best part, however, is that you can differentiate the content without the students even knowing. Perfect for ANY review, regardless of the content!”


KidSparkz: Teachers Pay Teachers

8. Say Hello to KidSparkz from Washington State

Try her: OCEAN ANIMALS Prep Pack for Preschool – 106 pages

Her tip: “This 100+ page packet is one in a themed series I created for Preschool and Pre-K teachers and children. You’ll find lots of hands-on, interactive activities and learning games for your pre-readers and pre-writers. It covers many aspects of the early childhood curriculum — letters, numbers, colors, shapes, critical thinking, vocabulary – for small group and individual learning. Dive into the ocean and play with the dolphins, clownfish, and jellyfish this summer!”


Bilingual Scrapbook: Teachers Pay Teachers

9. Alexa Contreras from Loredo, Texas is Bilingual Scrapbook

Try her: Lovely Sentences {Complete the sentence with the CVC word}

Her tip: “This product is great for your little ones because they’ll get to fill in the blanks and practice their sight words and rhymes in a fun way. Your kiddos will love reading their sentences and coloring the pictures!”


Primary "Teach"spiration: Teachers Pay Teachers

10. Meet Anita from Missouri — She runs Primary “Teach”spiration

Try her: Common Core Morning Work-2nd Grade {BUNDLE} ~ A Daily ELA & Math Review

Her tip: “Do you find that your students seem to forget skills they learned earlier in the year? If so, then my Common Core Morning Work Bundle is the answer! I developed this morning work to provide my second graders with a continual review of learned skills so they would maintain that knowledge by year’s end. It proved to be a successful strategy and has resulted in substantially higher test scores every year! Plan and prepare ahead to have this resource ready as you teach routines at the beginning of the new school year.”


Deep Space Sparkle: Teachers Pay Teachers

11. Patty Palmer from California is Deep Space Sparkle

Try her: Modern Masters Art Lessons for Grades 3-6

Her tip: “It’s easy to inspire students with the Modern Masters when you understand a few basic art techniques such as: creative line drawings, painting with tempera, and combining mediums. In my Van Gogh Irises lesson, children learn to mix paint right on the paper, which eliminates a great deal of mess and cuts the project time in half. Try it yourself by loading a brush with two colors of paint and mixing the paint onto a piece of paper. You can blend the two colors completely or allow the layers to show through. No individual palettes and loads more creativity!”


Sharon Strickland: Teachers Pay Teachers

12. Say Hello to North Carolina’s Sharon Strickland

Try her: May Literacy and Math Centers-Second Grade Common Core Aligned

Her tip: “I think some teachers shy away from using literacy and math centers because they think they’re difficult to organize and implement. If you have 25 minutes two times a day, you can have literacy and math centers. Here’s what to do: Divide your class into four groups. I ability-group my students based on need. I set up four centers and use one center as my teaching center. Students go to only one center a day and do not rotate until the following day. I found that rotating on the same day caused confusion, and I was always rushed for time. One center each day is very doable and by Thursday, all students have rotated through all four centers for reading and math.”


Tracy Smith: Teachers Pay Teachers

13. It’s Tracy Smith from Tennessee

Try her: The Tests are Done, it’s Time for FUN! No Prep End of the Year Activities 1-4

Her tip: “Keeping students engaged is so hard when state testing is finished. It’s also difficult to keep the teacher engaged! This packet will help keep your kiddos focused and learning those last few weeks of school. It includes activities for writing, math, and some that are just plain fun! My favorite activities in the packet include making a class timeline, celebrating Thank You Thursday, and letting the kids create their own math games. All of the pages are printer-friendly and require no prep for the teacher. Just run the copies and you’re ready to go. Teachers have so much to do right now, and this packet will make your planning easy and worry-free!”


Glitter Meets Glue Designs: Teachers Pay Teachers

14. From New Jersey, it’s Glitter Meets Glue Designs

Try her: Weird Science Chemistry Lab Clipart, Frames, Badges & Paper – Beaker Microscope

Her tip: “My Weird Science Chemistry Lab clipart pack is perfect for that busy science teacher who wants to create engaging classroom resources and materials on a budget. Import the graphics into your favorite presentation software to design visually stunning slideshows about aqueous solutions, the periodic table, states of matter, and more. Design fun classroom posters about lab safety and equipment storage. Or make graphic organizers and interactive science notebook pages for your studentsl!”


Teaching in a Small Town: Teachers Pay Teachers

15. Amanda from Alabama is Teaching in a Small Town

Try her: Mary Mack Doodle Variety Bundle- 128 Frames

Her tip: “I use these frames often when creating my classroom newsletters and notes. They’re perfect for adding a bit of cuteness to any document or worksheet!”


These TpT’ers are really something, aren’t they? Here’s to their unwavering perseverance, dedication, and determination. We applaud each and every one of them. Bravo bravo!