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When you’re providing instruction through distance learning or hybrid learning, effectively using available technology can play a key role in supporting student progress. Digital tools can help you connect with students and keep them engaged, even when they aren’t in the physical classroom. So whether you’re new to blended learning and online instruction or you’re refining how you use digital tools, check out the tips below — and download the full tip sheet — full of ideas and strategies from other educators who’ve gone digital.

Tips for effectively using digital tools to support distance and blended learning

  • “The biggest challenge I faced was getting students to be motivated to actually learn and complete the assignments. To solve this, I used fun, digital, self-checking activities, instead of simply assigning worksheets. My students really enjoyed completing the assignments and learning the material in a fun way.” — Amusing Algebra
  • “The less [students] you have online at one time, the better. Doing a Zoom call with even half the class is a huge challenge due to noises and distractions..” — Learning in Wonderland
  • Tanya from Gifted Teacher 305 walks us through how she uses breakout rooms in Zoom to facilitate small group work virtually:

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With Easel’s suite of easy-to-use digital tools, you can add interactive elements, like fill-in-the blank answer boxes, and movable pieces, to TpT resources or any PDF you own (or you can create your own interactive resource from scratch). Then, assign the resource and review student work, all from Easel.

Download the full tip sheet

Supporting students through distance and hybrid learning is no easy feat. But as always, the TpT community is here to support you with ideas and inspiration. Following the tips Teacher-Authors have shared for using technology can help you go digital and reach your students, even from a distance. 

This post originally appeared in  TpT’s Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow.