When schools quickly transitioned to distance learning this past spring, many teachers turned to digital tools to meet the needs of the moment. As nearly half of U.S. schools plan to be fully or partially remote for the start of the 2020-21 year, many teachers will be continuing the digital journey they began earlier this year. In fact, according to a recent survey of the TpT community, the vast majority of educators (88%) anticipate using more technology to deliver instruction during the 2020-2021 school year. Additionally, over 90% of respondents plan to use digital or digitized instructional materials multiple times per week — and nearly 60% expect to use digital materials every day. Whether you’re new to online instruction or refining how you use digital tools, this tip sheet is full of ideas and tips from other educators who’ve gone digital. Here are just some of the advice you’ll find:

  • “The biggest challenge I faced was getting students to be motivated to actually learn and complete the assignments. To solve this, I used fun, digital, self-checking activities, instead of simply assigning worksheets. My students really enjoyed completing the assignments and learning the material in a fun way.” — Amusing Algebra
  • “The less [students] you have online at one time, the better. Doing a Zoom call with even half the class is a huge challenge due to noises and distractions..” — Learning in Wonderland
  • Using TpT Digital Activities you can digitally customize PDF resources to your students’ needs. Remove or reorder pages, add your own text, create fill-in-the-blank answer boxes, highlight words, and more. Then, you can assign the resource using Google Classroom and students can complete the assignment on their devices. — Team TpT Bonus Tip

For the full list of tips, download the tip sheet below to get all of the recommendations from our Teacher-Author experts.

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